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The Ninth Day of Christmas

This article is part of a ‘12 Days of Christmas‘ series so for the ninth day of Christmas, I’m focusing on Christmas lights. There are two things that really make Christmas special for me — Christmas music and Christmas lights! They both help me feel joyful about the season and remind me of why we celebrate it.

Isn’t it wonderful how many homes and businesses are beautifully lit for the Christmas season? I have many fond memories of going for car rides with my family just to look at the lights. With my own children, we liked walking down Christmas Card Lane. The neighbors here decorate their homes with lots of lights and brightly colored “Christmas Cards”.

Enjoying Christmas Lights for the Ninth Day of Christmas

My daughter and I came up with an interactive Christmas Lights Bingo you can use for your own light-viewing fun. Take these bingo cards with you, and score points if you find a “bingo” (5 in a row). Mom & Dad, you might even offer a treat for every bingo found. There are three different versions, so everyone doesn’t win at the same time.

You can also print out the Christmas Lights Bingo and gift it to someone else as part of a ’12 Days of Christmas’. The bingo game could be packaged with Christmas candy for prizes (printable gift tags┬áhere) — and a list of questions to discuss, like these below…

A More Meaningful Christmas Lights Outing

Sometimes, it is really a challenge to keep our Christmas celebration Christ-centered. If you’d like to make your Christmas lights-viewing more meaningful for your family, discuss these questions:

  • Why do we use lights to decorate at Christmas?
  • After reading John 8:12, who is the light of the world?
  • How does light dispel darkness?
  • How did Jesus’ birth bring light into the world?
  • Why did a new star signify the birth of Jesus?
  • How can we be a light to others? (Have you seen the #LighttheWorld service calendar?)

I hope you will enjoy the inspiring lights of the Christmas season and take the time to ponder the symbolism of lights and the Light of the World.

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2 thoughts on “The Ninth Day of Christmas

  1. Heather Young

    We’re gonna go out as a family tonight and look at Christmas lights! This will be the perfect addition to our evening.

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