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Can You Visit Mexico Now as a Tourist?

You’re ready to pack your bags and escape to Mexico this summer, but not sure if it will be allowed. Can you visit Mexico now as a tourist? This article will tell you all the tips and tricks you need to visit this gorgeous country during the summer. 

Planning your vacation to Mexico for the very first time can be a little overwhelming. With a plethora of options to choose from, you may have a lot of questions. Hopefully, this article will give the necessary details so you can plan confidently.  

Whether you are looking for an exciting resort,  scuba diving, places to explore or even just a place to relax, you came to the right place.  

1. Arrange Necessary Documents

The most important thing to do before you embark on your trip is to get all the necessary paperwork ready. When traveling to Mexico, you will need a tourist card or a Mexico Visa, or, in some cases, both. Depending upon your nationality, you will need to apply for the right documents to enter this dream destination.

You also need a passport and must check to see that it is valid for at least 6 months. Once you reach Mexico, you will have to present your passport, tourist card, and/or visa to the immigration authorities. This is something that must be prepared ahead of time. You will have to apply for your passport at least a month or more before your traveling dates. You may be able to expedite a passport, but it will cost more.

2. Get Your Tourist Card and Visa Online

If you are planning to head off to Mexico for a much-needed vacation, head over to and apply for your Tourist card. The team of experienced professionals will have your documents ready in no time. However, make sure you submit your application form at least a week or more before your date of travel to avoid delays.

3. Traveling to Mexico During the Pandemic

If you’ve already packed your bags to Mexico, the current pandemic may make you wonder if you can visit Mexico now as a tourist. The answer is “Yes, you can.”  It is generally safe to travel to Mexico if you follow the necessary precautions. No Covid test or vaccination card is required to enter Mexico, nor are there any other specific requirements currently in place. All you need to do is wear a mask when required and maintain a safe distance wherever needed. Other than that, keeping hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes with you is a good idea. See more entry restrictions for Mexico

4. Don’t Worry About The Language

One thing that people might be concerned about in a foreign country is dealing with language barriers. The official language of Mexico is Spanish. However, you may be surprised to learn that many locals, especially those who work at hotels or tour groups, are quite fluent in English. 

Even if you do come across locals who don’t speak English, there is no need to worry. Mexicans are extremely friendly and hospitable; they will make every attempt to communicate with you through their warm smiles and gestures. Many signs are in both English and Spanish as well.

5. A Few Places You May Wish to Visit

Tourists love to explore new and exciting places. So let us take a look at some of the top places you must visit when traveling to incredible Mexico. 

Enchanted Garden of Xilitla

Those who love nature should make their way to the Enchanted Garden of Xilitla. This mysterious and original masterpiece was built by Edward James, a famous British artist, in 1964. The surrealistic garden used to be his home, but now it is a renowned museum and park that visitors can explore for as long as they want.

Made using concrete of various sizes, it gives the appearance of a labyrinth right in the center of a lush green jungle. If you have time on your hands, make sure you spend a few nights here and explore the amazing surroundings.

Hiking Nevado de Toluca

For those looking for some thrill and adventure, hiking Nevado de Toluca should be on top of their list. Even if you are with your family and kids, various hikes are available for different skill levels.

You will thoroughly enjoy hiking up to the crater rim and soaking in the mesmerizing views of the sun and the glistening lake. Even though this hike is a little tough, it is definitely worth the exotic views you get once the hike is finished.

Go Whale Watching

If you are looking for a fun-filled activity with your family, go whale watching in Puerto Lopez Mateos or San Ignacio. The best time to spot them is during the months from December to March, where they usually swim and float around near the surface of the water. You can also go to Baja California, to witness the giant whales coming close enough that you can swim with them.

6. Traveling as a Tourist

One thing that tourists usually face challenges with is the cost of travel. If you are in Mexico, the good news is you can get to and fro using public transport and at easily affordable rates. One of the best ways to travel all over Mexico is by buses that connect you to all the major and less famous towns and cities. 

Several luxurious bus companies offer comfortable seats, a power outlet, a personal screen, and Wi-Fi. Depending upon the area you are traveling in, you can visit the websites of various bus companies and even pre-book your tickets.

Final Words

If you were wondering if you can travel to Mexico now as tourists, hopefully you have your question answered.  Now you just need to decide where in Mexico you will be heading!


4 thoughts on “Can You Visit Mexico Now as a Tourist?

  1. Linda (LD Holland)

    Travel to international destinations like Mexico require a good understanding of the rules going in. And what might change during your stay. Mexico has certainly been one of the easier places to visit during the pandemic. And so many great outdoor spots to visit. Hoping things stay good for a winter escape!

  2. Sophie Batista

    Honestly I would love to be able to go back to Mexico some time soon. It is such a great travel destination because there is just so much to do with friends and family. The whale watching sounded so fun!

  3. Archana Singh

    I have been wanting to go to Mexico for a while but it’s a long journey from India and I’ll have to transit through many countries which might not yet be opened for Indian tourists. So, I’ll probably stick around for a few months before planning a trip to Mexico. Thanks for the info though.

  4. Agnes

    I was in Mexico in April and had a great time. Hope to back there soon. I like Mexico very much and have been there several times. But I haven’t had the chance to go hiking Nevado de Toluca yet. I also add to my list Whale Watching as I love wildlife photography.

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