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Vertellis — a Dutch game that travels well!

This post was most recently updated on July 9th, 2019

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be traveling for Thanksgiving to get together with family. And I’ll have family traveling to visit me for Christmas. When I first saw the Vertellis game, I knew this was something I wanted for our family. Why? Because it’s a game that creates connections, travels well, is versatile, and is fun to play.

1. Vertellis creates connections

What do you want most when you gather with family or friends? To make lasting memories, right? I really wanted to find a way to get us more engaged with one another and put the electronic devices down for a spell. I hoped we’d be able to connect, and get to know each other a little better, too. To catch up with each other’s lives and goals and such. And that’s what Vertellis is all about. In fact, in Dutch, it means ‘tell me more’. As you play this game, you’ll learn more about each other and share more about you. It this also leads to deeper connections. As in, “Tell me more!” It’s not a game of competition, but of enabling discussions and bringing people closer.

2. Vertellis travels well

The Vertellis game comes in a small box, measuring only 4″ x 4″ x 3/4″ — so small and light, you can take it with you wherever you go. Even in a carry-on bag when you’re traveling light! Or in your handbag. So it’s easy to have it with you when the right moment comes up. When everyone is done eating their turkey dinner but still lingering around the table… Or at a Christmas party while enjoying appetizers. Because of it’s small size, you could even play Vertellis during a road trip. And what better way to spend the hours you’ll be in a car?

3. Vertellis is versatile

I’ve played Vertellis twice now, and I’ll share with you my experiences. The first time, I was with a group of friends on a camping trip. We played Vertellis while sitting around a campfire soaking in the warmth. No tables or game pieces are needed — only the small deck of cards, which are easy to pass around. Our questions focused on what has happened in the last year, and what  we foresee in the year to come. However, we had someone in our group who had had a terrible loss within the last year. We opted to change the time span of the questions to a different year of our lives. The game is super flexible that way. It really is just a catalyst to getting to know each other and can be adapted to whatever your needs or interests are.

The second time I played Vertellis, I was with my mother and other family members. This was a unique situation because my mother has some short-term memory loss. But she loved answering the questions about her past, of which she still has vivid memories. I think it validated her, and helped her feel she still had something to offer.

4. Vertellis is fun to play

Both of my experiences playing Vertellis have been positive. I really enjoy the way it gets you to think about different aspects of your life. Plus, there are some bonus rounds that allow you to answer fun questions and score points for guessing how others will answer those questions! There are even some blank cards, so you can create your own custom questions. Every time you play, it feels completely different because of who you play with. And it’s easy to adapt to different age groups or situations. But mostly, it’s just fun because you never know how someone will answer their question — and you’re encouraged to shout out, “Tell me more!” if you want to dive deeper.

5. And a Vertellis giveaway!(ends Nov 21, 2018)

(Giveaway is now ended; congratulations to the winner, Elaine Masters!)

Because I liked this game so much, I partnered with Vertellis to offer a free giveaway of one of their game editions: holiday, family, or relationships. Now that the giveaway has ended, I hope you’ll add a Vertellis game to your collection. You can purchase any of the Vertellis game editions right here. Shipping is always free!

I hope you’ll soon be playing Vertellis with your family or friends!



















37 thoughts on “Vertellis — a Dutch game that travels well!

  1. Tari Lawson

    I would love this game to play with my girlfriends who go away together several times a year. It would be fun getting to know them all better.

  2. Danik

    Now I am surprised. Never heard of this game and being British and having some of our cultures similiar to our friends across the channel, this game hasn’t come across onto my island. Would really like to try this game out with my Dutch friends when I head back there shortly (only a few hours drive..he he). I am surprised they have never mentioned this before as we play some British card games and board games which are also known in the Netherlands.

  3. Jenn and Ed Coleman

    Sounds like a good game for us. Jenn likes free form association games like Apple to Apples or Cards Against Humanity. I am more of a math guy with patterns, strategy, and less randomness. Of course, I like to keep Jenn happy so I let her pick the games. For the record, she is an awful forth in Euchre.

  4. Fairuz

    Vertellis is a game every traveller can enjoy. It sounds like a great way to introduce and tell a little bit about yourself to fellow travellers, because everyone has a story to tell. Thanks for recommending this game.

  5. Linda

    I have never heard of the Vertellis game before. With a name that means “tell me more”, I am sure it helps to get people to open up and talk. It looks small enough to carry with you. And you seem to have used it in a variety of different social situations. Maybe it might even get my quiet hubby to talk!

  6. Hannah

    Vertellis sounds like a great gift for Christmas. I like the idea of it being more of a conversation starter and getting to know you game rather than a competition! The small box and cards would make it great to travel with as you say!

  7. Elaine Masters

    I’m a California gal who loves the idea of playing a Dutch card game. This sounds like a great way to connect even with family who you think you know! Insta – @tripwellgal Answer: Looking forward to some long-term travel once my guy is able to disentangle from his business.

  8. Rosenjamie Langill

    I’d love to know the family better. With life in the fast lane you have hardly any time together. Games night is perfect. rosenjamie1

  9. sherianne

    I love this idea and the ‘tell me more’ meaning of Vertellis! I have a game similar that I use for girl’s nights but it wouldn’t be good for family discussions. Sounds like a perfect way to learn more about family members

  10. Claire

    This sounds like a lovely change of pace to get everyone to put their phones down and talk! I love the idea of Tell Me More, I was just thinking the other day that I should learn more about my parents’ past before I was born, its funny we don’t usually think of asking questions like that to people we think we know so well!

  11. Linda de Beer

    Cool. As a South African who speaks Afrikaans, I completely get how Vertellis can be a great conversation starter. Vertel is also the Afrikaans word for “tell me more”. Can totally see why this is a great game to play with family and friends.

  12. Nisha

    Never heard of this game and now I’m curious to know and play it! I liked the idea of Tell Me More, a definite way to engage people in a positive way.

  13. Trisha McKee

    I would love to get to know my daughter and stepson. I would be interested to know their thoughts and know the questions to ask to get the communication flowing. This would be great for my Christmas Eve get – together.

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