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Wild Wayanad – 5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss

Wayanad, in north-eastern Kerala, India, is an alluring habitat untouched by modern lifestyle and developments. The largest tribal population in Kerala dwells here and Wayanad is a raw natural beauty. It is rich with thick, dense forests, cascading waterfalls, and exotic flora and fauna. With fascinating caves and spectacular lakes, Wayanad is a paradise for all nature lovers. You can’t get enough of wild Wayanad!

The nearest airport to Wayanad is the Calicut International Airport, and the nearest rail station is in Kozhikode. The journey to Wayanad itself will help you unwind. You can explore several Wayanad tour packages offered by Kerala Tour Packages. 

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

At 344.44 square kilometers, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most exotic wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala. It has four ranges — Sulthan Bathery, Kurichiat, Tholppetty, and Muthanga. A safari through Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is an extraordinary experience. The Sanctuary has many endangered habitats plus rare flora and fauna.

Established in 1973, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is surrounded by the Nagarhole Forest,  the Bandipur Forest Reserve and the Mudumalai Reserve. Indian bison, tigers, deers, and elephants are a few of the unique species here. Besides the mammals, a few winged creatures (such as the peafowl) are also likely to delight spectators on a Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary safari. The Sanctuary is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve with eucalyptus and bamboo trees, adding to its mystic appeal. A Kabini wildlife safari through the Nagarhole forest reserve is also a favorite of many tourists. 

Kuruva Dweep

Kuruvadweep or Kuruva Island is a picturesque and protected river delta by the Kabini River of Wayanad and is sure to enthrall tourists with its scenic panorama. Kuruvadweep is actually three uninhabited islands covered by densely thick forests plus a few satellite islands.

Several rare species of birds, animals, and plants are native to this island of Wayanad. It is an ideal spot for seeking serenity and calm as Kuruva is still an untouched beauty. It is also one of the best locations for fresh and unpolluted air. The island is only accessible by bamboo rafts or fiber boats. 

Edakkal Caves

Located at 1,200 meters above sea level, the Edakkal Caves are two natural caves famous for the rock engravings that date back to the Neolithic age. The trek to the Edakkal caves is an adventure on its own and makes the entire wild Wayanad experience an unforgettable one. After the tiring trek, the cave welcomes you with pure and crisp natural rock water, rich with minerals seeping through the opening in the cave. This water is divine and will surely wake your senses! 

Soochipara Waterfalls

The gushing waterfalls of Soochipara cascading down the rocks of Vellarimala is a must-visit site while in Wayanad. Also known as Sentinel Rocks Waterfalls, the Soochipara Waterfalls are a series of three waterfalls surrounded by lush green vegetation. The water from Soochipara later joins the Chulika Lake at Vellarimala Hills. Soochipara also makes for an ideal rock climbing spot attracting adventure-seeking tourists.

The journey from the small town of Meppadi to Soochipara is a short but an astounding expedition with tea plantations along the way that evoke calm and peacefulness. Soochipara is a plastic-free zone, which means visitors will have to dispose of anything plastic at the entrance. This ensures that Soochipara will remain pristine. The falls of Soochipara also offer a natural swimming pool at the base. A dip in the pool overlooking the dense green forest is an experience that only adds to your wild Wayanad experience. 

Banasura Sagar Dam

Built at the Karamanathodu tributary of the magnificent Kabini River, Banasura Sagar Dam is an architectural marvel. It is set in a quaint location beneath the glorious Western Ghats. Blanketed with luscious greenery, Banasura Sagar Dam is the largest earth dam in India and the second largest of its kind in Asia. A set of islands adorns the reservoir.

Banasura Sagar Dam also serves as the starting point of the Banasura Hills trek expedition, and the reservoir also attracts tourists with its speedboat adventures. You’ll find swings set up by the dam in tall trees; these make for a once-in-a-lifetime experience and shouldn’t be missed.

More Wild Wayanad Options

Pookode Lake, Chembra Peak, Vythiri and Kanthanpara Waterfalls are a few more options you won’t want to miss in Wayanad. Also, don’t forget to check out the astonishing Thalassery Beach Resorts or go on a Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary Safari to complete your Wayanad journey. Wayanad is a wild beauty that will seduce the travel spirit in you and entice you with its charm. Its purity and rawness make it a beauty like none other. If you are in search of an archaic, natural, and wild location to visit, there cannot be a better retreat than wild Wayanad. 

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