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A Trip to Remember: 5 Creative Ways to Make Your Travel Memories Last

Out of all Americans, 40% take 1 vacation annually or more. Preserving your travel memories is the best decision you’ll ever make. 

Around 28% of Americans who vacation take three vacations or more each year. Vacation memories bring lasting satisfaction if you preserve them the right way. You deserve to milk every vacation moment for all the happiness you can. A little creativity goes a long way towards making memories last. Here are 5 ways to turn your travel memories into lasting mementoes:

  1. Travel Scrapbook

Create a travel-related scrapbook. It’ll serve as your personal travel memory book. You can include photos, receipts, tickets, and more in this book. This is one of the most popular ways to preserve traveling memories.

Here are some travel scrapbook ideas you’ll enjoy: Create a travel book with a theme like beaches you’ve visited, meals you’ve eaten, etc. Or send yourself a postcard from a specific destination to put in your scrapbook when you’re back.

  1. Travel Album

Make a travel album to commemorate your trip. Unlike a scrapbook, an album only contains photos. Organize the photos in chronological order—that way, looking at your album will feel more like a journey.

Get creative with travel album ideas. Give your album a catchy and relevant name. Create a cover for your album that reflects its contents.

  1. Collage

Put your memories on display with a collage. A collage is a piece of art that includes an arrangement of different photographs and clippings. In order to make a collage, you’ll need a poster board, markers, and glue. (Pinning items to the poster board also works.)

However, your collage doesn’t have to be physical. Digital collages are easy to make and great for remembering your travels. Use this collage app by Adobe to create a digital collage of your own.

  1. Travel Journal

Keep a journal while you’re traveling. Buy a designated notebook to use as your travel journal. Write your name, phone number, and email on the back of your journal’s cover. Hopefully, someone will mail your journal back to you if you lose it.

You could also keep a travel blog. Then you’ll be able to blog straight from your phone. Blogging is also more eco-friendly than using paper.

  1. Video

Take advantage of videos during your vacation. If you see something cool, record it on your phone. Having digital clips of special travel moments will breathe life into your memories.

At the end of your vacation, make a video from all the digital clips you’ve collected. You don’t have to be a professional videographer to accomplish this—there are plenty of free apps and programs to help you create customized videos.

Do Justice To Your Travel Memories

According to research published in Psychosomatic Medicine, everyone should take 2 trips each year. Each trip brings new travel memories to treasure. Ideally, the trip(s) you take each year should be longer rather than shorter. Researchers think you should spend 30 to 45 days on vacation each year.

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