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“Try The World” – Have YOU Tried It?

This post was most recently updated on January 20th, 2022

Not too long ago, I was introduced to the Try The World international foods subscription service. I have to say I really enjoyed opening a box full of fun new foods to experience, so I decided to try some more. Here’s my review of two more: Argentina and Paris.

I’d really been looking forward to receiving my Paris box, but the Argentina box came first, and I was not disappointed. It was kind of like Christmas when the box arrived, and my husband asked me, “What are you waiting for?!” Well, I just wanted to savor the moment! So here’s what was in my Argentina box:

Try The World: Have You Tried It?

Here’s what was in my box

I love how there’s a little bit of everything — something sweet (butter cookies and dulce de leche), something fruity (quince paste and red fruit & honey marinade), and something savory (chimichurri sauce and olive paste).

And in the enclosed booklet, I read about the Argentine tango, futbol, and recipes for cornflour cookies w/dulce de leche and a typical barbecue created with the chimichurri sauce.

All with gorgeous photos:

There’s also a link to a playlist of music from Buenos Aires. Check it out! This link will take you to all the music lists for different countries.  The music really sets the scene for an Argentine homemade dinner! We’ll have to tango after dinner, because the music makes you want to move! I especially liked “Libertango” by Astor Piazzola.

There’s another really cool thing about Try The World food boxes — the box itself. I just used one for a baby shower gift, and everyone was talking about how cute the box was. The box. Not even the baby gift I put inside it. 🙂

Try The World: Have You Tried It?

It’s a cute box, right? (photo by Try The World)


Okay, so now I know you want to know what was in my Paris box. I was really excited to receive it, wondering what French delicacies might be in it! I was imagining macarons or brie, or even better — some French chocolate!

Here’s my unveiling:

Here’s my Paris box

So. I was a little set back. Nothing I was expecting at all. But maybe that’s the point. There’s definitely more to Paris than cheese, chocolate, and delicacies. Right? Hmm.

So we started sampling. The Maison Peltier artisan honey was amazing on bread. The whole grain tangy mustard was a hit for my husband (I’m not a mustard fan). I loved the historical aspect to the La Mere Poulard cookies; in 1988, they were first served to pilgrims making their way to the medieval cathedral on the island of Mont Saint-Michel. (I just wish there’d been more cookies!) We are definitely into cooking with different sea salts, so we were thrilled with the pink Camargue salt that’s harvested from the French Mediterranean coast. Then there was a “mystery” treat. I was curious about that, until I realized it was Pork Liver Confit. Not to be too prejudiced, I did actually try some. Even my son, who lived in France for two years wasn’t sold on this.  If you like Pork Liver Confit, I wish you lived close so I could have passed it on to you!

For some reason, Try The World keeps their Paris box under wraps. I couldn’t find any additional information on their website: no recipes, cultural tidbits, travel photos, or anything else. But the booklet that comes with the Paris box does have more information about the contents, recipes, a music playlist, suggested movies to watch (both classics and modern), poetry, and a list of must-do’s when you visit Paris (because certainly you will, now, right?) I AM planning a trip to Paris in the spring, so the suggested cafes and food market are much appreciated!

My favorite Paris music from the playlist included ‘La Mer’, by Charles Trenet and ‘Gymnopedie No. 1’ (a melancholic piano piece by Erik Satie). Very traditional ‘La Valse d’Amelie’ by Yann Tiersen took me right to Paris; I could almost imagine strolling the Seine being serenaded as I went.

There’s one more desirable addition to the Try The World website. They’ve added a store. So now I can go and buy exactly what I’ve already tried. Like the amazing couscous sauce from Morocco…the dulce de leche from Argentina…or more of those Mont Saint Michel cookies!

Try The World: Have You Tried It?

Try The World Store Screenshot

If you’re at all interested in trying a Try The World food box, don’t just go buy it. They are always offering special promotions, so you might as well save some money. Right now they have a special that gives you $15 off if you use this link. If you do, I’ll get a store credit. And I’m just waiting to order something fun for another great international date night with my husband!

Who will you share your Try The World food box with?

(Note: I wasn’t paid to review Try The World products; you’re getting my honest and unbiased review!)

If you’d like to see my review and video of the Moroccan Try The World box opening, see here. You’ll get to see my darling grandson as he helps me open it!









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  1. Heather

    I, too, got the Paris box about a month ago! It’s interesting to hear that there are some differences between boxes; mine included some TO DIE FOR Sea salt caramels, among other things you already named. I got the whole grain mustard you mentioned, which I tried and loved! I’m not usually a mustard fan, either, but the texture of the whole seed mustard is what really convinced me; it adds that extra kick of flavor to chicken or a nice texture to a sandwich.

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