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Review of Mitch’s Seafood in San Diego

Eating at Mitch’s Seafood is as much about the experience as it is about eating great seafood. Situated right on a working marina, you can enjoy fresh locally caught seafood while also watching boats come and go. Quite possibly the very same boats that just delivered your meal!

On a recent summer evening, my husband and I were looking for a good place to eat near Sunset Bluffs, where we would later go to watch the sunset and take photos. As I scanned restaurant names and reviews, I was reminded of a recommendation I’d received a few years ago for Mitch’s Seafood. Now was the perfect time to go check it out.

Where exactly is Mitch’s Seafood?

Mitch’s Seafood is located at 1403 Scott Street, but you might have a hard time finding it. We must have driven by it two or three times before we decided to just park our car and look for it by foot. You can park free on neighboring streets, or pay a fee to park right here in the marina parking lot. It might have helped if we had realized it’s really on the back side (the marina side) of this building (Point Loma Sportfishing):

The line started in front of the building, went down the sidewalk, and into the door of Mitch’s. The menu and specials were posted along the wall where we waited in line. So many choices! Could we decide before it was our turn to order? We finally made our way to the counter, where we placed our order and took a number, then chose our seats to wait for our dinner.

Where should you sit at Mitch’s Seafood?

This is really just a rhetorical question, because unless it is freezing outside (which it almost NEVER is in San Diego), you should sit outside along the long counters with stools. Because the view is fantastic. Plus it’s very entertaining. Go ahead and sit inside if you prefer — it’s cozy enough. But I really enjoyed watching the fishing boats come and go, workers pushing their carts up the ramps to deliver seafood, the seagulls flying overhead hoping for a scrap, and even an occasional crane or egret perched on a nearby boat or railing. A few individuals fished hopefully from the dock. Oh yeah, and I must have taken a couple dozen photos, too! I was enjoying the marina and seaside ambience so much, I don’t even remember how long it took to get my dinner. But it couldn’t have been too long.

What did we order?

I ordered the Grilled Salmon Salad. I happen to love salmon, and grilled salmon is a favorite; having a salad with it removes all guilt and frees me up to just thoroughly enjoy my meal. And that I did! Doesn’t this look amazing to you? And for a very reasonable price, too. The salmon fillet was a generous size, and the salad so fresh, I swear they had just picked those cherry tomatoes within the hour. The only thing I didn’t like was the olives (personal dislike), but my husband loves them and was happy to take them off my hands!

My husband ordered a plate of Swordfish Tacos with Charro beans and chips and salsa. He enjoyed knowing his swordfish was most likely caught locally, and it certainly tasted that fresh.

When I finished my dinner, I was no longer hungry, but wished I had a reason to stay because I just liked being here. That says a lot for a restaurant, doesn’t it? But then my husband gently reminded me it was nearly “golden hour“, and I did want to take some sunset photos at nearby Sunset Cliffs.

Notes about Mitch’s Seafood:
  • I should note that even with all the seagulls flying around and over the fishing boats, I Mitch's Seafoodnever once saw one come close enough to threaten my meal. The seating area at Mitch’s is covered, too, so no little bird-pies raining down on you while you eat!
  • Being outdoors and this close to the marina did not mean we had to endure fishy or other unsavory odors. The only smells were mouth-watering ones, and the light breezes often felt along the water were very pleasant.
  • Both of our meals were about $16. Tips at the ordering counter are optional. The casual atmosphere here hides the fact that you are getting an incredible meal for a great price!
  • I highly recommend you check out Mitch’s Seafood. I wasn’t hosted (although I’d love to be — hint, hint!) and I’m just sharing my honest opinion. Don’t miss the food or the experience!
  • When you go to Mitch’s Seafood, plan to linger!
  • Here’s the link to the Mitch’s Seafood website, where you can check out the menu ahead of time or read about how they got their start (clue: they all know how to fish!)

Mitch's Seafood


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  1. Lara Dunning

    You are giving so many great ideas for our San Diego trip! Living in Washington I eat a ton of salmon, so the swordfish tacos would be my choice! And, I’m with you on sitting outside with a view of the water and the marina.

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