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Artist Grant Pecoff: Postcards from Around the World

This post was most recently updated on November 3rd, 2020

Travel is looking a lot different in 2020. Instead of planning our next trip, we’re more likely to be scrolling through Instagram pictures. We’re either looking at beautiful locations or reminiscing about places we’ve already been. Sometimes our memories are enough to transport us. But often, it is the pictures that stir our desire to be transported. I think we all need some of that travel inspiration, especially right now. That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to the artist Grant Pecoff. Keep reading because there’s a surprise giveaway at the end of the post!

Meeting Grant Pecoff

I first met Grant a few years ago at a chalk art festival in Carlsbad, CA. His booth was one of many featuring local art, but his paintings really stood out for me. This was the painting that totally captured my attention:

I immediately felt drawn into the painting. Doesn’t it seem like Grant has created a magic window into this beautiful rainforest? It was as if I was standing right there looking at that light pouring over the ancient forest. I loved the light, the vibrant colors, and the movement. It probably got awkward as I stood staring at it a little too long.

I’m sure I walked past his booth several times that day. Purchasing a painting was not an option for me that day, but I did purchase a children’s book for my grandchildren. The book featured Grant’s paintings and his wife’s lyrical writings, and Grant was happy to sign it for me.

Getting to know the artist

I figure everyone has a story behind what they choose to do in life, and Grant Pecoff is no different. Grant started drawing when he was three or four with his sister’s set of markers. He loved that there were so many colors. By age 10, he had begun painting as well. But it wasn’t until high school that Grant received any formal painting instruction. There he was also introduced to the great masters. He started painting because it was a way to communicate his feelings. It was a way for him to express the inspiration he received from his surroundings.

Grant traveled to Europe and North Africa with his backpack and paints for several months, during which he got engaged and married to his wife, Layne. When he returned to San Diego, he opened his first gallery and sold all the paintings from his trip.

Grant and his wife also spent two years traveling by boat through the islands of The Bahamas. With his studio at the back of the boat, he could paint outdoors with the gorgeous water and sky surrounding him — and feel one with nature.

Why I like Grant Pecoff’s art:

Something I personally love about Grant’s work is that he sees color even when the skies are gray or nature is muted. As a travel photographer, I prefer to take photos when the sun is out and colors are the richest.  I often wish I could use a “color filter” to add color if the skies are gray and overcast. Grant can do that with his paintings — here’s an example from his blog:

He says, “This painting was inspired by my travels to Paris in 2005, specifically the historic and artistic district of Montmartre.  I roamed the city’s streets thinking about the many masters who had painted and got their start there…inspiration around every corner! I painted the trees blue in the spirit of the Fauves. The bright wild color of that art movement inspired me to paint the leaves orange and the cobblestones a vivid aqua-green. I remember it being an overcast day, but it didn’t matter, color can be felt, even on a gray day!”

On a similar note, I asked Grant what he does when he experiences “artist’s slump” — difficulty feeling motivated or knowing what to paint.

He answered, “Oh yeah, “artist’s slump.” It’s only natural really.  Even creativity has cycles.  What I usually do when I feel this way, is look to that which inspires me.  I go out into nature and connect with that which is bigger than myself.  I also presence my Gratitude for things in my life, or for the trees, birds, being able to breathe, the water, planet, etc.  Listen to uplifting inspiring soul-enriching music.  The biggest thing for me is to connect with spirit.  I usually then am able to pull some kind of inspiration out of all of that.”

The artist Grant Pecoff and I share a dream

That dream is to travel the world. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why Grant’s art is so appealing to me. We have been to many of the same places. His interpretation of those locations often reflects the memories and feelings I have about each place. Places like Santorini, Paris, Venice, Pisa, New York City, San Francisco, Hawaii, Belize, and Cinque Terre.

The vibrancy and richness of Grant’s art represents the beauty and emotion I have experienced as well. His joyful and whimsical, even animated painting style reaches down to the depths of what I feel when I travel. Perhaps it will do the same same for you…

Receive a postcard from the artist Grant Pecoff

Did you know you can receive regular virtual postcards from I found an option to receive virtual “postcards” from around the world, via email. I’ve been receiving these colorful postcards for awhile now, and I really enjoy them. In fact, you can sign up for them, too, at this link. Perhaps you’ve already guessed this from the name of my blog, but I have a thing for postcards.

And a Giveaway Prize!

(Giveaway has ended: Winner is Donna Clifford –Congrats!)

