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The Third Day of Christmas

This post was most recently updated on January 13th, 2022

On the ‘Third Day of Christmas’, my true love gave to me…

Just what everyone needs — a quiet evening, listening to Christmas music and sipping decadent French hot chocolate (otherwise known as chocolat chaud). Make it even better by lighting a fire in the fireplace and snuggling with a warm blanket throw.

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Recipe for French Hot Chocolate (Sipping Chocolate)

First I have to tell you about a magical moment I experienced a few years ago while visiting Paris at the end of March. It was a cool overcast day, with occasional rain, and we decided to go get hot chocolate at Angelina’s right across from Jardin de Tuileries. We were seated at a fancy table and brought a pitcher of steaming hot chocolate with a pot of freshly whipped cream. But this wasn’t just any other hot chocolate. It was thick and decadent, rich and so so satisfying. With the freshly whipped cream topping, it was nothing short of heaven in my mouth! I dream of the day I can return to Angelina’s and repeat that Paris experience. But until then…this recipe (printable pdf) is the closest I have ever found to duplicating it. Thanks to for perfecting it.

From my own experience making this chocolate, you must be patient. It will remain a thin version of itself until the last minute. All of a sudden, every last tiniest bit of chocolate is completely melted, and it becomes a thicker chocolate that drips slowly off the end of your spoon. Only now is it truly sipping chocolate. Sip and sigh — it’s simply amazing!

One more tip! This sipping chocolate is so rich you won’t need a large mug. I prefer to use smaller mugs that hold about 4-6 oz. I bought mine (pictured above) at World Market (Merry Christmas mug) and Starbucks (pair of winter berry mugs).

Christmas Music Playlist for the Third Day of Christmas

I wrote this article introducing my Christmas music playlist with accompanying videos a year ago. I wanted to highlight my favorite Christmas music, the music that really speaks to me spiritually (or conjures up memories of Christmases long ago!). I’m sure you have your own favorite Christmas music, and I encourage you to take the time to listen to it. It’s good for the soul! But if you don’t have a playlist ready at hand, please enjoy mine; it’s about 45 minutes long. Enjoy watching it as well, as the videos are very inspiring.

Be sure to find your softest blanket and snuggle in for a relaxing hour or so! Think of the words of the music. Remember why we celebrate Christmas. Enjoy being in the moment and don’t let your thoughts wander to other things you need to do. THIS is what you need right now!

Summary of an Inspiring Third Day of Christmas

Remember, the 12 days of Christmas are meant to be shared with others. If you are trying to figure out how you can share this day’s experience with a friend or neighbor, here are a few suggestions:

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third day of Christmas

third day of Christmas

third day of Christmas






3 thoughts on “The Third Day of Christmas

  1. Heather

    Mmm. Yummy! Can’t wait to make this with the family tonight and enjoy a warm and cuddly evening! I’m excited to hear your playlist, too.

  2. Ambuj Saxena

    Thank you for a lip smacking post on chocolates. The presentation of the recipe is very warm and exudes a lot of affection! I am glad to read this post and I have plans ready for Christmas this year!

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