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Best Tips: Comfortable Train Travel for the Family

Train travel is a great way to get around. If you like slow travel, it gives you a chance to take in your surroundings and see the country from the window. But train travel can be fast too, with high-speed trains often getting you somewhere much quicker compared to driving. Although train travel is an attractive prospect, some people are put off by the idea of taking a train as a family. Corralling the whole family can be difficult enough, but using public transport often adds a challenge. Comfortable train travel for the family is definitely possible, however, and here are a few tips to help you arrange it.

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Book Seats Together

It’s definitely helpful if you’re all sitting together on the train. Not to mention, you want to make sure you’ll have guaranteed seats, which isn’t always the case on busy trains. Luckily, you often have the option of booking seats in advance. When you buy your tickets, you might have the option to choose individual seats or just reserve a block of them.

Other options could include choosing which car you want to sit in or selecting options such as table seats or sitting by a power outlet or a window. Sitting together will make the journey easier and you’ll avoid standing on busy services. Making sure everyone is comfortable on the train is one of the most important things. As long as everyone is happy to sit down and enjoy the ride, traveling by train can work out for you. 

Take Fun Activities

Like any kind of travel, being on a train does have the potential to be boring. Kids, especially, might find it dull when they have to sit still for a long time. Making sure you’re prepared with different activities can prevent boredom for everyone. Travel games, reading books, and coloring books could keep kids occupied.

Tablets are a great item to pack because you can use them for all kinds of activities. Kids can use them to play games, read, watch TV or complete puzzles. They can even be used to take photos. You can do a crossword, read a book, or catch up on the news. Pack several different options so that everyone has a choice.

Pack Drinks and Snacks

Train rides, just like anything else, are harder to deal with if you’re hungry or thirsty. That goes double for children, who are likely to get fussy if they’re not fed and watered. Some trains do have food services on board, but it’s not always available. When it is, it can be expensive, and you’ll probably need to leave your seat to get what you want.

Packing food and drinks will ensure you’re prepared so you can keep everyone satisfied. The nice thing is, there aren’t any restrictions on what you can bring on board. So feel free to bring your favorite cookies, beverages, sandwiches, or whatever! Take some items for cleanup too, such as wet wipes, so you can wipe down hands and faces afterward.

Use Travel Pillows

On long train journeys, some people like to try and get in a little nap. Some services run overnight too, and you might have the option of either a cabin with bunk beds or seats. Travel pillows help to make everything more comfortable, even if you’re sitting upright. If everyone has a pillow, you can all rest comfortably, whether you want to sleep or not. Travel pillows can easily be attached to your luggage or can be worn around your neck, making it simple to carry them. You might also consider travel blankets for extra comfort.

Image from Pixabay – CC0 License

A nice thing to know about traveling by train is that the seats recline much further than seats on an airplane. This makes it more likely you’ll actually be able to sleep! And many seats also include footrests. You really can enjoy comfortable train travel for the family.

Wear the Right Clothes

What you’re wearing will affect how comfortable you are on a train. If you’re not dressed appropriately, you could find that sitting down for a long time quickly becomesuncomfortable. And it’s not just about whether you’re in the right clothes for sitting. You should also think about whether it’s going to be cool or warm, so you’re ready for any changes in temperature. It’s actually better to dress in light clothes with layers you can add if necessary for warmth. Generally, it is easier to add layers for warmth than to find a good fan to cool you down if it’s too warm. Get everyone ready for your train ride by planning outfits with these things in mind.

Move Around If You Can

It’s tough for even adults to sit down for a long time, so children can definitely find it difficult. While moving around isn’t always easy, taking a second to get up and stretch your legs can help make train journeys easier. It gets a bit tougher when you have several young children with you, but even walking up and down the aisle once or twice gives you a chance to move around a little. Take a walk to the bathroom, look for the dining car, or just stand up and stretch in place. The observation car is another nice area to visit for beautiful views.

Most trains require adult supervision for children passing from one car to another – for safety reasons. But your children can get up and walk around in your car without any problems.

Summary: Comfortable Train Travel For the Family

Indulge in slow travel with a train ride for all the family. If you are prepared, you can make it easy and restful for everyone – and your ride will be enjoyed by all. Comfortable train travel for the family is not difficult to achieve with the tips shared here.

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