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Why Cedarbrook Lodge is #1 (at SeaTac Airport)

This post was most recently updated on July 9th, 2019

What is it like to stay at the #1 rated Cedarbrook Lodge? A few years ago, I saw a review on TripAdvisor about how wonderful this new SeaTac airport hotel was. I read more reviews. And more. Because I couldn’t find a single negative comment about Cedarbrook Lodge, I tucked it into my brain for future reference.

Forward a few years, and I am in Seattle visiting family. I nearly always stay in my family members’ homes when visiting, but we had an early flight out at the end of the trip, and I knew it would be easier to make our flight if I was closer to the airport. Dusted off that tip about Cedarbrook Lodge that I’d tucked away and went online to make reservations. Not only was it easy, but very reasonably priced, too. My son, my husband and I enjoyed our stay plus the beautiful breakfast buffet they offer (did I say complimentary?) and many other amenities not commonly offered elsewhere.

Flash forward to now. I just traveled to Seattle with my mother for a weekend. We stayed at a family member’s home nearly an hour away from the airport, and had a wonderful stay. But we had a super early flight leaving from SeaTac International on our last day, and there was no way that was going to work for my elderly mother from so far away. Back to Cedarbrook! This time, I thought I should share with all of my readers. Because, after all, that’s what I started a travel blog for!

Why stay at Cedarbrook Lodge?

It’s about 2 miles from the airport, nestled in a residential neighborhood, with a small lake and tree-lined wetlands. You can’t really hear the airplanes flying overhead from your room, so unless you happen to look out the window and see a plane, you’d never know how close you are to the airport. But for flying in and out of SeaTac, you couldn’t find a better place to stay than Cedarbrook Lodge. I already mentioned it’s the top-rated SeaTac hotel, too. Now I’ll tell you why.

Cedarbrook Lodge is beautiful!

From the waterfalls, walking paths, gardens, wetlands, and lots of green space to the architecture, decor, and lighting, Cedarbrook Lodge makes you feel like you’ve just moved into a beautiful home. When a friend of mine looked at my photos, she exclaimed, “This looks more like a mountain retreat than an airport hotel!”

My visits have been during the winter and Cedarbrook Lodge is still beautiful, but let me show you what it looks like the rest of the year…

And then there’s the details…

And that’s not all. A lot of attention has been paid to the little details: comfortable nooks where you can sit, stunning art on the walls, free samples of face scrub near the spa, complimentary ear plugs for use in the fitness room, rustic and woodsy decorations throughout the hotel, plus lots of wood accents.

Cedarbrook Lodge is also very practical

I love that Cedarbrook looks and feels luxurious but is also very practical at the same time. Like having plenty of outlets in the rooms so you can plug in all your devices. Or umbrellas at the doors leading outside so you don’t have to get wet when walking in the rain. And bathrobes hanging in your closet, a full-length mirror so you can check out your outfit, and a magnified make-up mirror in the bathroom. Of course, you’ll also find a blow dryer, room safe, toiletries, and all kinds of guidebooks for your perusal.

Because it’s an airport hotel, of course they have an airport shuttle. And it’s complimentary. We didn’t have any problems catching the shuttle for our early flight, even though we had to be at the airport before 6:00 am. It was a plus to have heat lamps to make it cozy outside!

It’s good to know that if you have to leave early in the morning, before the breakfast buffet is served, Cedarbrook provides drinks and pastries for those who need to grab their breakfast on the run!

But wait, I’m not done!

I haven’t yet shared with you the things that are really unique to Cedarbrook Lodge. Lots of hotels have breakfast buffets, but not like Cedarbrook’s. They serve a veritable feast of delicious breakfast foods, plus smoked salmon. It’s such a perfect addition for the Northwest.

Every wing of Cedarbrook has a living room. This is another reason why staying here feels like being at home. In the living room is a huge comfy couch, bookshelves, large screen TV, refrigerator and freezer stocked with complimentary snacks (like yogurt, string cheese, and Hagen Daz ice cream cups), a hot and cold water dispenser, a microwave, and a countertop with jars of finger foods (like chocolate mint malt balls — yum!). If you have your own food, there’s room to store it, labeled with your name, in the refrigerator. Guests stop here, grab a bite to eat, watch the TV or just relax and visit.

Cedarbrook’s fitness room is the largest and nicest hotel fitness room I’ve ever seen. There were free weights and lots of fitness machines — I’m pretty sure there’s something for everyone. Heck — this fitness room is nicer than my regular workout gym at home!

And then there’s the rooms

None of this would matter much if the rooms weren’t comfortable. I can assure you that they are. When I first walked into my room, this was what I saw:

Look at those trees out the window. Again, you would never know this was so close to the airport. The beds are very comfortable, and there’s a large assortment of different pillows to choose from. The desk provides plenty of space for working (or organizing your things) and there are plenty of outlets for charging. The bedroom and bathroom are generously sized, and they must be soundproofed because I could hardly hear airplanes at all. I never could hear anyone from the rooms surrounding me. Bedside lamps make it easy to turn off the lights as you are climbing into bed. Did I mention how clean and nice everything looked?

Cedarbrook Lodge makes a great getaway

If you just want a great getaway location, Cedarbrook is a perfect choice for that, too. With the first-class restaurant, Copperleaf, and the beautiful Spa at Cedarbrook, you could be feeling very pampered. You can dine in front of a large stone fireplace, curl up in the living room with a blanket and a good book, or reserve a facial or massage at the spa. You can stroll around the property on the trails, or take a dip in the outdoor jacuzzi pool.

Anything else?

Even though I didn’t have the opportunity to use all of Cedarbrook Lodge’s resources, I noticed they have several rooms of various sizes for special events, meetings, conferences, and even weddings. Many of these rooms have cozy gas fireplaces.

If you need a place to park your car while jetting off, you can stay at Cedarbrook Lodge and then leave your car for only $15 per additional night after you’re gone. That’s much cheaper than parking at the airport and a lot more convenient, too.

Cedarbrook Lodge is dog-friendly, and they have special packages that pamper your dog. See how you can create “Puppy Paradise” for your favorite pup!

There’s a Valentine’s Day special coming up at the Copperleaf Restaurant you just might want to take advantage of!

Disclosure: While I chose to stay at Cedarbrook because of its superiority to other airport hotels, I was offered a media discount on my most recent stay.

If you’re in the Puget Sound area, or if you’re going to be traveling to or from the SeaTac airport, be sure to save this blog post for future reference. You’ll be so glad you did. And check out this article on my Five Seattle Favorites!

Cedarbrook Lodge


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  1. Carol Colborn

    Oh, my. We have frequent trips to and from Seattle. We lived there before we RVed all over the country and eventually settled in sunny Phoenix. But we have 4 rental condos there and still have a granddaughter living there. So thanks! Cedarbrook Lodge looks perfect. Not at all like an airport hotel@

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