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My Favorite Instagram Travel Photographers

This post was most recently updated on July 23rd, 2020

The essence of a good travel blog is amazing photographs. Great travel photos evoke memories for the traveler and also serve as inspiration for others. There are many destinations I’ve put on my travel wish list because of the engaging photos I’ve seen. When I was young, I would pore over National Geographic magazines. Today, if you want to see great travel photography, it’s available in the palm of your hand on Instagram.

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite Instagram travel photographers who also write travel blogs. That’s the best combination: photos and words to inspire, teach, and motivate others to travel this big beautiful world we live in. Please. Sit back and enjoy!

Tom Bartel & Kristin Henning


In 2010, Tom & Kristin sold their business, their home, and their possessions to travel the world together. TravelPast50 is their online travel magazine where they share their travel tips, stories, and essays on travel and family experiences. One of their posts is a great tutorial on how to get better travel photographs. To see more of their travel photos, follow their Instagram account at @travelpast50.

My Favorite Instagram Travel Photographers

Sunset in Joshua Tree National Park, California, photo by Tom Bartel

Jon Algie

Jon Is Travelling

Jon is from New Zealand. After teaching English in Asia for three years, he set out on a “huge round the world journey”! His blog, Jonistravelling, is where he records his latest stories, travel advice, and “creepy, split-personality interviews” …Ha-ha! One of my favorite posts was about Sucre in Bolivia. Why? The photos, of course! Jon’s instagram account is @jonistravelling.

My Favorite Instagram Travel Photographers

Yubeng, in northern Yunnan, China, photo by Jon Algie

Danny & Marty Elfenbein, plus Landon & Jake

We Bring The Kids

Danny and Marty believe that families that go together, grow together. They work hard during the week so they can enjoy vacations and staycations that range from hiking the 27-mile Inca Trail to Machu Pichu (before kids) to hiking through Sequoia National Park with a baby in tow. They are proof that you can travel with your children and enjoy it! Their blog, We Bring The Kids, shares travel tips and experiences. My favorite blog post shares life values that children learn while traveling. You can find them on Instagram at @webringthekids.

My Favorite Instagram Travel Photographers

Gaudi Tunnels at Parc Guell, Barcelona, Spain, photo by Danny Elfenbein

Mike Shubic

Mike’s Road Trip

Not everyone is able to travel as much as they’d like to, so I love how Mike’s motto is “whether you live vicariously or by example, I’ll do the exploring so you can have an adventure.” You really can experience some fun armchair travel by viewing Mike’s photos on Instagram or reading his travel posts on his blog. You absolutely must check out Mike’s article about the Cesky Krumlov Castle in the Czech Republic. The photos and the video are amazing!

My Favorite Instagram Travel Photographers

Mikulov, Czech Republic, on the border with Austria, photo by Mike Shubic

Dan Bailey, Jeff Schultz, and Jody Overstreet

Alaska Photo Treks

My first reaction to Instagram’s alaskaphototreks was “WOW! These are legit photographers! The ones that camp in the snow and hike to the top of mountains and even risk their lives to get the best photos!” (I don’t know if they actually risk their lives, but definitely their comfort!) This is a trio of photographers who not only take amazing photos, but also guide photo excursions to some of the most beautiful places and give photography instruction as well. Their spectacular photos are of places I will probably never see in person, but I can almost imagine being there. Their website includes information about treks you can sign up to take (including a dog sled race!) and a blog with more photos and photpgraphy tips. You can also enjoy Dan and Jeff and Jody’s individual IG accounts at @danbaileyphoto, @jeffschultzphoto, and

My Favorite Instagram Travel Photographers

Late evening light on Denali, photo by Dan Bailey

Janice & George Mucalov

Sand in My Suitcase

Janice & George are award-winning travel writers and photographers who focus on luxury travel and adventure. Their photos showcase some beautiful resorts and destinations! You can find their photos at @sandinmysuitcase on Instagram, and many amazing articles about their travels and reviews on their blog, Sand in My Suitcase. My absolute favorite blog post is “Summer Holiday in Jasper National Park” because… well, the photography is stunning, and it’s one of those places I’d really like to visit someday.

