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The Twelth Day of Christmas

This post was most recently updated on January 13th, 2022

The Twelth Day of Christmas at last! If you are celebrating the ‘12 Days of Christmas‘ then the twelth day typically falls on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day (depending on whether or not you begin on December 13th or 14th).

By now, you have been doing something special every night leading up to Christmas. You’ve enjoyed sipping chocolate, Christmas caroling, baking homemade cookies, or making simple DIY gifts.

For each day I have shared insights as to how Christmas can be more meaningful for you and your family, especially as you focus on the birth of our Savior. As we give to each other and to others, we are emulating His example of service and love.

How  Should We Celebrate the Twelth Day of Christmas?

This is the day our family focuses 100% on the miracle of Jesus’ birth. We like to read the story of his birth from Luke Chapter 2 again. In my youth we would attend a Christmas Eve candlelight service with sacred Christmas music and the lighting of candles to represent the spreading of His light in the world. (I have wonderful memories of this!). We also delivered goodies to friends and drove through the neighborhood to look at lights one more time.

As our children grew older, we gave ’12 Days of Christmas’ to others, and on the twelth day, we typically left our nicest gift — and reminded the recipient that truly the best gift is that precious baby Jesus! It will be completely up to you how you celebrate your twelth night and what you may decide to do for others on this special day.

I would just like to leave you the link to a new video produced just this year (2019) by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It is a beautiful 20-minute video about the birth of Jesus Christ. You can gather as a family and watch it together — and I hope you do!

There is valuable information and further insights about the journey Mary & Joseph took to Bethlehem and how they were received there at this link.

Please enjoy your Christmas this year as you draw a little closer to each other, share the Christmas Spirit with others, and feel the love of your Savior. Feeling that love is truly the best gift of Christmas!

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