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Travel Bling — Jewelry Gifts for Travelers

This post was most recently updated on July 9th, 2019

Looking for the perfect gift idea for the traveler in your life? How about a little travel bling! Travelers like to share their adventures and tales — and what better way than to wear a beautiful piece of travel-themed jewelry to inspire stories? I’ve seen some pretty unique pieces, and I thought I’d share them with you. They range in price between $4-$30, so they make very economical gifts. They could be gifts for birthdays, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or just because! Click on any photo to get more information…which ones do you like?

These are Amazon affiliate links; if you purchase anything through my links, I will receive a small commission, and that will help to offset the costs of maintaining my blog. It will not cost you any more.

Compact Mirror Power Bank

I know this isn’t jewelry, but it’s my favorite feminine travel accessory! I first saw this compact mirror battery pack at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2015. It has a regular mirror and a magnified mirror, lights, AND it recharges your cell phone or other device with an included cable. It comes in a classy velvet drawstring pouch in a beautiful box for gifting. I’ve been using it for nearly two years now. It still holds a charge and it also entertains my grandchildren in a pinch! (They love turning the light on and looking in the mirror!). It’s a great price, too, at only $30!

BlingGlobe Necklace with Bling

I loved this globe necklace accented with a star. To me, it says, “I love the world! Where should we go next?” Such a pretty little piece of bling!





Dr. Seuss Travel Pendant

If you’ve read, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”, you know it’s a very inspiring book. And now it’s a stylish pendant, too. I love the way it strikes travel conversations with friends. Here’s a quote from the book to get you started!

Retro Travel Necklace

This retro necklace reminded me of the travels of yesteryear — tiny twin engine planes traveling through multiple time zones — what an adventure that must have been! It includes a dual time watch, and it’s sure to spark wanderlust.

Jewelry Valise

Of course, this is for storing your jewelry…it’s a beautiful little faux leather “suitcase” created to hold your rings, necklaces, earrings and other small jewelry in a compact, easy -to-pack design. It comes in several colors, too.


Globe Watch with Airplane

This is a piece a world traveler would love!  Or anyone who dreams of travel. I love how the second hand goes sweeping around the globe with a flying airplane. For sure, this is a watch that would catch people’s eye and strike up a conversation about travel!

Vintage Trailer Charm

I love all things vintage, and if your favorite traveler has a charm bracelet, this is the perfect addition…a super cute sterling silver teardrop vintage trailer charm


Travel Charm Bracelet

And if you don’t have a charm bracelet, here’s the one to get you started. Some of the best travel icons come with it: an Eiffel Tower, London bus, suitcase, camera, and a letter.

Blue Earth Earrings

Here are some earrings you can brag about — you’ll have the world dangling from your ears. These earrings have a nice swing to them and are not too heavy. Continents are painted glaze on glass orbs, a little smaller than an average marble.

Mountain Necklace

This necklace comes in silver or gold and is such a beautiful representation of snowcapped mountains for the adventurer, backpacker, hiker, snowboarder, or skier in your life.

Stainless Steel Luggage Tags

This isn’t quite jewelry, but they ARE bling for your luggage. And so classy looking, aren’t they? Who wouldn’t like a new set of luggage tags. It’s a set of three.

Compass Bracelet

If you want something simple and delicate, this compass bracelet is a nice touch. Not just for travel, but also a great reminder that as we travel through life, there are many directions we can go.

Do you have a favorite? I’d love to hear what you think of my selection of travel bling in the comments below…

Travel Bling

17 thoughts on “Travel Bling — Jewelry Gifts for Travelers

  1. Joe

    Most of these seem to be gifts for her, so I expect I’ll be buying them for lady traveller friends (or for that specal someone) rather than make cheeky requests to get them bought for me 😉 I wonder if the Dr Seuss inscription features on a travel hip flask somewhere…?

  2. Kelsi AW

    My sister has that mountain necklace! It’s so pretty 🙂 I like the Dr. Seuss one best, will have to put it on my wish list

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  4. Suzana

    I can’t believe I haven’t run into Compact Mirror Power Bank before! It’s such a useful item, and it would make an excellent addition to the traveler’s gear. Now I have to get it for myself. 🙂

    1. Tami Post author

      That’s my favorite product — looks so nice and is so good at re-charging my phone. Plus there’s the extra benefit of actually being able to use it to put on my makeup!

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