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4 Fun Things to Do in Kauai

Have you ever wanted to travel to Hawaii, but weren’t sure which island to explore first? Mind you, Hawaii is made up of multiple islands. So, which one to visit first? That’s where Kauai, Hawaii comes in. There are so many fun things to do in Kauai!

Kauai is said to be one of the most awe-inspiring and enchanting of all the islands in Hawaii. And like any other tourist attraction, there is no shortage of exciting things to do, during your stay. You will love the following activities and even appreciate the beauty of nature more than ever before. 

1. Allerton Garden

Originally a natural wonder that was bought from Queen Emma of Hawaii by Robert and John Gregg Allerton (father and son), this 80-acre paradise is a beauty to visit over eighty years later. Located on Kauai’s southern shore, this botanical garden is home to all kinds of plants: bamboo, palms, cassia, etc. And this place was even used to film blockbuster films, including Jurassic Park.

When you go to tour the Garden, it’s open to the public from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Or, if you like watching the Garden come to life at night, then there’s the occasional “Twilight Tours.” Just keep in mind there are different tours, depending on the time of day. Be sure to take advantage of the tours!

2. Local Farmers’ Markets

“Local farmers’ markets are often rich with fresh produce,” said Emma Mocatta, a travel writer. “When you visit the farmers’ markets in Kauai, you’ll come across the fresh stuff like papayas, ripe bananas, coconuts, etc. No matter what kind of produce you’re into, there’s no shortage of farmers’ markets. The produce is so fresh, that you’ll think twice before relying on the supermarket to get your produce, because the farmers’ markets offer the freshest of the fresh for reasonable prices. Also, the island is always rich in nutrients, because of its frequent rains and sunlight, just enough to grow your produce.”

Now, going to a farmers’ market depends on the time of day, and on what day of the week you want to go. One great recommendation is visiting during the weekend (on a Saturday, specifically), when tourism is at its peak. Then, you’ll experience the farmers’ markets at the best time possible.

3. Wailua Falls

As with all waterfall sites, you’ll have to navigate Wailua Falls with care. The distance from the parking lot to the site itself is only a few minutes’ stroll, but worth the walk, once you get to the waterfall.

Regardless, this Kauai waterfall is still one of the best places to check out in Hawaii. Measuring up to 173 feet tall,Wailua Falls is a great place to experience magnificent rainbows that are reflected by the sunlight from the spray. This experience is enhanced by the fact that the waterfall has two tiers to create the double-waterfall effect. You can even go for a swim at the bottom of the waterfall to experience the majesty up close. Top it all off with the sound of water flowing, and taking in the sights of the surrounding area, and you’ll get the best experience at an enchanting waterfall site. Definitely one of at least four fun things to do in Kauai!

4. Helicopter Tours

Helicopter tours are the most popular thing to do in Kauai,” said Isabella North, a lifestyle writer. “When you ride a helicopter over Kauai, you get to experience the diversity and beauty that the island has to offer. You’ll even fly over waterfalls and beaches, and weave through canyons, including the Napali Coast which has inlets that you can go through. You’ll be in for an hour of fascination.” 

Just keep in mind that the cost averages about $300 per person, and you’ll have to plan for this experience ahead of time, in case certain weather conditions require you to reschedule. So, the best advice is to book your flight early in your trip.


So, now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of the fun things that you can do in Kauai, what are you waiting for? Make plans to visit Kauai, whether for an overnight stay, or just for one day. Experience a significant piece of Hawaii that’ll satisfy your cravings for adventure and paradise. 

Happy travels!

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