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Is New Zealand the Best Country For Wanderlust?

New Zealand regularly ranks as one of the best countries in the world. But why are people so obsessed with this small island chain in the South Pacific? What makes it worth travelling halfway around the world to get to? Is it possible that New Zealand is the best country for Wanderlust?Let’s take a look.

The Landscapes Are Epic, No Matter Where You Go

If you thought that New Zealand was simply a land of sheep farming and rolling green hills, you’re in for a rude awakening. The country has some of the most epic landscapes in the world, rivalling the majesty and scale of the European Alps. The sheer size of these peaks is enough to make you applaud. Scaling them, though, isn’t for the faint of heart. 

It Offers Some Of The World’s Best Walks

Perhaps you thought the UK offered some excellent hiking trails, but wait until you discover what New Zealand has to offer. The walking country here is spectacular, thanks to the rolling hills and magnificent fjords. For the best experience, you’ll want to head to the south island. 

Of particular note is Milford Track, a ribbon of pathway to the south of Queenstown. This little gem includes waterfalls, suspension bridges and incredible views for those of you fit enough to climb mountains. 

It’s The Set For Lord Of The Rings

Did you ever wonder how the team behind the Lord of the Rings films managed to find such incredible landscapes? The answer is New Zealand. 

This travel blog talks about different Lord of the Rings filming locations, and how pretty much anyone can slot them into a vacation itinerary. You can visit the very mountains on which they filmed classic scenes, including the panorama for the filming of the city of Edoras in Rohan. 

The Volcanoes

Many popular tourist destinations around the world feature volcanoes. But in New Zealand, they have a unique character. Not only are they active, but many of them are dotted around the main island in the sea, popping up from the ocean floor. Just be aware – the only way to access many of these is via helicopter. New Zealand currently has 12 active volcanoes being monitored by scientists! Just another reason why New Zealand may very well be the best country for wanderlust!

Architecture Fans Will Love It
best country for wanderlust

Napier, photo credit Phylo Vivero

While art deco spread throughout America in the 1930s, it also made an appearance in the city of Napier in New Zealand. Following the powerful Hawkes Bay earthquake in 1931, locals had to rebuild the town from scratch. Since art deco was the trend of the time, it became the benchmark for all the architecture in the city. It was even nominated as a World Heritage Site in  2007. Walking around the town today feels like a trip down memory lane. It is the perfect haunt for architectural devotees. 

The Beautiful Railways

Taking a trip by train through New Zealand is nothing like your morning commute. Lines through the south island are among the most scenic in the world. The TranzAlpine journey is perhaps the most famous of all. Trains are the best way to travel between the three main cities: Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch with the help of an interislander ferry.

Best Country for Wanderlust

If you’re looking for even more reasons to visit New Zealand, be sure to read Nine Reasons Why I Love New Zealand. It certainly is a country of contrasts, offering practically everything you could wish for in terms of a holiday destination. Whether it’s for adventure, spectacular scenery, architecture, culture, wildlife, or hiking, New Zealand will not disappoint. Unless you’re looking to get lost for days in the wilderness, this might be the world’s best country for Wanderlust. 

best country for wanderlust

New Zealand

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