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Summer Road Trip Giveaway!

Hallelujah, it’s summer again! Isn’t that how you feel? The cold and wet days are gone. The sun is out every day. And the road is beckoning. Do you need any more motivation to get away? Well, how about a summer road trip giveaway?!

I’d love to help motivate you to plan a summer road trip. It doesn’t have to be far — just far enough away to feel like you’ve escaped. It could be a day trip to explore something you’ve always been meaning to see in your own backyard. Or a trip across the nation. Regardless, I think there’s nothing more exciting than piling into the car and taking off!

So, to get you thinking about taking a road trip, I’m sharing tips and ideas for road trips near home, weekend getaways, and longer escapes of two weeks or more.

AND I’m giving away a $50 gasoline gift card! (Keep reading to learn how to enter.)

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1. Day trips near your home

Even if you’ve lived where you are for decades, most likely there’s a place you haven’t yet visited. Oh sure, you’ve been meaning to, but it just hasn’t happened yet. Perhaps it’s a new museum or art gallery. Or maybe it’s a hiking trail you just read a review for. Maybe there’s a special event scheduled soon — a concert or festival you’d like to take in.

It’s not difficult to put together a few ideas and create an amazing day trip for you and your friends or family. Add a place where you can take a picnic (like the beach or a park), visit a local fair, or throw your bicycles in the back of your truck and go for a bike ride! Be sure to get some input from friends or family. Surely, they’ll have some great ideas as well. Take advantage of the summer sun and enjoy the spontaneity of getting away from the daily grind.

Tips for a better day trip:

  • Fill up your gas tank before you leave
  • Bring a camera to capture special moments
  • Pack water bottles and snacks for the car
  • Bring towels and sunscreen for an impromptu “sun worshipping” session
  • Don’t over-schedule; keep your day a relaxing one
  • Plan an itinerary but be flexible if you see something else interesting
  • Throw in a frisbee or ball, sand bucket or lawn game for park/beach visits
  • Wrap up your day with a beautiful sunset view

One of my favorite day trips:

A day in Lakeside — I liked this day trip because it was completely spontaneous. I had to drive to Lakeside to pick up items for work, but once I’d done that, I had an open day with nothing scheduled. So I decided to explore the area I found myself in! I discovered beautiful parks and a lake, a great roadside diner, a historic main street, and a delicious donut shop!

2. Weekend Road Trip Getaways

A weekend getaway requires a little more planning but it’s one you can fit in without taking time off work or using up valuable vacation days, so it’s a win-win. Ideally, a weekend road trip getaway won’t be more than about 4 or 5 hours away. You’ll need to decide if you’re staying one or two nights and should probably make your reservations for lodging in advance. A weekend getaway need not be an expensive adventure. Camping could be a very enjoyable way to spend your weekend more economically, in a tent or under the stars!

Your getaway could also be centered around a special event — perhaps a music festival has your attention. Or maybe you’ve just been invited to a wedding or family reunion, and you can plan your weekend getaway around that. You can make a road trip to see fall foliage, go surfing, or to go shopping in the city.

Tips for a better weekend getaway:

  • Pack a cooler to keep drinks and snacks cold in the car.
  • Use GPSmyCity to find fun walking guides for cities all over the world.
  • Get great deals for hotel rooms with Many of them provide complimentary breakfast, too.
  • Find ways to keep your kids entertained in the car.
  • Use the Upside app to get cash back at gas/restaurants wherever you are (Code: V5Q97 will give you an extra $11.11 cash back).
  • Take turns choosing destinations as you go — it’s a fun way to decide what to do next! Use TripAdvisor or just road signs along the way to help you choose.

My favorite weekend getaway:

Big Sur, CA road trip – We had been visiting my daughter after she had a new baby. It was time to return home and it just happened to be Memorial Day weekend. So rather than driving straight home, we decided to use the three-day weekend to create a memorable road trip. The Big Sur Highway is full of gorgeous views! We got to see the Golden Gate Bridge, elephant seals,  McWay Falls, Morro Rock, and some beautiful sunsets, too.

3. Summer vacation extended road trips

This is the kind of trip you could really use a summer road trip giveaway for, because you will need to spend money on gas and accommodations. I’m sure you’ll want to see a few attractions along the way too.

How do I plan a trip?

