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Save Money with a Turo Car Rental

Travel expenses have risen in the last few years, whether it’s the cost of hotels, flights or renting a car. It’s enough to make you reconsider when you add up the costs. Fortunately, there are ways to save, and I’m going to focus on how you can save money with a Turo car rental.

Why has the cost of renting a car gone up so much?

It helps to understand why renting a car has become so expensive. Here are a few reasons:

  • The chip shortage: The global chip shortage has caused a shortage of new cars, which has led to higher prices for rental cars.
  • Increased demand: Demand for rental cars has increased as people have started traveling more. This is due to a number of factors, including the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, the reopening of the economy, and the increase in vacation travel.
  • Increased fuel costs: The cost of fuel has also increased, which has led to higher prices for rental cars.
  • Increased insurance costs: The cost of insurance has also increased, leading to higher prices for rental cars.

All of these factors have contributed to the high cost of renting a car. If you need to rent a car, you’ll find that traditional car rental companies like Hertz and Budget have nearly doubled in cost.

Keep in mind that the cost to fly has also increased significantly. Driving a car is often the least expensive way to travel, even when considering the cost of rental and gasoline. Read my article: Should You Fly or Drive?

What is Turo and why is it different?

Turo is a peer-to-peer car sharing service that allows people to rent cars from other people — people just like you. It’s a great way to get a car for a short period of time, whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure. Turo hosts share their personal vehicles. They set their own prices, discounts and availability schedules. They also determine delivery options and are typically more flexible than traditional rental companies.

There are many benefits to renting a car on Turo, including:

  • Flexibility: You can rent a car for a short period of time, or for a longer period if you need it.
  • Convenience: You can rent a car from anywhere in the world, and you can pick it up and drop it off at any time.
  • Affordability: Turo is almost always cheaper than renting a car from a traditional car rental company. You have more control over your costs as well, because you can pick up the car from the owner or pay to have it delivered to you. I think you will almost always save money with Turo.
  • Variety: There are a wide variety of cars to choose from on Turo. You’re sure to find the perfect car for your needs, including trucks, sporty cars, and vans.

Turo or a traditional rental car?

Whether Turo or traditional car rental companies are better for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Price: Turo can be cheaper than traditional car rental companies, especially for short-term rentals. However, the price of Turo cars can vary depending on the make, model, and location of the car.
  • Convenience: Turo cars can be more convenient than traditional car rental companies, as you can pick them up and drop them off at any time. However, Turo cars are not always available in all locations.
  • Variety: Turo offers a wider variety of cars than traditional car rental companies. This can be a good option if you are looking for a specific type of car, such as a convertible or a luxury car.
  • Insurance: Turo offers insurance, but it is not always as comprehensive as the insurance offered by traditional car rental companies. If you are worried about being held liable for damage to the car, you may want to purchase additional insurance from Turo.

How do you use Turo?

To rent a car on Turo, you’ll need to create an account and then browse the available cars in your area. Once you’ve found a car you like, you can book it and pay for it online. You won’t be able to see the exact location of the vehicle until you have completed your reservation.

When you arrive to pick up your car, you’ll need to show your driver’s license and the confirmation email you received from Turo. The driver will then give you a key to the car and explain how to use it. If you want to add a second driver, that person will also need to create a Turo account and submit Driver’s License information before being authorized to drive.

Here are a few tips for renting a car on Turo:

    • Read the car’s description carefully before you book it.
    • Make sure you understand the car’s rental and cancellation policies.
    • Look for details like number of miles allowed before incurring add’l cost per mile.
    • Decide where you will pick up your car — from the owner or having it delivered
    • Show your Driver’s License and confirmation on the app when you pick up your rental vehicle
    • Confirm details with owner in person
    • Inspect vehicle for pre-existing damage: nicks, scratches, stains, etc.
    • Point out damage to owner or take photos to prove it was not your fault
    • Be sure to return the car on time.
    • Keep owner updated if anything changes or if you are late returning the car. (You don’t wan’t to be reported for stealing the car!)
    • If you have any problems with the car, contact the driver or Turo customer service.

My Turo renting experience

I rented a minivan for three days with Turo. When I looked up the cost of renting through Costco car rental (my usual go-to for the best prices), it would have cost $700 for three days. With Turo, my charge was $300. I chose a minimal insurance policy for an additional $55, with a $3000 deductible.

