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Planning Your Theme Park Holiday Adventure

A vacation to one of the world’s best-loved theme park resorts is a bucket list item for every family. A theme park holiday can provide something for everyone in the family — from adrenaline junkies to fans of the characters and mascots.

Certainly, there are plenty of potential vacations to enjoy, from camping to city weekends or resort escapes. Still, there’s something special about theme park stays. Parents can enjoy the fact that kids will never get bored in a theme park. Even the adults will be entertained. Nonetheless, if you want a seamless theme park holiday, there’s still some planning that should be considered. Here’s what you need to know:

Getting there

One of the great things about theme park stays is that many of the logistical elements are already included. Your accommodation is on-site. Your food is on-site. And you won’t need to worry about car rentals as there will be shuttles to the theme park itself. However, you still need to reach your destination.

Some theme park package deals include flights. If not, it is worth paying a little extra to travel at a time that is convenient for you and your family. In addition, finding ways to keep the kids entertained during the long haul flight or around the airport is vital. Packing a change of clothes in a child’s carry-on luggage is very useful. Remember to pack a few toys or books that have meaning for your children. Sometimes, having something familiar with them makes flying more comfortable.

If nothing else, a positive experience on the outbound journey will prevent you from spending your holiday worrying about the return flight home.

Activity Planning

Even a short stay at a theme park resort will be packed with fun and excitement. Boredom might not be a concern, but the harsh reality is that you cannot possibly expect to see and do everything. There are too many rides, too many shows, and too many attractions. Even when the activities are in close proximity, planning is key.

Before booking, you should check out the latest theme park news and guides to see if a special event you’d love is available. Different theme parks often host special events that can add to your experience — like food festivals or special performances. View park maps and show schedules to build a prioritized checklist. You might also want to research nearby venues. This is especially true if you are heading to a location like Orlando, Florida, with multiple parks.

The time will fly by. Do not allow yourself to return home with any regrets. You won’t want to look back and think that you missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. In fact, it may be worth adding a day to your itinerary to be sure you have the time you need.

Luggage Planning

The importance of having carry-on luggage has already been mentioned. It is also important to pack the right items for a theme park holiday. For all the positives, there is a tendency for items on-site to be very expensive in theme parks. So, careful packing and planning will save you a fortune in unexpected clothing or supply purchases.

You’ll need to pack plenty of suitable outfits to be prepared for water rides and other park features. Sun screen, chapstick, and sunglasses may form a central part of your pre-trip planning. Padlocks for lockers, mini backpacks for carrying snacks, and hand sanitizer sprays are also very useful. For younger children, having well-packed diaper bags that are easy to carry will be crucial.

When you forget the seemingly small issues, it can set you up for some stress. For the sake of your finances and sanity, do take the time to plan your packing so your theme park holiday will create nothing but happy memories.


Every family dreams of taking a vacation to a theme park. Make your theme park holiday the best it can be with the above tips. Hope your experience is just wonderful!

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