Domestic Road Trip

Here’s a printable domestic road trip checklist so you can plan ahead and be ready for your extended road trip. Leaving your home for a week or two will require you to think of things like putting a vacation hold on your mail and finding pet care.

Spend some time planning your route on a map to make the most of your time…and to do and see the things that are most important to you.

Again, it will be important to break up a long drive with stops along the way, so you don’t get bored on the road. Listening to music or providing DVD’s for your kids to watch might be helpful, too.


Your extended road trip can be focused on big events, like visiting a theme park or enjoying a beach resort. It could be an itinerary of stopping in several cities in one state…or visiting national parks. There’s no limit to the ideas for a fun extended road trip.

Tips for a better extended road trip:

  • Don’t burn yourself out. Keep driving to a minimum each day and don’t schedule too many activities in one day.
  • Use guidebooks to help you plan the best sightseeing.
  • Plan at least one thing that each family member can look forward to.
  • Be sure to have a mechanic do a pre-departure “trip check” on your vehicle so you don’t have any unwanted surprises or breakdowns.
  • You don’t have to stay in a different motel every night. Sometimes, staying in one place a little longer before moving on gives you more time to relax and breaks up a long trip.
  • Get outside and enjoy some nature. Plan time for short hikes or soaking in beautiful views. It’s so good for the soul!

My favorite extended road trip

San Diego, CA to Nauvoo, Illinois and back — This was a trip we made with our four children many years ago, but it’s still my favorite. We drove as far as Denver, CO and stopped for a weekend to enjoy the Six Flags resort there. Then we completed the drive to Nauvoo where much of our extended family was gathering. We enjoyed evening pioneer performances by the Mississippi River, tours of historic homes, hands-on activities for the kids, family meals, wagon rides, catching fireflies, and more. It was truly a wonderful road trip!

And now, my summer road trip giveaway!

Summer road trip giveaway

I’m giving away $50.00 in Shell gasoline gift cards. I’ll mail the gift cards to whomever wins my random drawing. Shell gas stations are located in many countries worldwide, but I can’t guarantee there’s one close to you. Anyone 18 or older is eligible. Giveaway ends Wednesday, June 28th, 2023 at midnight PST.

I want to keep this easy, but I also want you to have the best opportunity to win this giveaway. You can earn up to five entries. Each of the following will earn you one entry:

1. REQUIRED: Comment on this blog post; tell me where you’d like to go for a road trip! Make sure you use a valid email address; it’s how I will contact you if you win.

2. OPTIONAL: Subscribe to my blog email and tell me in your comment that you subscribed; I promise I won’t spam you with lots of emails.

3. OPTIONAL: Follow me on Instagram — be sure to tell me your instagram name in the comments below.

4. OPTIONAL: Leave a meaningful comment (at least 2 sentences) on any other blog post on my blog.

5. OPTIONAL: Share this giveaway with someone else via social media (let me know how you shared it in your comment below)

I will be so happy if this summer road trip giveaway motivates you to plan and take a summer getaway, whether you win or not. What would be more fun than hitting the road?!

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64 thoughts on “Summer Road Trip Giveaway!

  1. Elizabeth Miller

    I would love to take a road trip to Lancaster, Pa and then to Hershey Park with my daughter before she starts college in August.

  2. Heather

    I’m subscribed, follow you on Instagram, AND will be sharing this giveaway via Instagram so my friends can check it out!!

    I’m excited to go on a weekend getaway this summer–with a newborn in tow, we decided on a vacation just a short distance away. It’ll be nice to explore somewhere new without having to go too far!

  3. Nichole

    I’d love to take a road trip to the National Parks (Bryce, Zion, Arches) in southern Utah. This is our last summer living in southern Idaho and it’s the closest we will ever live to them, so it’s time to go!

    Subscribed via email

    Follow on Instagram @nicholefrerichs

    I commented on “Creative Ways to Save Money and Travel Despite Inflation”

    Sharing giveaway on Twitter

  4. Melanie Harding

    I subscribe to your blog via email & follow you on Instagram & Facebook. I would love to go on a road trip through the east coast, checking out all the sights along the coast & beaches. I can’t swim, but I love being near the water and seeing some of the unique beach houses along the coastal areas. I also love seeing the various architectural styles of historic buildings.

