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Setting Up a Travel Blog: Your Ticket to the World

No doubt you’ve been inspired by lots of great books that gave you the opportunity to experience the world from another perspective. You might have even considered sharing some of your own experiences. A travel blog is one of the simplest ways to do it. While many of us are out there plugging away at our own blogs, there are a few things for you to think about before setting up a travel blog.

Are You Technically Minded?

It may be an obvious question to ask, but do you have the necessary knowledge? Not only the know-how for setting up a travel blog, but also which tools are at your disposal to add quality to your articles? Extracting text from images, especially those grandiose images of places like the Grand Canyon, could be incredibly frustrating if you found the perfect image, but need to separate it from a textbox. In this situation, a site like is a great start.

In addition, setting up a travel blog means you’ve got to find ways to market it. After all, why write anything unless others will have the opportunity to read it and benefit?  It’s worth getting into the analytics side of things, especially if you want more traffic to your blog so you can monetize it. Are you willing to take the time and effort to learn what you can do to promote and maintain your travel blog? Even after your first year of blogging, you will still be learning new things.

Always Carry A Great Camera

Sometimes you need to extract images from online sources, but taking your own photos will help your personality shine. You’ll want to have a camera you feel good about, that takes great photos. A DSLR camera is a simple, yet effective piece of equipment that adds so much to your blog articles. You can record video, take pictures, and even record audio. But finding the best camera for your budget is often difficult, in which case helps you to whittle down the process. Great tech isn’t just about the camera and features, but it is a key part of it.

What Do You Have To Say?

The most important thing about being a travel blogger is communicating your own stories and experiences. There are so many travel bloggers, you’ll want to find a way to get your own personality across. A blog is, essentially, an extension of you. This means you’ve got to find the most appropriate way to express yourself. One option is creating video blogs. Others write a standard blog but include great imagery. Whatever your choice, be sure your personality shines through.

Maybe all the inspiring travel books you’ve read have made you want to put your own stamp on the world. A travel blog is a great way to do this. Just remember it’s not just the technical aspects, nor is it the equipment you carry. Ultimately, it’s all about what you have to say, and how you say it! Here’s a great summary of how you write a blog post:

I hope you enjoy the process of setting up a travel blog — it can be a very rewarding way to share your travel experiences and inspire others!

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