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GPS-Guided Travel Article

This post was most recently updated on July 19th, 2021

What is a GPS-guided travel article?

Ever heard of a GPS-guided travel article? Imagine reading a great travel article and thinking to yourself, “I wish I could use this article as a guide while I’m traveling…”

If you have access to the internet, you could always bookmark the article and go to the website again. But more often than not, you’d rather not use up data to access the internet. And you might not even have a cell phone plan for the country you are visiting.

Besides, just reading through the article again will remind you of the places you wanted to visit — that well-reviewed restaurant or that popular beach — but you’d still have to stop and look up the directions to find it.

Guess what? There is a much better way! Use a GPS-guided travel article. This is a travel article that has GPS coordinates embedded in the article and a map of the route the author described in his/her article. And you can find literally thousands of these articles (from over 1000 worldwide cities) at GPSmyCity. Once this app is downloaded to your phone, you will not need any internet to use the article as a guide. It will show you right where you are on the map and guide you to each subsequent location!

And just so you know…you can upload any travel article from GPSmyCity free of charge, so that you can read it at your pleasure without wi-fi. On the plane…on the beach…wherever(!)…at your convenience. If you decide you want it to be a GPS-guided article, all you do is pay a small fee to upgrade (about $2). It’s easy! It’s super-cheap! You also have the option of subscribing annually for only $20 — which gives you access to over 6500 guided city walks.

And it’s just like having a personal tour guide!

As a bonus (and to introduce you to how great this concept is), I am offering a free upgrade of one of my newest travel articles in the GPSmyCity directory, beginning today (July 19, 2021), and ending next week (Monday, July 26, 2021).

You can access GPS-guided travel articles two different ways:

  1. click on a link below for the article you are interested in (if you haven’t already downloaded the free GPSmyCity app, you will see a prompt to do so). After downloading the app, you will be directed to the article, where you can choose UPGRADE to get the GPS-guided version.
  2. From the GPSmyCity app, you can browse by city to see all the available articles.

Remember, you can download any article for free — or upgrade for offline GPS-guided use.

FREE giveaway:

This article can be downloaded and upgraded free through July 26, 2021 — so don’t wait!

Incredible Moments in Mesa, AZ

So many more articles available at GPSmyCity

And here are a few more GPS-guided travel articles I’ve published; you might like to check them out!

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Want to see the rest of my travel articles that are featured on GPSmyCity? In my articles, I show you the best attractions, how to save money, where to park, how to make the most of your time, and where to get the best gelato or local cuisine! Here are the links:

Note: If you do upgrade one of my downloaded travel articles, I will receive a few cents commission. It helps me offset the costs of maintaining a travel blog…thanks! 

GPS guided article

gps-guided travel article  





27 thoughts on “GPS-Guided Travel Article

  1. Michele Peterson

    Sounds like a great idea. I did download GPSmyCity but didn’t realize how it worked with articles. I’ll definitely give it a try.

  2. Chris

    I’m not really an app user whilst travelling, but it was certainly interesting to read the feedback and learn about the concept.

    Does it essentially pinpoint via gps places mentioned in an article?

  3. Subhadrika Sen

    I use the standard GPS installed on my phone all the time especially when i am in a new city. this helps me a lot. I dont download specific apps as it takes too much space on my phone and i deem it unneccesary so, I depend mostly on road maps or phone GPS.

  4. Erin Klema

    Wow, you’ve turned quite a few of your blog posts into downloadable apps! I’ve been meaning to try one of these GPSmyCity guides when I travel. They have some great titles and walking tours of cities I hope to visit soon!

  5. Lara Dunning

    This reminds me a lot of the neighboorhood guides for Arrivedo. This app and the articles you are interested in would come in super handy when traveling in areas with little reception, which often happens during my travels. Thanks for sharing this, I will have to check it out further.

  6. Becki

    This is such a cool idea. I’m always on the look out for new apps to make traveling easier and alleviate the dreaded roaming phone charges. I got stung £60 last time I went away! Something like this could have really helped me, I wish i had known sooner.

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