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Take a Budget Trip to Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the best places to travel, if you’d like to save money. It’s possible to keep to a tight budget, or save your money for what matters most by choosing inexpensively. Daily living is more than affordable, but there are always options for luxury accommodations and activities. When you want to stick to a budget in Indonesia, try some of these ideas.

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Get Your Timing Right

Saving money when you’re traveling is often all about the timing. Both visiting at the right time of the year and booking at the right time can make a big difference to how much you spend. Indonesia has a wet season and a dry season. Naturally, you’re likely to want to visit in the dry season, when it’s sunny and there’s no rain. However, the wet season can be cheaper and still offers a good option. Showers are fast and intense, with dry spells in between, so you can still enjoy yourself. When you book your trip, doing it at least a few months in advance or perhaps trying to grab a last minute deal can help you to save.

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Travel Cheaply

One of the most expensive parts of any trip is getting there and back, especially when it’s a long-haul flight. Then there’s the cost of getting around once you get there. The best way to save on your flights into the country is to book early and with the right airline.

Once you’re in Indonesia, there are various ways to travel cheaply. They range from using budget airlines to ride share apps like Uber, taxis, trains and ferries. The best type of travel depends on where you are and where you want to go.

Look for Cheaper Areas in Indonesia

Choosing the more affordable areas will help you to save some money while in Indonesia. It’s a good idea to try and get a balance between somewhere that isn’t a complete tourist trap but still offers you the services that you want. You might want to avoid popular Bali if you don’t want to spend too much. Other destinations like Java or Lombok are still popular with travelers, but you’ll see an immediate decrease in tourists. The more local you get, the cheaper you will find that things can become.

Managing Your Travel Money

The Indonesian currency is the rupiah – one US dollar is over 14,000 rupiah. Managing your money in the right way can make a difference to how much you spend, especially when it comes to currency conversions and fees. Using a debit card, credit card or a prepaid credit card present a few options. It’s important to think about the fees you will be charged when making purchases or taking money out of ATM’s. Traveler’s checks are an option but the fees can be high, and cash is also a possibility but carrying large amounts of it might not be a good idea. Find the right balance between using cash and credit — and be sure to check the terms for the different cards you own. Look for cards that do not charge additional fees for foreign use.

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Find Affordable Places to Stay

Your accommodation is likely to eat up a big chunk of your budget in Indonesia. However, there are affordable options to consider, no matter what type of accommodation you’re looking for. You probably want to avoid resorts and luxury hotels, but you could save money with hostels, or even renting a villa or apartment. You can search apartemen murah to find cheap apartments when you’re looking for somewhere to stay. Backpacker accommodations offer some of the cheapest beds but if you’re not willing to share a dorm, you can find affordable apartments too.

Discover Cheap Activities

Having things to do when you’re traveling is important, of course. But the cost for different activities can add up quickly. There are plenty of ways to enjoy Indonesa without really spending anything, whether you’re looking around a city, wandering along the beach or attending a free event. Before purchasing tickets, check reviews and read online about the company to make sure you will have a safe and reliable experience.

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Remember there are lots of beautiful beaches, forests for hiking, and historic sites and temples to explore — and these cost very little to nothing.

Buy Local

Just like many other places, the more local you go, the more money you can save in Indonesia. This is true for many things, including food and drink. One tip to remember is to try eating in warungs. These are cafes designed for local people, but just as enjoyable for visitors. They have cheap food, especially when compared to a lot of the tourist places that have raised their prices. As well as saving money, you’ll also get a more authentic and local experience.

Learn to Haggle

Haggling is a great skill to have in Indonesia and its neighboring countries. If you can argue a price down, it can save you a lot of money. You might not be used to haggling because it may not be something you do at home. You might have a little experience if you’ve bought second hand items online or from yard sales. If you want to save money by haggling, you need to be confident enough to stick to your guns and try to get the best price possible.

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Protect Your Trip with Travel Insurance

One way your trip can end up more expensive than you want it to be is if you lose your luggage, have something stolen or even get hurt or ill. You could also be let down by any of the service providers you booked with, such as your airline or hotel. All of these things will cost you money, but you can protect yourself by taking out travel insurance.

You can have an affordable trip to Indonesia if you know how and where to save. Plan your trip well and you can keep to a budget, while enjoying all that Indonesia has to offer.


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