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Do You Still Need a Point and Shoot Camera for Travel?

This post was most recently updated on September 30th, 2023

Whether you are traveling for adventure or photography, you need to have a good camera for capturing every special moment. Remember that not all cameras are suitable for traveling. For example; a big and weighty camera can frustrate you as it requires a lot of space. When it comes to traveling, a point and shoot camera for travel is the best. It will not only shoot nice photos but also make you feel more comfortable.   

There are many reasons why you need a point and shoot camera for travel. Check them out:

They Are Light and Small

Traveling with a big camera can be boring and inconvenient. Fortunately, a point and shoot camera is here to make your travel experience better. It comes in a small size and is lighter than you might think. Thus, it is easy to walk around with it. 

Besides, a point and shoot camera cannot be easily stolen. It could be a great loss if you travel with your big DSLR camera and have it snatched away. A point and shoot camera can simply fit in your pocket or handbag. You can carry it anywhere you want without having to bring luggage.  

So, if you want to save your energy when traveling, find the best travel point and shoot camera. You will take hundreds of photos without getting tired. 

You’ll Get High-Quality Pictures

Everybody wants to remember their best moments. Good photos are essentials for bringing back such memories. You do not have to be a professional photographer to own a real point and shoot camera.

The argument that point and shoot cameras do not deliver quality photos remains a fallacy. Technology has further proven it wrong. More advancements have been implemented in these cameras to ensure that they shoot quality photos. This includes wider zooming, low- light shooting qualities, auto refocus, and full-frame sensors.

In need of quick travel photos? A good point and shoot camera for travel is absolutely the perfect choice.  

They Do Not Attract Attention

It is simple to take photos with a point and shoot camera. You just have to point and shoot what you intend to capture. 

Big cameras can attract a lot of attention. It may also seem like bragging, and in some cases, it may invite theft. In some events such as concerts, large professional cameras are restricted. For such events, carry a point and shoot camera and no one will limit you from taking the photos you want. 

They Are Often Weatherproof

Sometimes you might need to travel during a rainy season. You cannot use your smartphone to take photos because it can be ruined by water. With weatherproof point and shoot cameras, the durability is guaranteed. They can last for 2 to 4 years under normal use. 

The durability of a camera depends on its features. You need to choose a camera that will be usable in all weather conditions. Select a camera built with durable materials for use in rugged terrains.

They Don’t Require Extra Lenses

Point and shoot cameras are designed with a permanent lens. They have all the essentials needed for shooting good photos in them. Changing lenses can be tiring and time wasting especially when you need quick travel photos. There’s nothing worse than missing the perfect shot because you had to stop to change lenses!

They are Affordable

Generally, small cameras come at better prices. You can purchase a good point and shoot camera for as low as $100. The overall price range for point and shoot cameras is $100 to $1,300. You just need to choose the best model that fits your budget. My personal favorite because it has the most amazing zoom qualities is the Canon PowerShot SX70.

Apart from better prices, point and shoot cameras come as a complete tool. This means that you won’t have to make extra investments on lenses.

Use a Point and Shoot Camera for Travel

Unless you’re shooting for National Geographic or Planet Earth, a point and shoot camera will serve all your needs for travel. You’ll be able to get quick, high quality photos without spending a fortune or getting in the way of others. They’re easy to pack, and easy to carry with you while exploring. Interested in photo composition tips, too? See my post, Tips for Terrific Travel Photography. Good luck capturing your travel highlights!

point and shoot camera for travel

point and shoot camera for travel

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