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Travel and Family Go Hand in Hand

This post was most recently updated on November 27th, 2023

travel and family

On the road from San Diego to Salt Lake City

Travel and family go hand in hand…

I’m actually writing this on my laptop on a road trip from San Diego to Salt Lake City.  It’s not how I usually spend my traveling time, but I’ve made this trip so many times before, it begged for some variety.

Maybe you’re wondering why I would subject myself to an 11-hour (nearly non-stop) drive more than once.  I’ve got two reasons. I like to travel and I have family there. Not just any family.  Three of my children and their spouses, five grandchildren, my sister, nine nephews and nieces (and their parents), and my mother-in-law.  When I first met my husband at BYU over 30 years ago, little did I know how much of my life would be spent traveling to and from Utah!

Totally worth it!

But it’s okay. Better than okay. I really look forward to making this trip. I love the contrast of driving from southern California beaches through rocky canyons, grassy lowlands, high desert, farms and pastures, a sprawling Las Vegas cityscape, a spectacular Virgin River gorge, the glowing red hills of St. George, not-so-sleepy college towns like Cedar City and Provo, and the pioneer-built city oasis of Salt Lake City. I love that no matter how many times I make this trip, I am wowed by the landscape. And there’s always something new to check out. Plus, the reward of seeing family at the end of the road trip is wonderful!

Once we stopped at the ghost town of Calico, CA—created by the same Mr. Knott of Knotts Berry Farm fame. And then there’s Cove Fort, UT—a wayside rest stop built in 1867, with pioneer games for the kids and a walkway on top of the fort.  Another time, I was determined to introduce my husband to Zion National Park because he had never seen it.

Why am I traveling then?

With a myriad of possible side-trips, it may be surprising to you that we usually pass them by.  Don’t get me wrong. I would really like to continue exploring along this route. But that would mean less time with those I love most—especially my amazing grandchildren. There just isn’t anything better than watching them grow and blossom—and to enjoy the unconditional love they share.  (And to watch their parents scurry to keep up with them!)  This has to be one of the greatest blessings in life—watching your children become parents and then falling in love with their children!  Travel and family go hand-in-hand.  The more we travel, the more we get to see our family—it’s as simple as that.  And the more we want to strengthen our family, the more we travel together(And then I don’t have to give up seeing new places!)  It has been one of the greatest factors in creating our close family.

Travel and family go together

And that’s what this blog is all about.  I’m going to show you how fun it is to travel with (and to) your family.  How to make it affordable and easy.  How to make the loving and sharing and exploring an integral part of your family—no matter what age.

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Please share what traveling has meant for you and your family in the comments below…

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14 thoughts on “Travel and Family Go Hand in Hand

  1. Heather

    Man! I’m gonna have to take a side trip to Zion’s National Park the next time we’re passing through Utah; my husband’s never been (just like your husband hadn’t been until you introduced him to it)! It is such a spectacular place with gorgeous hikes and lots of beautiful landscapes–just thinking about it makes me want to go back! 🙂

  2. Paula McInerney

    We are relatively lucky, the furthest a family member lives is a 1 hour flight or a 10 hour drive. The rest, when they are in the country, are all within 3 hours. It makes it easier for get togethers, and yes we often use these short road trips for exploring

  3. sue

    My family are spread around the world. Now this can be looked upon as a negative but trying to be an optimist it means that I get to explore many amazing cities and places that probably would not have have made it onto my travel list. I agree with your comment that regardless of how many times you do such a journey, there will always be something new to explore. Thanks for sharing your recent finds.

  4. RaW | Ramble and Wander

    My hometown is some 8 hours drive from where I currently live and there are plenty of interesting places along the road between the two cities. Sometimes it’s hard to decide whether you want to explore the places along the way or just pass them by to go and see your family quicker. It’d be great if we can do both but most of the times we just have to set the priorities first.

  5. kami

    I’m pretty lucky as my family lives less than 2 hours away from me. And even now I should be on a weekend trip in Bratislava, Slovakia but I canceled it as my parents needed me. Family comes first, always!

    1. Tami Post author

      Yes, family comes first, and sometimes you cannot combine the needs of your family with traveling. Hope you get to take your trip later!

  6. Natalie Deduck

    You are so right!
    Travel with family is a great experience. My husband and I just finished a trip of 20 days around Europe with his parents, and it was amazing. The memories and good moments will last forever!
    Enjoy your grandchildren and keep travelling!
    All the best,

  7. Kate

    All of my family are in the same place and its me that travels around to different places. I have friends around the world now so I spend some time trying to meet up around the UK and Europe. Its a good excuse to see places you wouldn’t usually go to. Utah looks really beautiful with much more to do than I realised. US road trips are quite long. I’d love to do a proper road trip one day. Lots of breaks looks like the way to do it!

  8. Jen Seligmann

    I’ve always said that I caught my travel bug from my Dad. He loves to travel just as much as me and took us on so many great adventures as a kid. I have so many fond memories of school holiday road trips planned out perfectly. We hope to all be able to travel together again in the next few years, just like we did when we were kids.

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