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How To Make Camping With The Whole Family Much Easier

If you’re trying to come up with the ideal family vacation for the summer, camping should certainly be on your shortlist. It’s just the kind of vacation that will always produce some very special memories. Camping with the whole family is also very budget-friendly, and that’s pretty important.

The thing that can turn people off the idea of camping is the logistics. When it’s just you, or just you and one other, there isn’t a lot to think about. You won’t need to pack much and you can just pick up and go whenever it suits you. When planning for a family camping trip, things get a little more difficult. There are solutions, though! Read on to find out how to make camping with the whole family much easier.

Make Room In The Car 

Even if you’re intending to stay at just one campsite for your entire trip, you still have to get there. Whether it’s a long journey from home or only going a few miles away, if you have adults, children, and camping equipment (and perhaps a dog too) in the vehicle, it’s not going to be comfortable. You might even have to leave some items at home because there just isn’t room for everything. 

One simple way to avoid discomfort or arguments about what to take, is to look into trailer rentals. Renting a trailer means you can transport all your equipment and luggage, and reserve your car for the human element of the trip. It’s a solution that keeps everyone happy.

Take A Large Cooler 

Food is a must when you’re camping; honestly, it might be one of the best parts! Planning good meals ahead of time is the key. You don’t want to have to take time out of your schedule each day to buy the food you need. Instead, plan a menu and do all of your grocery shopping in advance. That way, you have time to relax at your campsite or enjoy a hike in the woods. You can even explore the local town or attractions.

Be sure to invest in a large cooler. The bigger, the better, because you can fit more food and ice into it. You can even keep beverages cold. Organize food so it’s easy to find what you need for meal preparation each day. Group ingredients in large ziploc bags and label them to save time searching for what you need. All of these steps save you time when camping with the whole family, and keeping them fed well will keep them happy. 

Create Entertainment 

The issue that you might be worried about when camping with the whole family is the boredom level. Although there’s plenty to do, there will be no TV, video games, or internet. Camping is actually a great way to unplug! But that could lead to problems as your children adapt to finding new sources of entertainment. During the day, they’ll probably enjoy exploring and connecting with nature. But once the sun goes down, you’ll have several hours to fill without the typical distractions. 

To keep your children entertained (and yourself, too!), make sure you’ve packed enough games and entertainment. Maybe you can even create your own unique game to play. Activities that many families might enjoy include card games, music, crafts, and story-telling.

Go With Friends

It’s great to get away with your own family and spend quality time together. If you want to make that quality time as easy as possible, why not go camping with friends as well? Two or three families who have kids about the same age as yours and with whom you get along, would be ideal. The children can all play together which will be much more fun for them than anything else, and the adults will have someone to talk to.  

Not only will the entertainment be better when you’re all together, but the campsite set up and maintenance will be easier too. Everyone can pitch in to help, taking turns to cook and clean up. That means everyone gets a chance to have some time to themselves to relax too. 

Plus, you don’t have to be with everyone at all times during your vacation. You can all do different things and then meet up to talk about the day and watch the children play together. It’s a fantastic solution and you’ll truly enjoy your time away. 


Camping with your whole family can provide meaningful experiences and memories without breaking the bank. It doesn’t have to be difficult to plan, and it will always be worth it. Hope you enjoy your next family camping trip!

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One thought on “How To Make Camping With The Whole Family Much Easier

  1. Heather

    Thanks for this post! I’ve only been camping once before with my little family, but I agree that camping with friends/other people makes it much easier and fun. Looking forward to more camping trips in the future!

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