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The Best of Byron Bay, Australia

This post was most recently updated on July 9th, 2019

Byron Bay is one of the most highly regarded destinations in Australia for surfing and beach side fun. It is very popular with domestic and international tourists due to its amazing beaches, scenery and wildlife. There are lots of places to visit and things to do in Byron Bay.

Find your accommodations for Byron Bay and head on out – here are some of the best things you can do while you’re in Byron Bay:

Cape Byron Marine Park

One of four marine parks in the state, Cape Byron Marine Park features the iconic Cape Byron Lighthouse. There’s also a lighthouse trail that you can hike and the Cape Byron Walking Track.

This area is perfect for views of the ocean and the east coast. Byron Bay is actually the most eastern point of Australia! Keep an eye out for wildlife, as sightings of sea turtles, humpback whales and dolphins are very common around here. Whale watching is a popular activity at Byron Bay!


Known for its bright and beautiful beaches, Byron Bay’s Main Beach, Wategos Beach and Belongil Beach are some of its feature beaches. The area is rated among the best in Australia and it’s no surprise – the beaches are clean, they’re not overcrowded with high-rises, the sand is white, the water is turquoise blue, and the surf breaks are great.

While you’re at the beaches, try out some water activities such as surfing or stand up paddleboarding (SUP). SUP is a great water activity for those who aren’t ready for surfing.

Minyon Falls Lookout

There’s more to Byron Bay than just its beaches. A trip to Minyon Falls lookout will give you a clear view of the falls themselves, and if the weather’s nice you’ll be able to see the coast in the distance. Minyon Falls has a 100m drop to the gorge underneath, where you can swim in a natural pool below.

Bike Tours

Mountain bike tours are available at Byron Bay. Yes, you can cycle through fire trails and tracks passing golden beaches and world heritage listed rain forests. Ride and hike up Mount Warning – it’s a great way to experience the outdoors of Byron Bay.

The Farm

Apart from the beaches, there’s a working farm that you can visit. It’s actually a collection of micro-businesses where the farm acts as a hub and they all work together towards a common goal of growing food, feeding animals and people, and educating people about healthier lifestyles and supporting the environment. Here you can attend on-site workshops and visit micro-businesses such as The Three Blue Ducks Restaurant and Produce Store, The Bread Social bakery and Flowers at the Farm.

Food & Drink

Byron Bay has been evolving as a great tourism destination and has become quite well-suited to those who love dining out. There are places such as the Stone and Wood Brewery and the Beach Hotel where you can relax and hang out after a day at the beaches.


For your local fix of art, head to the Lone Goat Gallery located in the Byron Shire Library and catch the contemporary art displays from local and visiting artists.


One of the big events in the area is the Byron Bay Bluesfest, a blues and roots music festival held annually in the area since 1990.  The Bluesfest attracts audiences of over 100,000 each year.

For frequent and small events, head on over to the weekly Byron Bay Community Market for a day out with family, visiting a wide variety of stalls for fashion, food, arts and crafts.

I’d love to hear your comments — what most inspires you to want to visit Byron Bay?

Thank you to Olivia Bourke, who has guest-written this article about Byron Bay!

Byron Bay

Guest Writer, Olivia Bourke

Olivia is a traveller, foodie and amateur photographer. Having just come back from a trip to Sri Lanka she is currently inspired and can’t stop cooking up lentil curries, and okra feasts. Olivia’s love for food has inspired her to book the next big adventure. With a bag in tow, she will jet off to South East Asia later in the year. Check out her Instagram and blog for more!

Byron Bay

18 thoughts on “The Best of Byron Bay, Australia

  1. Anne

    I’ve always thought of Byron Bay as the one place in Australia where all the Bohemian travel boutiques are, but I guess I was wrong. There is so much more to this region than meets the eye – art galleries, farms, beaches – I really want to visit now! 🙂

  2. Leah

    Can’t wait to visit once we hit Aus in July! This is a really helpful post, thanks!

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