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Best Children’s Parks in London

London is, of all of the major cities, one of the most blessed when it comes to green spaces. The city is wide and open, rather than tall and compact, meaning that some of the most beautiful parks in the world find their home in the English capital. With so many places to choose from when you’re looking for a nice day out with your kids, it’s important to know your options. So, with that said, let’s look at some of the best children’s parks in London.

Holland Park

Holland Park is a beautiful residential area of London with a park that matches the area’s reputation. The park is multi-part and has a really interesting Oriental area as well as space for activities. There’s a pair of tortoise sculptures in Holland Park that make a beautiful area for kids to play. But there’s also plenty of other places for sports and other activities, which can be found here.

St James’s Park

St James’s Park would have a claim to be the most beautiful park in London and is constantly worked on and refurbished to keep it shiny and new for everyone who visits. It’s particularly nice for children as it boasts one of the most impressive playgrounds. On top of that, there are lots of different types of birds, such as exotics and pelicans, to entertain and amaze. For a full list of upcoming events and places within the park to visit, check the park’s website.

Diana Memorial Playground

This beautiful playground is found in Kensington Gardens directly beside the residence of the late Princess Diana. The playground boasts a whole array of wonderful items, from a pirate ship to teepees, all for your kids to enjoy. It’s a great tribute to the Princess’ generous spirit and is another of the best children’s parks in London. The sandbox and small paddling pool are also great attractions. You can check the park’s website for full details, including opening times and events here.

Battersea Park

Battersea Park is filled with activities for you to do all year round, especially with kids. You can take a stroll around the Old English Garden, visit the famous Peace Pergola and the bandstand. If you have young children, then the playground is a must, or you can visit Battersea Park Zoo for a fun day out. For the more adventurous types, there is a Go-Ape available at the park, as well as boating on the lake, or you can hire a recumbent bike to explore the park. It also has some lovely cafes to stop in and have a rest.

Thames Path

If you’ve got a free afternoon in London, the Thames path at Richmond is a wonderful park area to visit. It is considered a national trail and the walk towards Hampton Court is great and can be done on a bike. There is also a small playground to keep your kids occupied. Thames Path is both a historic and beautiful park. A full guide to the walk from Richmond to Hampton Court can be found here.

Archbishop’s Park

Archbishop’s Park has a wonderful location, set in the back of Lambeth Palace, right in central London. It is so central, it is cut off from the surrounding roads meaning your children can play without causing you anxiety. The playground isn’t all that special, though it has the basics; a sandbox, swings and climbing equipment. The great location means that it’s an appropriate place to stop by on your travel around the city to visit other cultural landmarks. It also is relatively calm, and you won’t run into the intense and often overwhelming crowds that you will find nearby, like at the London Eye. It’s a nice, central sheltered park.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

If you head out to Stratford, this is an excellent spot to for a visit. After the 2012 Olympics, there has been left behind a very creative space with plenty for children (and adults) of all ages to do. There are special playground features like rock pools, sand pits, treehouses, wobbly bridges and everything else that you could possibly look for in a London Park. Plus, as a bonus, if this is your cup of tea, it is also home to the ArcelorMittal Orbit, an incredible tunnel slide. You have to be above a certain height to ride it, but if you meet the requirements and fancy a thrill it’s an exhilarating (and World Record-Breaking) 178m long. So, for the thrill seekers, it’s a bit of a must. Follow the link to find a full list of family activities at the park.


So, in conclusion, park hunting in London is an easy and enjoyable task. Your main issue is going to be seeing how many options you have and trying to decide which is best. You will find parks of all different shapes and sizes, specializing in entertainment for anyone from toddlers to grandparents. So, pack a picnic and get out there to enjoy the best children’s parks in London!



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Best Children's Parks in London

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