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Hawaii’s Extraordinary Wildlife Will Amaze You!

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in the world. Boasting incredible beaches, lush rainforests, and great weather year-round, it’s no wonder that so many travelers flock to Hawaii.

Beyond the beaches and nightlife, Hawaii is rife with hidden gems that many tourists never get to see. Here are some of the secret gems of Hawaii that will allow you to interact with nature.

Whale Watching

When traveling to Hawaii, you get the best of both worlds. You can book Luxury Retreats to relax in while making excursions out to see some of the lesser-known wonders of the islands. Whale watching is one of those activities that require very little work in return for an unforgettable reward.

Hawaii is amidst the migration path of the humpback whales, and becomes not only inundated with these majestic creatures during their migration season but is also their breeding ground. Maui is the best island for watching these 80,000-pound creatures breach and frolic in the waves, with boat tours available daily. While you’re out, you may see some wild dolphins as well.

Nighttime Manta Ray Snorkeling

Picture yourself snorkeling off the shore of a moonlit beach on the Big Island. Manta rays are gentle giants, with wingspans reaching up to 20 feet. The trip usually begins with a sunset cruise to the prime diving spot, where participants can either snorkel to see the mantas up close as they awaken or watch from a specially designed boat.

For those who would rather watch from aboard the boat, it’s still an incredible trip. The size of the mantas and lights from the boat make for an amazing show for all involved.

Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge

The Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge not only offers the opportunity to see some rare and endangered animals in a protected environment, but it’s also visually stunning. Stand along the high cliffs above the raging sea for a breathtaking view of the Pacific.

The refuge is home to the critically endangered monk seal, which can’t be found anywhere else on earth. You may see a gargantuan albatross, boasting a wingspan of nearly seven feet. Some albatross breeds have a wingspan of over ten feet! These birds are incredibly rare and unique, often spending years at sea without ever touching land.

While the refuge is 200 acres in total, visitors can expect to spend a couple of hours touring the main trails and experiencing the coastline. This makes the refuge an ideal trip for seeing wildlife without a large excursion.

Shark Diving and Watching

Let’s not forget one of the most feared creatures by tourists venturing to Hawaii. Sharks are present in the waters surrounding the islands, in some spots more than others. However, attacks are extremely rare. Despite the fact that over eight million visitors frequent the islands each year, there have been fewer than 120 shark-related incidents since the early 1990s. The majority of those were sharks biting a surfboard out of confusion, as they look similar to seals from below.

For the thrillseekers who venture out to the islands, shark diving is the safest way to see these powerful creatures. Some excursions allow participants to be enclosed in a cage to see great white sharks in their natural habitats, while others take a boat cruise out to the fish waste dumping grounds to watch tiger sharks in a frenzy from the safety of a boat.

Be Respectful

Hawaiian culture has great respect for their natural surroundings and the creatures they share their home with. When exploring Hawaii and discovering hidden wildlife gems, it’s important that you extend the same courtesy and respect to these incredible animals.

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Hawaii’s extraordinary wildlife will amaze you!



4 thoughts on “Hawaii’s Extraordinary Wildlife Will Amaze You!

  1. Rhonda Albom

    I have seen a couple of Monk seals when I was in Hawaii. One was in the aquarium in Waikiki and the other was on beach rocks in Kauai. And, I am always up for seeing whales

  2. Ava

    I have visited Hawaii a few times but never got to go on any of these adventures. I didn’t know that the manta ray excursions were at night. I’ve always been fascinated by them and would love to see them in person.

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