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How to Find the Best Views in Hawaii

Hawaii is full of beautiful wildlife, vast oceans, and plenty of scenic views. However, if you’ve never visited this beautiful state, then you probably don’t know how to find  the best views or locations on the islands. Hawaii is the perfect place for those that love wildlife, and when you know where to go, you can see some of the most beautiful views in the world. Here are four adventurous ways to get the best views in Hawaii.

Ocean Views in Hawaii

We’re not talking about just looking out at the vast oceans and watching the waves roll in. We’re talking about going diving with a snorkel in locations like in Hanauma Bay, Oahu or Makaha Beach Park, Oahu. Snorkeling is a great way to see the plentiful fish, coral reefs, and other things under the surface of the water. Ocean wildlife is some of the most exciting wildlife, and Hawaii is full of it. You can snorkel on your own, but you can also visit some of the parks on the islands where professionals will guide you through the process and to the best locations.

Bike Tour Views in Hawaii

Believe it or not, Hawaii is a great place for a bike tour. With the warm breezes and beautiful views, bike tours are a great way to see the views in Hawaii and get some exercise at the same time. They give you the unique opportunity to see the Hawaiian scenery and wildlife up close and personal. There are several bike rental companies in and around the islands that offer an array of bike types from simple to advanced. The majority have guides that join in on the fun to provide an immersive experience of Hawaii.

Helicopter Views in Hawaii

The Hawaiian landscape is gorgeous. However, seeing it from the ground looks entirely different from a bird’s eye view. The best way to get a beautiful view of the landscape in Hawaii is to take a helicopter tour. These are surprisingly fun and a beautiful experience overall. You can look at popular scenic locations, look at the geographic regions in the state, and even take a look at the active volcano that Hawaii boasts of. Hawaiian helicopter tours offer a unique opportunity to see the gorgeous landscape.

Hiking Views in Hawaii

For those who like to keep their feet on the ground, visiting many of the Hawaiian national parks is a great way to take in the views of Hawaii without getting in a helicopter. Hikers everywhere love heading to the Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail or the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. There are several different national parks on the islands, and they are all filled with beautiful and scenic landscapes that no other state has to offer. Hikers can get a more immersive experience by visiting one of the many nature parks or historical sites throughout the state. Visit the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument, or head to the volcanic park to see the active volcano.


No matter where you decide to go, you’re going to see many beautiful views in Hawaii. This state is full of lush greenery, beautiful flowers, and flourishing wildlife. Look under the water for a new outlook, hop in a helicopter to see the landscape, pedal your bike throughout several trails, or even walk to various historical locations on the islands. No matter what you decide to do in Hawaii, you’re going to see something new and exciting. The only way to see it is to get out there and have an adventure.

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Annie Grace Fleming is a Public Relations Specialist for Maui Tickets For Less. She regularly produces content for a variety of blogs that cover topics about planning vacations in Maui and other surrounding Hawaiian islands.

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4 thoughts on “How to Find the Best Views in Hawaii

  1. Heather Young

    The helicopter tour I took in Kauai really was the highlight of my trip! The view of the Na Pali coastline was absolutely breathtaking.

  2. Dhara

    Gorgeous photos! I have only visited Maui so far but returned with some gorgeous photos from the Road to Hana and the Haleakala summit. These tips will come in handy for our next visit, to Kauai!

    1. Tami Post author

      My daughter took a helicopter tour in Kauai, and her photos were absolutely gorgeous! There’s so much about Hawaii that is beautiful!

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