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The Five Most Romantic Ports on the Mediterranean

No matter what your relationship status is, there is something for you in the Mediterranean. The coasts along the Mediterranean ocean contain some of the oldest human history on record, as well as some of the most pristine beaches and stunning architecture. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or looking for a partner, the Mediterranean will sweep you off your feet.

There is plenty to do and see along the coast, and it can be difficult to decide where to visit. If you can’t decide between the many gorgeous destinations, consider traveling to several different places all on the same vacation by train. Or if you want to experience them all and treat yourself, as well as your spouse, there are many luxury Mediterranean cruises that will take you to all of these ports and more. Sadly, not all of us have the time to visit all of the Mediterranean, but if you’re looking for romance, try visiting these five romantic ports first.

1. Venice, Italy

It might be a predictable choice, but the fact remains: there’s nowhere like Venice. The city is made up of over 100 different islands, connected by bridges and boats. There are no cars to be found in this half-sunken city. You’ll travel between historical sights by boat while you admire the skyline rising up out of the water around you. It’s definitely one of the most romantic ports. Enjoy the historic Piazza San Marco and the Bridge of Sighs, among other Renaissance and Gothic marvels. Beyond the sights, there is the food. There’s a reason you hear so much about authentic Italian food. Get out there and experience an Italian dinner with your loved one as you gaze out over the canals. (See this photo essay of Venice)

2. Barcelona, Spain

If you and your significant other have different tastes, or just enjoy a wide variety of activities, consider visiting Barcelona. Barcelona has a little of everything. For sports fans, there’s the Olympic Park and the Barcelona soccer stadium. If you’re an art or architecture lover, La Sagrada Familia (pictured above) is well known for its beautiful design. As well, there’s the Picasso museum and multiple fascinating Gaudi buildings to admire. There are tapas and paella to sample, beaches for swimming, plenty of places for shopping, and a Gothic quarter to experience some of the vast and varied histories the city has to offer. No matter what you and your partner enjoy, you’ll find it in beautiful Barcelona.

3. Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca

Maybe you and your loved one aren’t city people. If you aren’t interested in the action of the city but prefer the thought of wandering through a small, scenic town, Palma de Mallorca might be the answer. Mallorca is a Spanish-owned island, meaning there are plenty of ocean views and beaches to be enjoyed. Take your partner and get lost on the cobblestone streets, walk along the harbor, and eat at a local restaurant. Beyond that, there’s architecture and history to discover. Santa Maria cathedral is one of the island’s biggest draws, and the view from the top is something worth sharing. Perhaps this tops the list of romantic ports.

4. Split, Croatia

It’s hard to get more romantic than eating lamb atop a clifftop as you watch the sun set into the ocean. Enjoy Croatia’s food specialties, which fill a unique niche between Mediterranean (delicious pastas, seafoods and olives) and Eastern European (fantastic breads and sausages). Split also offers a great opportunity for island-hopping. From the harbor, it’s easy to reserve passage to one (or more!) of the islands just off the Croatian coast. These islands offer a unique, rugged beauty, and the island of Mljet has been described by the World Wide Fund for Nature as “one of the last paradises in the Mediterranean.” Where better to spend time with your loved one than in paradise?

5. Santorini, Greece

The entire island of Santorini feels like it was designed for a honeymoon, making it one of the most popular romantic ports. From the whitewashed buildings to the red sand beaches, if you’re looking for a romantic getaway, look no further. This isn’t exactly a secret, and depending on when you go, you may find the island a little crowded. The sunset at Oia, in particular, is gorgeous enough to attract people in droves.

When you have the opportunity to be alone with your partner on this Greek island, it will be that much more meaningful. Don’t forget to visit the island’s resident volcano, and if you like to be active with your loved one, consider the hiking path between Fira and Oia. The trail is beautiful, achievable for most people, and it will also offer you some of the previously mentioned alone time. (for more photos, see Santorini – Heaven on Earth)


What we’ve mentioned here is only a handful of the incredible romantic ports along the Mediterranean coast. There are countless more ports, foods, cities, and islands to be explored–by you! Bring someone you love and soak in the views, the culture, the food, and the sea for a vacation, and experience, that neither of you will ever forget.

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12 thoughts on “The Five Most Romantic Ports on the Mediterranean

  1. noel

    I’ve only made it to the four ports excluding Mallorca which is also on my bucket list of places to visit. I love all of these destinations and the amazing historical and cultural places to visit in each city.

  2. Anda

    All these ports on your list are indeed very romantic. I’ve only visited three of them: Venice, Barcelona and Split. I’m yet to see the other two: Santorini and Palma de Mallorca. Your post makes me want to complete the list, for sure. Very enticing photos!

  3. Rosemary

    There is something about being on the Mediterranean that just leaves you breathless. I’ve only been to Barcelona on this list, and I’m truly excited about checking off Croatia this Summer. Stunning shot of Split. Can’t wait to devour lamb with that view.

  4. Jean

    Oh Barcelona is such a fun city for couples to explore. Such great food and great nightlife. So glad to see it made this list

  5. Claire

    I just went to Venice a couple of weeks ago and loved it! I was travelling alone so not that romantic but still so beautiful! I loved walking around without cars, just boats to get everywhere, even DHL had a boat to deliver packages!

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