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Is it Safe to Stay in a Hotel During Covid-19?

Covid-19 has certainly made the world stop for a while. Tireless travelers across the world took a long break, leaving the traveling industry defeated by the invisible predator. Many agree this is the worst year to travel so far. They are asking themselves, “Is it safe to stay in a hotel during Covid-19?”

On the other hand, there are people that are not afraid to take advantage of the circumstances and maybe for the first time, enjoy some luxurious travel. This is undoubtedly doable these days as every aspect of the travel industry is offering lower prices. Accommodation and services are made affordable in order to attract the few fearless ones ready to take the deals.

Hotels of all kinds and classifications around the world are no exception. Offering affordable deals and different packages, even a 5-star hotel can be an affordable option. But in these circumstances, are hotels a safe option for accommodation during a pandemic? 

More or less all types of accommodation are obliged to comply with safety measures and implement the safety protocols. However, different types of accommodation may impose a lower or greater risk for infection. You can never feel completely safe traveling during a pandemic. But there are some precautions you can take in order to travel safely and stay protected within your accommodation.

Have you decided to take the risk and enjoy a vacation? Or maybe you need to stay at a hotel for a business trip? No need for panic! Here is all you need to know about risks and safety levels of staying in a hotel.

Is there such a thing as a safe hotel? 

Hotels are doing all they possibly can to make visitors feel safe and comfortable. However, the novel Coronavirus is known to be spread from direct contact with people. Therefore, transmission certainly can’t be completely prevented at  a hotel, a place where people gather. Everyone comes from different places and have been around. That increases the risk of someone already being infected. However, proper protocols and safety measures can prevent the spread of the virus even if an infected person is present at the premises.

That being said, it certainly can be safe to stay in a hotel during Covid-19. Finding a hotel that has followed all the safety protocols should be a guarantee for a safe stay. Always look for specific hotel instructions that direct people on their behavior from the moment they step in. You can also ask for the details of safety measure implementation protocols. Moreover, traveling to a familiar hotel or choosing a hotel with higher standards can increase your safety level. A bigger budget presumably would equal higher ratings, more experienced staff and higher hygiene levels, but most hotels are trying to do their part.. 

To make sure you have chosen a safe-to-stay hotel, you need to check for all the needed protocols implemented. It’s advisable to make a call and consult on the safety measures you need to comply with, like compulsory masks and hands-free check-in. You should also ask all the questions that concern you regarding your safety and stay.

Checking in when you stay at a hotel during Covid-19

In many high-end hotels and most of the small ones, the check-in protocols are changed now due to the pandemic. You may opt for a hotel that has already introduced contactless check-ins. The contactless check-in excludes waiting in line and chatting with the receptionist. Contactless check-ins, room choosing and digital key are all available in some hotels, which certainly lowers the risk of infection. Narrowing down the list of physical things that come in contact with lots of people makes for higher safety and tranquility. Moreover, replacing room keys or making payments electronically (rather than with cash) lowers the risks of virus transmission. You may also see plexiglass shields in place at the front desk and extra hand sanitizing stations throughout the hotel.

Is your room safe? 

The room probably is the part that should least worry you. Although the risk of infection within a hotel room isn’t excluded, the chances are minimal. Always check if the hotel has announced publicly that they’re regularly disinfecting the rooms after each guest has left. You need to make sure that they perform thorough disinfection with a reliable method. If this is the case then you are more than safe to stay in your room.

Despite all the measures the hotels take, you can take some additional precautions of your own. Do a little research and ask the hotel for the guests’ status several days before your arrival. If the hotel is not too busy prior to your arrival, chances are nobody has even stayed in your room for a while. This additionally lowers the risks of the virus being present. It’s known today that the virus is not able to survive more than 3 days on any surfaces. A busier hotel is at a greater risk of someone transmitting the virus within the premises. Also, you can request not to receive maid service during your stay if you wish not to have anyone else enter your room.

Are you still wondering if it is safe to stay at a hotel during Covid-19? Once you are sure your room is completely clean, you can relax. Your room is possibly the only place where you can forget about constant attention to details and controlling your every move. 

What about the other hotel facilities?  

Hotels are probably doing their best to make all facilities within the premises a safe space for the guests. Regular disinfection along with making hand sanitizers available and wearing masks, should make for a safe stay for all. Regular warnings for social distancing and reminders of all protocols and obligatory safety measures should be performed by the staff.  However, the lobby, the restaurant and common rooms are probably not as safe as your hotel room. Where many people gather there is always a certain risk of getting infected. You’ll probably discover that extras like breakfast buffets may be cancelled for the meantime. Pools will also most likely be closed.

Most hotels are rearranging and adapting their facilities to accommodate minimum people with maximum comfort and safety. You can find safe and intimate wedding venues, as well as restricted seatings in restaurants to enjoy a small celebration with delicious meals. After all, the quarantine has been stressful for all of us.


All that being said, a hotel can be a very safe place to stay. Only you can make the best choice and act responsibly. Take good care of your health and safety and that of all other guests. You can be confident that it can definitely be safe to stay at a hotel during Covid-19. 

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stay in a hotel during covid-19

stay in a hotel during covid-19


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