My Favorite Instagram Travel Photographers

Sunset horse-cart ride, clip-clopping around Bagan’s ancient temples in Myanmar,                 photo by Janice Mucalov

Maddy Cornelius & Mauricio Campos

Travel Alphas

Maddy & Mauricio are an adventure-obsessed couple from Southern California, who have known each other since kindergarten. With traveling as their passion and eating as their favorite pastime, you will find lots of great photos of both on their Instagram account at @travelalphas and on their blog, Travel Alphas. We have a favorite dessert in common — gelato, and they’ve written a great post with a photo that will make your mouth water! But some of their best photos (imo) are in their article, “Three Days in Stockholm“.

My Favorite Instagram Travel Photographers

Arno River in Florence, Italy, photo by Travelalphas

Tonya Prater

The Traveling Praters

Tonya Prater began writing about her travel adventures (Travel Inspired Living) with her family in a 31-ft motor home while her husband’s job kept them moving. She homeschooled her three teenagers at the same time! Now she includes articles about budget travel, travel in Ohio and the U.S., and couples on the verge of “empty-nest” travel. One of my favorite posts? “Easy DIY Backyard Glamping“, because sometimes you just can’t get away and you might as well make your time at home special! You can also peruse her travel photos & videos at @travelermom on Instagram.

My Favorite Instagram Travel Photographers

Savoring the Fort Lauderdale sunrise, Florida, photo by Tonya Prater


Miss Travelesque

I found it unique that Olivia is an attorney AND a solo wanderlust traveler! She has found a way to fit in both work and travel, and she loves sharing all her stories and tips with others. On her blog, Miss Travelesque, Olivia shares reviews, photos, and her travel tales. You might like to check out her post on Bruges, which she says is probably the “cutest town in Europe”! I have really enjoyed Olivia’s photo feed on Instagram at @miss_travelesque.

My Favorite Instagram Travel Photographers

Bruges, Belgium — it captures the essence of Europe–enduring, mysterious and romantic,   photo by Olivia @ miss_travelesque

Alex Wallace


Alex’s wanderlust most probably stemmed from his early fascination with maps! In fact, he became a cartographer in the UK. However, it wasn’t enough to work with maps; he wanted to see all the places in person! Now, Alex has traveled to at least 56 countries. His blog, alexandertravels, is a great collection of short tips and summaries from his many travels. I particularly enjoyed “Bangkok Floating Market” with colorful photos and interesting information. But the real treat is to follow Alex on Instagram, because every single photo is beautiful and descriptive. I bet you’ll like every photo in his gallery! (This one, especially) His Instagram account is @alexandertravels.

My Favorite Instagram Travel Photographers

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove in Kyoto, Japan, photo by Alex Wallace

I’d like to thank everyone for allowing me to highlight some beautiful travel photography, and I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. I have been inspired to improve my own travel photography as well, so if you’d like to check out my photos, you’ll find me on Instagram at @postcardsandpassports. Here’s a sampling…

My Favorite Instagram Travel Photographers

Hanauma Bay                           Cinque Terre alley                      Vernazza harbor

I’d also love to hear who your favorite IG travel accounts are! Feel free to share them in the comments below!


19 thoughts on “My Favorite Instagram Travel Photographers

  1. Maddy

    Thanks for including us! I love finding great new travel Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration – will be checking out all of these accounts as soon as I submit this comment. Great post, Tami! 🙂

  2. Tonya

    Thanks for including me in your round-up! I love spending time perusing photos on Instagram. Some of my favorite instagrammers are @debhthompson @adventuremom @farflungtravels.

  3. Danny + Marty Elfenbein

    For a long time we would take pictures and wait forever to download them. Ever since Instagram, we’ve been motivated to find those select shots that remind us of time, place, sights, smells and most importantly now – how our kids experienced it. Thanks for finding and including us – we have enjoyed many of the same bloggers you’ve shared here. Nice work all!

  4. Olivia

    Hi, Tami! Thank you so much for including me in this list. I feel so honored to be among these great photographers. I enjoyed reading your article and look forward to checking out these other Instagram accounts. 🙂

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