  5. Bronwyn Smith

    Going on road-trips can be extremely overwhelming especially with children. I love reading your blog. It gives me inspiration and motivation!!! I’m now looking forward to road tripping!!!
    Thank you

  6. Kimberly Embrey Napier

    I’m headed for a Disney road trip next week with my Granddaughter! I’d like to take Rt. 66 for an extended road trip!

  7. Tammy Pereira

    I’d like to head up the California coast towards Fort Bragg area. I’ve never been and I love the coast!

  8. Julie

    I would love to go Key west..I have never been and would love to see the beautiful water and catch a nice mahi..

  9. Linda (LD Holland)

    We do love to head out on road trips in the summer. We like to mix it up with ones closer to home and some that take us a new area. If I lived closer to California, a road trip to Big Sur would be on my list too. Your tips for taking a longer road trip are right on. A gas card is a great road trip giveaway!

  10. Jacqueline

    I’ve always wanted to go to Glacier National Park via Amtrak and then rent a car to do the park. You would love checking out the Empire Builder and the whole trip to Glacier from Chicago. I’ve been looking at this trip online for years and always say it’s my ultimate must do road-trip someday.

  11. Cathi Crismon

    Oh my goodness Tami… This is fun. I miss hosting giveaways since retiring from active blogging.
    My Multiple Chemical Sensitivity has put such a damper on our travel.
    Back in 2007 we spent 3 months traveling back to SoCal from South Florida. It was an AWESOME road trip.
    I was just thinking this morning on how much I would love to road trip the entire United States in a motor home. I can’t count on hotel rooms being scent free and RVs are notorious for partial board and paneling scents. Airstream is the least toxic so now… a small Airstream motorhome is at the top of my wish list.
    Have the best time on your Alaska cruise!!
    And… are you as sad as I am about July 31?

    1. Tami Post author

      Yes, so sad about July 31. The temple closure is going to leave a hole in my heart. I guess there’ll be more time for some of those road trips. Hope you get that Airstream soon!

  12. pamela

    This is an amazing giveaway I must say . I already subscribed your blog and I loved reading your articles. The weekend trip and day trip tips are simply amaing. I pretty much follow all the points especially carrying camera, and filling the fuel tanks , following a itinerary. For map I do use google map instead of gpsmycity. It is not much famous here. Loved the article as you have shared some great tips and pointers too.

  13. Emily

    Hi! I would like to go on a road trip to Maine. We went to Old Orchard Beach when I was a kid and I loved it! I bet my daughter would, too!

    I am subscribed to your newsletter and follow on Twitter ( @EmilyAndCoffee )

  14. Ami Bhat

    That checklist for a road trip is so handy. Well done with that. We did do a lot of day trips when the lock-down was lifted. Seemed like the best way to know your neighbourhood. I loved your tips about the domestic road trips – like you said. You dont have to stay in a different motel everyday – small activities definitely make that trip memorable and worth it

  15. Kavita Favelle

    We love a good road trip! Our latest was self-driving in South Korea which was amazing! We do try and explore locally but you are right that there’s a lot more to see in our backyard, we moved here only 4 years ago and much of that time we were in pandemic lockdown. Long weekends are also a great way to get a little further afield.

    Would love to do a road trip around the Great Lakes.

  16. Maria Veloso

    Road trips are definitely best during the summer. I appreciate the advice you provided on the various getaway options. This article will be bookmarked for sure. Now I’m motivated to organize another road vacation!

  17. Adele

    I am a definite fan of road trips which I do as a day trip, weekend trip and extended trip too. I can think of how cool it must be where you are : so many opportunities and great locations to drive to and explore. Keep on exploring , fellow traveller.

  18. Joanna

    I love going on road trips, and I often do around the UK, where I live. My last road trip was actually in France, where I went for my birthday. I agree that taking a cool box in the car is essential, especially when you travel in summer. I have done a one month long road trip around Europe in August and the cool box was a life saviour, especially for keeping the drinks cold. A charger is also a great idea, especially when you are using the GPS, which eats a lot of power from the phone.

  19. Clarice

    Yes, a weekend road trip getaway sounds like a marvelous idea. It’s been a while since we went camping so, we’ll consider doing this next weekend. Thank you for sharing the trips. Will make sure to pack a cooler for drinks and snacks.

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