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Best Destinations for Geeks in New York City

This post was most recently updated on December 15th, 2022

If you are in the process of looking for somewhere to go on a ‘geek retreat’ then there are plenty of destinations to choose from. For instance, one of the best destinations for geeks in the world is Hobbiton in New Zealand. This is of course, where Lord Of The Rings was set and filmed. However, if that is too far for you, then how about something closer to home? You could hit the city for a mini break and go to New York. There are lots of geeky things to do here; just take a look at this NYC travel guide to find the best places to go.

Although “geek” used to be considered an insult in decades past, the term is far more trendy these days. This is due largely in part to so-called “geeky pursuits” – like tech-savviness, TV and movie fandom and gaming – achieving mainstream notoriety and acceptance. As such, many of the world’s most popular travel destinations now feature attractions and locales that cater to visitors who aren’t afraid to let their geek flag fly. Case in point: New York City. Dedicated geeks who will soon be making their way to the Big Apple won’t want to go home without swinging by the following locations:

Video Games New York

Although gaming was once regarded as a niche hobby, it’s risen to mainstream prominence over the last two decades. These days, video games are among the most commonplace entertainment outlets for individuals of all ages. From consoles to PCs to smartphones, there are a variety of ways to enjoy an ever-growing library of fantastic games. However, as any hardcore collector can attest, certain games slip through the cracks and become very difficult to obtain. This is where stores like Video Games New York can prove useful. Despite having a very small retail space, VGNY is home to an incredible inventory of software and hardware from every era of gaming. From new mainstream titles to classic cult titles, Video Games New York has something for gamers of all tastes. 

Video Games New York is also well-known for its large assortment of import titles. So, if a game you’ve been dying to play never made its way stateside, VGNY may be able to help.  

Toy Tokyo

Toy collecting has become one of the foremost staples of geekhood. From action figures to plushies to model kits, dedicated geeks simply can’t get enough toys. As such, Toy Tokyo is bound to tickle the fancy of any serious toy collector. Packed to the brim with collectible toys from the hottest manufacturers, this East Village retailer is a must-stop shop for any toy enthusiast visiting the Big Apple.      

Strand Bookstore

No bookworm will want to miss out on a chance to visit Strand Bookstore. One of the largest bookstores in the country, Stand encompasses three massive floors and stocks every genre of book imaginable. No matter what author or title you’re trying to find, there’s a good chance Strand has what you’re looking for. In addition to stocking the latest bestsellers and a bevy of older titles, Strand has an impressive selection of hard-to-find collectible books. 

The Compleat Strategist

Before video games were the dominating force they are now, tabletop gaming was a staple of geekdom. Despite petering out for a bit following the advent of video games, tabletop games have been experiencing an impressive resurgence in popularity in recent years. Whether you’re a fan of Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering or Cyberpunk, The Cmpleat Strategist should be able to scratch your tabletop gaming itch. Featuring game-boards, starter sets and various supplies for a broad assortment of tabletop games, this unique store is every gaming enthusiasts’ dream come true. 

The Meatpacking District

Formerly known for its slaughterhouses and factories, the Meatpacking District is now famous for its cutting-edge clothing stores, bars and restaurants. If you’re looking for a bite to eat or a good drink, you should have no trouble satisfying your craving when visiting this area. Additionally, travelers on the hunt for high-quality lodging should book a stay at a Meatpacking District boutique hotel.    


The NYC brand of one of Japan’s foremost booksellers, Kinokuniya is a great destination for hardcore otaku or anyone with an interest in Japanese culture. The first floor houses the store’s English-language selection of novels, magazines and children’s books, while the second floor and basement are primarily dedicated to Japanese-language merchandise. Anime fans, in particular, will want to swing by the second floor, where they’ll find a massive selection of manga, figurines and assorted collectibles. 

There are few better places to geek out in the U.S. than New York City. Regardless of your preferred facets of geekdom, you should have no trouble finding places to enjoy them in the Big Apple. Whether you’re into comic books, video games, cutting-edge electronics, fine art or any combination thereof, NYC is the place to indulge your inner geek. Geeky travelers who will soon be charting a course for the city that never sleeps won’t want to miss out on the locales discussed above.   

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