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Travel Gifts for Couples on the Go

This post was most recently updated on July 9th, 2019

If you have friends who enjoy traveling, you’ve probably wondered what they could possibly use. Their life is all about being on the go — more about seeing new places than collecting things. But I’ve discovered a great place to find travel gifts for couples, and I’m going to share a few ideas with you. See if you think any of these items would make great gifts…whether it’s for a wedding gift, an anniversary, or “just because!”

How about a Ticket Stub Diary?

It’s pretty clever to create a place to store all your ticket stubs from concerts, flights, museum admissions, and more. Opening the book and taking a look through it will bring back all those wonderful memories! There’s also several different travel journals, including one with scratch-off maps so you can show where you’ve been.

‘Love Will Find a Way’ Art

travel gifts for couples

Sometimes you can’t be with the one you love. This personalized art could depict the way love survives a separation. Or it could indicate the home states of the couple that has now come together to wed. Either way, it makes a great gift! One that will be cherished for a long time.


Cork Globes

travel gifts for couples

There’s nothing more satisfying than recording where you’ve been when you’re a traveler. There’s something cool about being able to check off another country or major city on your bucket list. That’s why these cork globes make great travel gifts for couples. You can push a pin into the cork, and even use a string between pins to indicate a route!



Date Night Bucket Listtravel gifts for couples

This might not sound like a gift specific to travelers, but I think it helps you find ways to enjoy a staycation when you’re in between trips. Sticks indicate fun things to do and ways to explore your neighborhood, like… “Wake up and watch the sunrise, go out for breakfast and then take a nap!” Then you can write the date on the stick and it becomes a journal of sorts.

‘With You I’m Home’ Art

travel gifts for couples


This is one of my favorite travel gifts for couples: an art piece that indicates that no matter where you go, being ‘home’ is more about who you’re with than where you are! What a perfect sentiment…and a very appreciated gift!





Neighborwoods Map Coasters

travel gifts for couples

Couples who like to travel love reminders of their favorite places. This time it comes in the form of beautifully engraved cedar coasters that indicate different neighborhoods…the spot where you first met, where you were married, or where you bought your first home. Each set includes the name of the city, and then additional coasters with maps of neighborhood details. There’s also a Europe maps set or a large engraved neighborhood map you can hang on your wall. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind gift that will also provide years of use, this is a perfect choice.

Down Memory Lane ‘Rememory’ Game

travel gifts for couplesI like this game because it’s not competitive. It’s meant to stir the memories of game players and create a unique experience each time you play. Three cards are drawn, indicating a person (like “Grandpa”), a time frame (“Spring”), and a loose prompt, (“the accomplishment”).  The player then shares the memory conjured by the three cards with the group. One of the most cherished souvenirs that traveling couples have are the memories of their trips, so this could be a wonderful way to help re-live them. Rememory is a thought-provoking game which could be played during family game nights, dinner parties or at a family reunion.

Vintage Camera Pillowstravel gifts for couples


Maybe the traveling couple in your life are also photography buffs. Wouldn’t these pillows be a clever way to decorate a sofa or bed? Or maybe they’ll spur a pillow fight when a couple can’t agree on where to travel next!




Where can I buy these travel gifts for couples?

I found all of these travel gift ideas and several more, actually, at Uncommon Goods.  I love that Uncommon Goods sells handmade, organic, and recycled products. They don’t sell products that do harm to people or animals. They also have a Better to Give program which allows you to select a non-profit organization at checkout to receive a $1 donation from Uncommon Goods. So far, they’ve donated over a million dollars! If you’re going to purchase a gift, why not check out Uncommon Goods?

Note: I receive nothing if you buy any of the products in this article (except the satisfaction of helping you). I did receive some compensation for taking the time to find and feature my favorite travel gifts for couples. Happy shopping!

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Please do me a favor and share these ideas with others too!

travel gifts for couples

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  1. Trisha Velarmino

    I LOVE THE CORK GLOBES! The shop Uncommon Goods certainly lived up to their name. Their stuff is pretty creative plus the fact that everything is eco-friendly made it really recommendable. I think the world needs more shops like this!

  2. Suruchi

    These all are really interesting and uncommon too. I really liked the cork globe and camera pillows. The love will find a way and With You, I am at home have touched my heart.

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