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Top Tips for a Less Challenging Move

When moving becomes inevitable, there is suddenly a lot on your plate. In fact, moving to a new home can be a very stressful event. While you will definitely have a lot to think about, it does’t have to be stressful. There is plenty you can do to stay in control and have a smoother experience with these tips for a less challenging move.

Plan Ahead of Time

First of all, you can certainly do a lot in terms of the planning stages well in advance. As soon as you know you will be moving, whether it’s for work, school, or other needs, you should take the time to jot down every way it will affect you. From these notes, you can create a schedule of tasks that need to be done. For example, you might need to inform friends and family, schedule packing days, line up a packing or moving service, and notify utility companies on both ends of the move. Remember to schedule time for cleaning after you move your items out. You’ll also need to fill out an address forwarding order with your local post office. 

The more time you have, the easier it will be to make a clear plan you can put into action. Figure out your moving date and count backwards to determine what needs to be done and when. Decide if you’re renting a moving van or hiring movers, packing your own home or using a packing service. And be sure to ask others who have recently moved for their advice, too. Chances are, they have tips to share from their own experiences.

You will have a great head start if you also do some research into the area where you are moving. Know where useful services are, how you will commute to school or work, and what nearby recreation is available.

Contact and Get Quotes Early

Moving can be expensive, so it’s a good idea to get several quotes as early as possible. This gives you time to compare and contrast the quote details and determine which is the best for you and your situation. You should not decide by price only, but also consider online reviews for quality and timeliness of service. Not only this, but if you have more complicated items to move, scheduling a large item delivery is going to go much smoother if it’s planned early in the process. Coordinating help to receive those deliveries and unpacking at the new home are also important. 

Order your packing boxes and supplies ahead of time, or start collecting them now. A move is easier if items are organized in well-labeled boxes. If your move involves selling or buying a home, there will be many more tasks to consider. Your real estate agent should offer you a comprehensive guide to help you keep everything in order.

Declutter Your Current Home

A thorough decluttering job has a lot of major advantages worth taking into account. First of all, if you are able to get rid of items you don’t need, you’ll save yourself the time, effort, and expense of boxing it all up and transporting it to your new home. Downsizing your belongings also helps give you a fresh start when you arrive at your new space. Plus, if you hold a garage or tag sale with your used items, you might even score some extra cash to help with other expenses.

If you don’t have time or a location to hold a sale, you can always contact a charity to donate to. They might even be willing to pick up the items from your home, saving you a trip. And the receipt you receive for your donated goods will help with taxes later. Or just offer your excess items to others in need. That always feels good!

Stay Focused on the Benefits

In the midst of your planning, it’s likely to feel a little overwhelming at times. Another way to keep stress at a low level is to remind yourself of the benefits of your move. Are you changing to a better job? Moving closer to family or loved ones? Trading up to a larger or nicer home? Or moving to save money on rent? Perhaps you are moving to have a shorter commute or to be closer to outdoor activities you enjoy.

Stay focused on the reasons for your move and the benefits you will enjoy, especially once the move is behind you. That makes it worth it to put in the time and effort now.

All of these ideas are going to make the whole process of moving a little bit easier. Tips for a less challenging move include planning ahead, scheduling early, decluttering and staying focused on the benefits. They will make all the difference in creating a smooth and enjoyable move.

Top Tips for a Less Challenging Move

Top Tips for a Less Challenging Move


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