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Review of Pamela’s Kitchen Table, San Diego

This post was most recently updated on July 9th, 2019

There’s a new restaurant in Little Italy called Pamela’s Kitchen Table. So new, they just had their soft opening in April (2018). I’ll tell you why I chose to review Pamela’s Kitchen Table.

First of all, I love Little Italy. It’s my favorite neighborhood in downtown San Diego. It’s also a great foodie hangout, and while there are a lot of Italian restaurants here, it’s a treat to find something new and different.

So when I discovered Pamela’s Kitchen Table, I was intrigued by their menu. It’s not Italian! I love that it’s southern/Cajun cuisine. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s the only restaurant in Little Italy with southern food fare.

What’s it Like at Pamela’s Kitchen Table?

My first impression was “chic, aged, and cozy.” It’s a clever use of space tucked between two larger restaurants, with beautiful old wood floors, and artsy decor. The old upright piano and gramophone speaker add the age. The black and white settee and French white bistro tables add the chic. “Cozy” comes from oversized lamp shades and candles in the intimate space. To tie it all together is a charcoal mural of a street scene, perhaps even New Orleans.

Recorded music, lively and timeless, greeted us as we approached the entrance. But not long after, a pianist started playing live music at the baby grand piano in the back of the restaurant, as if to beckon all the guests deeper into the space.

Pamela’s Kitchen Table is a good place to linger. Our group included myself, my husband, and my mother. There were several more tables full of small families or groups of friends. Laughter and conversation combined with the music to create a welcome atmosphere. Don’t plan to hurry in and out for a meal at Pamela’s Kitchen Table. Every meal is being artfully prepared and plated by Pamela herself! Eating at her restaurant is more like dining at a friend’s home. This is southern hospitality at it’s best.

I should also mention how friendly and accommodating the wait staff is, and how much I appreciated their patience with my mother, and their attentiveness to our needs. I also enjoyed meeting Pamela briefly. Her warm smile and handshake made me feel as if I’d just been invited into her personal dining room to sit at her family table.

But what about the food?

Oh yes, of course! You would want to know about the food. I learned that the menu can be different every night. It will be posted on their website, as well as on a chalkboard easel at the entrance, and repeated as many times as you need to hear it by your waiter! We first ordered appetizers. My husband and mother ordered the Shrimp Caesar Salad and I had the Cajun Meatballs with Sweet Potato Puree.

Portions were just right to whet your appetite for more, and oh my! were they delicious! I almost wish I had ordered two appetizers. I really enjoyed the addition of the sweet potato puree; it complimented the spiciness of the Cajun meatballs perfectly. Both my husband and my mother liked the addition of the shrimp in their Caesar salads – it sure looked good to me!

Tip: Be sure to order your entree at the same time as ordering appetizers. My mother ordered her entree after completing her appetizer, but this ended up delaying all of our entrees so they could be served to us at the same time.

For our entrees, my husband and I ordered Jambalaya; my mother ordered the Cheesy Grits with Bacon and Shrimp. In all honesty, the Cheesy Grits looked incredible, and I don’t usually like grits. I snuck a taste, and I was very impressed with what Pamela had done with her southern grits! Don’t get me wrong — my jambalaya with sweet cornbread was also amazing. Flavorful, satisfying, and just the right amount to leave me satisfied with no leftovers to worry about! I have no doubt that anything on the menu would be just as appetizing.

Summary of Pamela’s Kitchen Table Review

Can I suggest you visit Pamela’s Kitchen Table, too? Certainly! Especially if you desire a dining experience more than just a quick bite to eat. Remember that being here is like being invited to a friend’s for dinner. It’s all about the mood, feeling welcome, enjoying the music and ambience, and then savoring the food! It would be a wonderful way to end your explorations of Little Italy.

Important Notes:

  • While we found Pamela’s Kitchen Table at 1506 India St, they’ll soon be moving to a new location in Little Italy. Check their website here for updates on the new address, to be disclosed June 30, 2018.
  • Pamela’s Kitchen Table also does catering for small or large groups, and cooking classes, too.

I’d like to thank Pamela’s Kitchen Table for hosting my husband and I; we paid for my mother’s meal. My opinions and review are entirely honest and reflective of my experience at Pamela’s Kitchen Table.

Pamela's Kitchen Table

5 thoughts on “Review of Pamela’s Kitchen Table, San Diego

  1. Mark

    Sounds warm and welcoming with just enough of a cosy intimate atmosphere to produce a great meal experience. The food sounds delicious and well worth a trip to Pamela’s Kitchen. I love the Decor.

  2. Erin | The Epicurean Traveler

    During my San Diego visit a couple years ago, I briefly stopped in Little Italy. I wish I had eaten there because it seemed like a great neighborhood to explore and dine. I’ll definitely spend more time there on my next visit, and now I know where to eat! Pamela’s Kitchen looks chic and cozy, which is my kind of spot. Plus, it’s not very often I get to have Cajun food. Those Cajun meatballs have my mouth watering already!

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