Grant Pecoff has generously offered a prize, awarded via random drawing to be held after this giveaway ends (midnight on Monday, October 26, 2020 PDT)The prize is two books, Live Your Dream and Open Your Heart, featuring Grant’s art and his wife’s lyrical writing ($36 value), as well as a set of six San Diego-themed postcards you can send to your friends and family ($9 value).

Terms: Must be 18+ years to enter. Address for shipping prize must be in the United States or Canada. Giveaway ends at midnight Monday October 26, 2020 PDT, and winner will be chosen by random drawing from all entries received. You must respond to your email within 48 hours after winning to provide mailing address, or another winner will be chosen.

All you have to do to enter is comment below. If you’d like to earn extra entries, follow us on Instagram at @pecoffart and @postcardsandpassports for one entry each. Include your Instagram account name in the comments, so we can verify your following.

If you miss entering the giveaway, you might also like to know that offers boxed sets of notecards featuring Grant’s beautiful artwork. You can purchase them on his website.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this introduction to the artist Grant Pecoff and his work!

Remember to sign up for virtual postcards!

artist Grant Pecoff

artist Grant Pecoff



76 thoughts on “Artist Grant Pecoff: Postcards from Around the World

  1. eva . andrew

    Love the color that one feels with Grant Pecoff’s paintings! I love postcards too and have collected them on my travels all my life…I decided this covid year that since I couldn’t travel, I would send some of my collected postcards to family and friends…and they have been enjoying it as much as I have been enjoying sending them and remembering my travels…

  2. Jessica

    I signed up for the virtual postcards, followed Grant (and you) from @jheaton3 and I love this artwork! So celebratory!

  3. Heather

    How vibrant and wonderful are his artworks–they definitely make me want to go travel!! I signed up for the virtual postcards and followed both IG accounts via @hbyheather. Thanks for hosting a giveaway.

  4. beleebi

    These are so colorful and vibrant! I would love to hang these up to make myself feel better while I can’t travel!

    Followed on IG, sn @beefreeb

  5. Maricela Knapp

    I too love the art piece of the light in the sky. It reminds me of finding light at the end of the tunnel when going thoguth difficult time in my life. Light always comes to get rid of the darkness.
    I have signed up and following your and his blogs

  6. Ali K

    They’re seriously beautiful!!! Fingers crossed. 🙂 (Also, followed both @pecoffart and @postcardsandpassports as @alikazerani1041 on Instagram.)

  7. Rachel Mertz

    I am head-over-heels in love with your brilliant illustrations! I feel like I’ve just taken an exotic vacation breezing through them!

  8. Jack Jones

    The colors are so bright and vibrant. The style has a very late 60ish concert poster vibe, which I like. @therevjones

  9. Alana Neville

    This would be great to win. You are a very talented artist! @alanabanana91. I followed both Instagram accounts too

  10. Nancy Schools

    I followed both of you on Instagram, @nancyschools. I would love to win these beautiful postcards because I am a member of Postcrossing and need special cards.

  11. Andrea bullock

    I love scenery, tropics, wildlife everywhere. Your art is beautiful and lifts from the page. Makes me feel good and I’m happy about the Weekly postcards! I haven’t been anywhere in a long time so nice pics make me look up and dream. Thanks!

  12. Sarah Miduski

    What inspiring artwork. I love how every place has a vibrant, whimsical, feel. It’s like how you see the place with your heart instead of you eyes when you visit it for the first time.

  13. Linnea Archondous

    Such beautiful work! I love the vibrant – yet soothing colors he uses to create art that pulls you into the space he has created within each piece. Thank you for sharing this wonderful artist with us! I’m following both of you on Instagram.

  14. Linda Fast

    Wow, these postcards are absolutely stunning, Grant is an amazing artist. I would really love to win this prize!
    lindafast9–following on instagram.

  15. Rhonda Rue

    I signed up for the virtual postcards since I will probably never travel to some of the places he draws. I always pick up a postcard when I visit someplace and write a short summary of my visit there. Then keep them all together in a memory box. Following both as @lincolnunicornwhispher

  16. Joseph Amormino

    It’s yer old palm frond picker friend Joe Amormino. Glad I was on your mailing list.
    Your art is incredibly amazing, invoking something that stirs within us a secret Joy.
    Keep it up.
    Did you pursue Kundalini Yoga after our sharing on our way to score palm fronds?
    Is your Dad still with us? If so, send him my best wishes.
    I live in Santa Fe New Mexico. Retired now because of the covid but enjoying my retirement.
    I still do my various yogas on a regular basis. I’m 81 now heading for 90.
    Much Light and Love to you, my brother.
    Joe Amormino

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