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Six Best Places to Learn How to Surf

This post was most recently updated on May 27th, 2024

Surfing is a great way to get fit and stay healthy; it’s also a fantastic experience for people of all ages. This activity is also enjoyable to learn too, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be hooked on the thrill and adventure it brings. You’re looking to learn how to surf and want more information on the best spots to ride the waves. There are definitely locations that are more suited for beginner surfers. Check out six of the best places to learn how to surf…

1. Australia

Australia is a top place to learn how to surf, and the western coast has a variety of beaches for all abilities. For beginners, head to the sandy shores of Noosa as this is said to be the safest area to try your hand at it. There are also surf instructors that can guide the way. A surfing coach can help you correct your wobbles and motivate you to keep trying when you’ve been thrown by a wave. Once you get the hang of it, you can head to neighboring beaches to experience the more substantial peaks. 

2. Costa Rica

This country’s coastline is not only beautiful but also has some of the best spots to learn how to surf. A great place to head to is Guiones Beach, which boasts a great atmosphere and waves for beginners. The waters here are gentle, and you are also surrounded by lush rainforest and relaxing retreats to enjoy the whole experience. There are a variety of fantastic surf camps in Costa Rica to choose from all over the country, and this is one of the best spots to get to know the activity. 

3. Cornwall, UK

Cornwall, England is well-known for its surfing beaches. Although seasoned professionals come here to ride the waves, there are beaches for beginners too. The beauty of the coastline is a sight to behold, and a beach such as Sennen Cove is an ideal spot if you’re taking to the waves for the first time. You can find a range of surf lessons and clubs here that will help you get started. There are also many attractive dog-friendly holiday cottages in Cornwall available to make your stay more enjoyable. 


4. Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii is often an obvious spot for surfing as it is the birthplace of this activity. It’s natural that if it was created here, it might be one of the best places to learn how to surf. Oahu has some of the most beautiful waves that should only be attempted by experienced surfers, especially along the famous North Shore. However, there are also calmer waters such as Laniakea Beach, which has a range of tranquil experiences such as surf and spa. Our own family tried their hand at surfing the gentle waves of Waikiki Beach. Again, a surfing school can make all the difference!

5. San Diego, USA

This west coast location is ideal for first-timers, and surf schools here boast high standards of water safety and ocean education. There is a mix of locations depending on your abilities, plus there are lots to experience away from the beach, too. And if you’re just looking for the best beaches to visit, see “Best Five San Diego Beaches”.

6. Canary Islands

These islands off the coast of Africa are famed for their surfing spots. You’ll find a mix of beginner and advanced locations to ride the waves. Plus, you’ll be surrounded by fantastic scenery and glorious weather. You can also take advantage of several surf schools on the island. Check out these best surfstar paddle board reviews, too.

As you can see, there are a number of places where you can try surfing, all over the world. I hope you’ll have the opportunity to try one of the best places to learn how to surf, so you can enjoy the thrill of the ride!

best places to learn how to surf

best places to learn how to surf

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