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Farm Country of Thanksgiving Point

This post was most recently updated on July 9th, 2019

Farm Country

Farm Country is a real working farm, created for animal lovers of all ages. Thanksgiving Point has done a great job of combining a multitude of fun and educational experiences in all of its attractions. Farm Country is no exception.

Farm Country

Incubation station

The Farm Country ‘Barn’

The minute we walked in and saw baby chickens in the incubation station, we were hooked. The main building resembles the inside of a large barn. There’s a hands-on exhibit about cow-to-grocery store distribution of milk, as well as displays throughout the farm that teach about growing gardens, fighting pests, raising livestock, and getting your crops to market. The main building also includes a gift shop, restrooms, a hand-cleaning station, and the ticket sales counter.

Pony Rides

But the best part is in the center of Farm Country — pony rides for all children, included in their admission price.  That’s where our grandchildren wanted to go first as soon as they saw the ponies! Don’t feel left out if you’re older than 12, because there’s also a wagon ride for everyone. I suggest saving that for last when the kids have begun to get a bit tired of walking around.


Surrounding the pony ride gazebo and a large grassy lawn are the pens and corrals of all the farm animals — horses, cows, ducks, rabbits, goats, sheep, turkeys, llamas, and more. You can even feed most of the animals at the farm with feed sold in vending machines throughout the farm. Fun…but you’ll probably end up with a slobbery hand!

Play (and education, too)

Scattered around the farm are play areas for kids, with opportunities to learn thrown in for good measure. There’s an exhibit that explains how produce makes it to the market with a climb-on tractor and car. Another exhibit helps children understand the difference between good bugs and pests. A miniature country store provides more play space. Farm Country also offers special learning activities, such as “Curious Critters”, “Tales for Tots”, “Melody Makers”, and “Building with Biology”. Your child might be invited to help feed a baby animal or learn how to milk a cow, too!


Something else I liked about Farm Country was the inclusion of sample container gardens. It’s always nice to see what can be accomplished with a small space or a garden box!

Wagon Ride

We ended our visit with a wagon ride that lasted about ten minutes. It was fun to see Farm Country from up on a wagon seat as we circled the farm and adjacent property. This ride is included for everyone with Farm Country admission.

Bottom Line

Farm Country is both educational and entertaining. From riding on a pony to feeding the horses and ducks, watching chickens hatch, or learning how to milk a cow, there’s a lot do and learn here. The price is right, too — only $7 admission for adults or children (children 2 and under are free), especially since this includes a pony ride for kids and a wagon ride for everyone. We stayed about an hour and a half, but you could easily spend 2-3 hours here, depending on your children. You might want to be sure to visit in April, when all the baby animals are arriving!

Thanksgiving Point sells a one-day pass, called the Explorer Pass, which allows you to visit all four venues — Farm Country, Ashton Gardens, Museum of Natural Curiosity, and Museum of Ancient Life for only $19.95 for kids or $24.95 for adults (savings of over $23.00!)

I want to thank Thanksgiving Point for hosting my visit to Farm Country!

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Farm Country

6 thoughts on “Farm Country of Thanksgiving Point

  1. Joan

    This was really nice to see. Skye looked so cute. Darren looked great with the kids. I enjoy the things you do and love seeing the kids 🙂

  2. mark wyld

    Looks like there are tons of things to do here and it would be very educational for city kids who don’t experience country life. Our girls would be right in for the pony rides

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