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The Fourth Day of Christmas

This post was most recently updated on January 13th, 2022

On the ‘Fourth Day of Christmas’, I hope you will hear music in the air — Christmas music, that is! I may be slightly biased, but I believe nothing enters your heart faster than beautiful, sacred music. Music spreads joy, and also conjures up sentiment and nostalgia. And it has been my experience that Christmas music really touches the soul.

I said I might be biased, because music has been a big part of my life. I’ve sung in school and church choirs, directed choirs, sung to my children daily, and even worked as a Christmas caroler. Or maybe that just makes me more qualified to appreciate the inspiration of music.

On the ‘Third Day of Christmas’, I suggested you relax with a cup of hot chocolate and listen to your favorite Christmas music. How did that make you feel? Now I’m suggesting you go out and share music with others by going Christmas caroling.

Christmas Caroling on the Fourth Day of Christmas

This could start with just you and your family practicing in your home. Choose some simple Christmas songs — that everyone is familiar with — and just sing together. Somehow, singing the words out loud also helps you feel the power of those wonderful messages of Christmas!

Now, take “the show on the road!” Go carol to a few neighbors or good friends. If you don’t feel comfortable standing on someone’s porch singing face to face, sing while strolling down the sidewalk. Just think what ambience that will bring to your neighborhood!

In our family, we usually make plates of cookies and deliver them as we carol to our friends. (Perhaps the cookies make up for any sour notes!) It doesn’t really matter how trained your voices are. And you don’t have to sing in four-part harmony! What matters is that you are sharing Christmas joy through music, and your friends will greatly appreciate it.

I’ve included a free printable of Christmas caroling lyrics for you to download and use. (My daughter designed this to share with you, and I am so grateful for her talent and willingness to share.)

If you are gifting a ’12 Days of Christmas’ to someone else, this printable can be copied several times and presented in person or anonymously. Don’t forget to use these custom 12 days of Christmas gift tags. And before you leave, here’s a sample of the Kaleidoscope Carolers singing at a San Diego hotel. Their website includes a schedule of some of their public gigs if you want to see them in action (in San Diego). You might even run into my husband and I!

Summary of the ‘Fourth Day of Christmas’

Go share the joy of Christmas music with others. And please comment below how it makes you feel!


2 thoughts on “The Fourth Day of Christmas

  1. Heather

    Singing at Christmas time truly is a wonderful thing! So cool that you get to share your musical talents with your caroling group on a regular basis!

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