I should point out that this reservation was made at the last minute. Even though I learned it would cost $700 to rent through Costco, they didn’t have any vehicles available at all. So an added benefit of renting from Turo can be greater availability.

I was flying into the Nashville airport. If I the van had been delivered to me there, it would have cost an additional $120. But there was no additional expense forpicking it up from the owner’s home in Murfreesboro. An Uber fare was only $42, so this was much more economical to get myself to the Owner’s location to pick up the van.

We loved the comfort and ease of renting this minivan through Turo. Even though we had an unfortunate incident where a minor interior car part was broken, we were not charged extra for time the car couldn’t be rented while being repaired. The additional costs were handled directly with the Owner, rather than dealing with red tape and lots of paperwork. Despite this incident, I would use Turo again. It was worth it to save money with a Turo car rental.


While the costs of travel have certainly risen, there are many ways to keep your costs down. One of those is to save money with a Turo car rental. You can also use Turo to earn rental income from your own personal vehicle when it is not needed. I personally know individuals who earn enough with their personal vehicles to more than cover their car payments every month.

I hope you’ll feel more comfortable trying a Turo car rental the next time you need a car. Enjoy your traveling adventures and let me know how it goes for you…

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11 thoughts on “Save Money with a Turo Car Rental

  1. Joanna

    I am used to hiring cars abroad, but I haven’t been on a road trip in around a year or so and I had no idea that the prices have gone up so much. I didn’t know there was a shortage of new cars either because they are so much more expensive. I am actually planning a road trip through Canada later in the year, so I will look at Turo as an option as well. I want the freedom of a car to move around, but I don’t want to pay a fortune for this convenience.

  2. Antoine

    This sounds like a great rental service concept. Honestly, they should bring this over to Europe (or do you know if it already exists here?). We often rent cars when we’re in Greece or Italy but we havent seen a peer-to-peer car sharing service like this one. It’s like an airbnb for cars! We do plan to visit the US later this year so we’ll definitely check Turo out.

  3. Ambica Gulati

    In india, hardly a handful of companies are into rentals. Turo, seems to have very diligent rules. You get all the nitty gritty sorted on the first go and then enjoy the trip. Your car owner was pretty graceful about giving you enough time to get the repairs done. I must say, it sounds like a good way to travel.

  4. Linda (LD Holland)

    I must admit that I have status with Hertz and that is usually where I end up renting. Even though I know that the price may be higher and the car selection not always as good. But we too have found car rental rates have skyrocketed. We use Airbnb for private house renting so maybe we need to try Turo for private car rental. I might be a bit put off about having to go to the location of the car if it was a distance from where I was staying. And having been charged for damage for rental cars I would be documenting the car shape really well. We will need to check this out and see if it works for us.

  5. mnerizzaveloso

    It appears that your time with Turo was excellent. It’s great that there are a variety of cars to choose from depending on your needs and travel preferences. Thanks for the tip about Turo; I’ll definitely give it some thought the next time I need to rent a car.

  6. Ami Bhat

    This does seem like a good option for car rentals. And from the looks of it, it has everything including insurance covered. Good tips on what to look for before renting a car and to definitely document it before taking it over. I wonder if they have services in India – I might want to consider taking one if there is an option. My only peeve here is that you get to know the location of the car only after you have chosen it.

  7. Clarice

    Happy to know that Turo is cheaper than traditional car rental companies. I am glad that they are available in major cities across the world. Will definitely consider them during our next trip. After all, every penny saved counts. Appreciate the tips. Will make sure to inspect the vehicle for pre-existing damages.

  8. Agnes

    I’ve been thinking about renting a car with Turo a few times, but I haven’t decided yet because I’ve always doubted how this peer-to-peer car-sharing works. Your article cleared my doubts, and I will consider this option for my next trip. You can save some money because the offers are usually slightly more favorable than in the rental companies. However, insurance in Turo is not as good as in the rental companies. But it’s good to know you can buy additional insurance in Turo. It’s a great solution. Great tips on how to use Turo.

  9. Nicole

    This is so helpful and true, rentals are higher than ever. I always think of turo like air bnb for cars. I’ve been waiting for it to grow more in the UK with my car being quite small, it’s helpful sometimes when a group of us are heading up to the highlands or down to Wales. I knew turo was cost effective but I didn’t realise how much of a difference it could be.

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