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Parking Security in Atlanta: Safest Places to Park

We all know the feeling – you’ve just traveled to a new city and you’re ready to explore everything it has to offer. But now you have to figure out where to park. As with most big cities, there is no one good answer to the best parking security in Atlanta. At the end of the day, your parking decisions are dependent on many different factors — most importantly, where you want to go.

But luckily for you, there are plenty of options. Here, we’ll break down some of the best and safest places to consider parking in Atlanta (as told by a real-life Atlanta native).

1. Safest Neighborhoods

If you are looking for a general place to leave your car in Atlanta as a non-native, it’s a good idea to scope out places in the safest neighborhoods. As a whole, the total crime rate in Atlanta is definitely higher than the national average (as with most cities), but there are also safer places to consider.

Brookhaven is a neighborhood on the north side of the city and has many accessible walking/biking paths if you want to get further into town. Peachtree Heights East is also a great choice because of its incredibly low safety record and accessibility to other fun attractions.

North Buckhead is a great place if you’re looking for upscale restaurants and shopping, or outdoor recreation. Again, however, all of this will depend on what you intend to do in the city and what you need to be close to.

Atlanta is generally a very walkable city, but you will want to consider how far and at what times you plan to be walking around the city.


Atlanta often gets a bad rap for its public transportation system, the MARTA, but hear me out. While the MARTA system is perhaps not quite as up to date as other metropolitan transportation systems, it can certainly make exploring the city much easier.

If you do consider using the MARTA to explore more of the city without having to drive, there are definitely safer stations to consider leaving your car than others.

Some of the best stations to leave your car are actually outside the perimeter of the city, like Sandy Springs Station or Avondale/Lenox Station. But, every station is connected and you will be able to get anywhere within the city with just the cost of an inexpensive ticket or day pass.

MARTA can also take you directly to and from the airport if that is a necessity for you.

3. Airport Parking

You probably know that Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is one of the largest airports in the world. This means there are lots of people, and lots of cars, coming in and out of the airport every day.

Fortunately, what this also means is that there are tons of resources to help you find parking at the airport if necessary. There are plenty of parking lots both onsite and offsite, along with shuttles that can take you to and from the airport.

While paying for parking at the airport might be more expensive than some options, it might be worth considering for longer-term needs if you are looking for a safe place to leave your car.

4. Mercedes-Benz Stadium and Downtown

Many of the biggest attractions that Atlanta has to offer are located downtown, including Mercedes-Benz Stadium. This means that you will likely want to consider finding safe parking in the downtown area.

Downtown parking in any major city can feel risky, but there are definitely options to suit your needs here in Atlanta. While you may have to pay more for parking, you can find a lot much more easily at Mercedes-Benz Stadium with the Park Mobile app.

This will give you easy access not only to big events at the stadium but also to attractions in the general downtown area, like Skyview Atlanta, the CNN Center, and Georgia Aquarium.

5. Beltline Parking

One of the most popular and exciting amenities in Atlanta is the Beltline. The Beltline is a paved walking/biking path that takes you through the city and it’s bordered by many art installations, shops, and great bars and restaurants.

Because the Beltline is so long (33 miles long, to be exact) it can provide great access to many parts of the city. However, this also means you need to know where to park in order to access the right part of the path.

The Beltline connects several major parks in the city so it’s best to park near one of these. You can choose from Piedmont Park, Tanyard Creek Park, and Rose Circle Park, depending on what link of the trail you want to access.

Another great option is parking at Ponce City Market, which provides great access to the Beltline, as well as many shops and restaurants. You will have to pay to park here but parking is safer here than in many other parts of the city.

Parking Security in Atlanta

Ultimately, when you travel to a major city, you have to decide what is important to you and what you are comfortable with. If parking security in Atlanta is of particular importance to you and your family, there are definitely extra precautions you should consider taking.

However, hopefully, we’ve given you some new options to consider implementing with your own travel plans in Atlanta. The best travel plans are those that allow you to enjoy your time in the city without constantly having to worry about your vehicle.

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