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How to Prepare Your Family for a Move to a New City

If you’re someone who loves to travel, perhaps the prospect of actually moving to a new city has often crossed your mind? There’s not much more exciting than the idea of a brand new adventure for you and your family. Once you’ve made the decision — that’s where the excitement (and chaos) really begins! When you have kids, of course, you’ll need to prepare them for the move adequately. Failing to do so could leave them feeling anxious and struggling to adjust. So just how do you prepare your family for a move to a new city?

1. Talk it out

When your kids are older, it’s essential to sit down with them and properly explain all the details of the move. Understand that they may be sad or angry about having to leave friends and change schools, etc. It’s a normal part of the process for them to express their emotions, so give them the time and space they need. Focus on the positive things about the move and express this to them as well as you can. Explain the situation as an adventure full of new places, new people, and opportunities. Communicate to them that you are in this as a family and that you will support them however you can. Ask them to talk to you about their feelings instead of bottling them up. With younger children, try using games, toys, or books to explain the move. You could also try a travel related craft project that’s themed around the new city.

2. Visit first

Give your kids the chance to visit the city a few times before you actually move there. When you visit, let them take a look at their new school if they wish to see it. School visits can be particularly useful for younger children to meet their teacher or play with a few future classmates. Show your kids around the whole neighborhood, get lunch in restaurants, and explore the shops. If there are any clubs you see advertised, encourage your kids to think about trying them out when you move here. They may have concerns about leaving behind certain sports teams or hobbies. It’s vital to show them that they can also take up these activities once you’ve moved. 

3. Do your research

If you’re going to prepare your family for a move to a new city, it’s essential to research the city well. Learn where the best schools are. There may be certain neighborhoods you want your children to avoid, or areas you feel they’d enjoy playing in. Find out about local events you feel your children might be interested in, from food festivals to recreation classes or concerts. Show your children what you’ve found and help them feel you are supporting them to adjust to a brand new place.

Look for a home that will fit your family’s needs and budget. If possible, let your children give their feedback as well. Your new home will feel more comfortable to your family if everyone’s needs are considered.

4. Help them pack

With younger children, you may have to do the packing yourself! But older kids can try it themselves, with your guidance. Packing can be an excellent chance to throw away items they no longer want or need. Ensure that throwing away of items is their decision, or else they could become a little upset (or a LOT!). You’ll want to invest in a great removal service to ensure that the move goes according to plan. MyBekins has plenty of experience plus some excellent prices too. For more info check out

5. Making the transition

It’s inevitable that there may be a few ups and downs as you prepare your family for a move to a new city. Just remember this is the kind of thing that always seems smoother as you look back. In other words, be assured that everyone will adjust eventually. Your children will find new friends (so will you!). You’ll learn your way around your new community, too. And pretty soon, you’ll wonder what you ever worried about. Your new city will begin to feel like home.

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