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Earn GoCashBack Rebates for Travel

This post was most recently updated on May 25th, 2023

GoCashBack is a cashback website and app that allows you to earn money back on your online purchases. It is a free service available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. I love to earn GoCashBack rebates for travel and other personal expenses, and you can do the same!

GoCashBack is a great way to save money on your online purchases. It is easy to use and there are no fees, plus you can get an $8 Sign-Up Bonus when you create an account with my Referral Link.  I’ll get a bonus, too, so we’ll both be happy! If you are looking for a way to save money on your online shopping, then GoCashBack is a great option.

How does GoCashBack work?

To use GoCashBack, simply create an account and then shop through the GoCashBack website or app. When you make a purchase, GoCashBack will track your order and then credit your account with a percentage of the purchase price. The amount of cashback you earn will vary depending on the store and the promotion. Some rebates earn as much as 40% cash back at your favorite stores — like eBay, Walmart, Home Depot, Macy’s, GNC, Saks Fifth Avenue, Groupon, and 11,000 more online stores!

When you make a purchase through the GoCashBack website or app, GoCashBack will add a tracking cookie to your browser. This cookie will track your purchase and then credit your account so you earn cashback rebates once the order is complete.

How much cashback can I earn?

The amount of cashback you earn will vary depending on the store and the promotion. Some stores offer a flat rate of cashback, while others offer a percentage of the purchase price. GoCashBack also offers a variety of promotions that can increase the amount of cashback you earn.

How do I redeem my cashback?

Once you have earned enough cashback (at least $10), you can redeem it for a variety of rewards. You can redeem your cashback balance for gift cards, PayPal cash, Helipay, or a check. Simply select the “Request Payment” tab on your account. Be sure to use my referral link to sign up and you’ll already have $8 in your account!

Is GoCashBack safe?

GoCashBack is a safe and secure website. It is trusted by 710,000+ users and has already helped shoppers earn about $8 million in total Cash Back rewards. Your personal information is protected by industry-standard security measures. GoCashBack is also a member of the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating.

Can you really earn GoCashBack rebates?

Yes, GoCashBack is a legit website. It has been in business since 2013 and has helped millions of people save money on their online purchases. If you would like to earn GoCashBack rebates for travel or other expenses, you are in the right place! It is easy to use, safe, and secure.

GoCashBack Benefits

  1. Higher cashback rates for popular merchants (like Walmart)
  2. Exclusive super cashback rates and extra bonus promotions
  3. More cashback withdrawal options; PayPal, check, gift card and helipay
  4. You can earn referral bonuses, too, when you refer a friend to GoCashBack
  5. Absolutely free and easy to use
  6. Monthly giveaways with popular products
  7. Real-time offer updates
  8. An Editor’s Guide with some of the best current deals posted
  9. A special section with travel cashback opportunities (perfect for travellers!) at places like, Budget Rent A Car, CheapTickets, Samsonite, Marriott BonVoy, Holiday Inn, and Hilton
  10. Another feature is a tab for “Deals”, leading you to the best of the cashback offers

How does this help you as a traveller?

1. First of all, if you make purchases through GoCashBack, you will save money as there are often coupons and special discounts already in play.

2. In addition, you will earn GoCashBack rebates that can go right back into your travel savings account.

3. As a triple bonus, if you use travel credit cards like this one to make your purchases, you’ll have additional award points through your credit card benefits.

Saving money for travel is all about using as many resources as you can to stretch your dollars!

You can earn GoCashBack rebates for travel

If you like to travel or just save money for personal expenses, earning rebates through GoCashBack is a smart and easy way to get ahead. All you have to do is direct most of your online shopping through your GoCashBack account and everything is made so easy for you. They track your spending and you get to watch your cashback balance add up! Be sure to use “create an account” with my Referral Link so you can start with $8 in your account — and you’ll be receiving money back in no time!

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earn GoCashBack rebates



8 thoughts on “Earn GoCashBack Rebates for Travel

  1. Joanna

    It’s great that this Gocashback works in the United Kingdom as well. I had no idea that we had ways of earning cash back as well – I know that in the US is very popular, but not here. I think ti’s great that you can earn on travel as well, and even double it if you are using a credit card with benefits as well. The referral bonus is a nice perk as well.

  2. Lisa

    I’ve never heard of Gocashback before but it sounds really helpful. I like that you can use it towards travel and it’s more useful that you can double up if you have a travel credit card. Stretching your money always helps when traveling. I’ll check whether we have it in Italy, or a similar version, but I am highly doubtful 🙁

  3. kavitafavelle

    Thanks for alerting me to this cash rebate website, looks like it could be worthwhile if you shop at the sites they work with. I didn’t know there were global ones that operate both in North America and the UK, so this is great to know.

  4. Knycx Journeying

    Wonderful tips and a great way to get some rebate to sponsor travel! unfortunately we do not have it in my hometown but I would love to share this with my friends in the America and the UK and I think they will find your article very useful. – Kenny @ knycx journeying

  5. mnerizzaveloso

    GoCashBack appears to have excellent benefits and offers. It’s good to know there’s an app that allows you to obtain rebates and cashbacks on your online purchases. Thank you for the information! For possible future use, I’ll pin this.

  6. Paula

    I have tried one similar app but at the end, I always forget to scan my purchases on it. Go Cash Back sounds like a very helpful tool. Especially for us travellers, there is always a need for funding. Thanks for all the tips because this surely inspired me to try again.

  7. Clarice

    Wow! This sounds exciting. I can definitely use the extra rebates. Happy to know it’s safe and secure. Thank you for sharing this and for making traveling more rewarding.

  8. Puloma Banerjee

    GoCashBack seems like an excellent source to earn cash rebates through online purchases. And it’s great that it can be used for all the stores with additional discount for purchases. And it’s also with travel friendly Cashback opportunities. It’s good that it’s free with cash withdrawal options through PayPal, check and Helipal. I would definitely try it.

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