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A Family Vacation is the Perfect Antidote to 2020

Perhaps a family vacation is the perfect antidote to 2020. It’s been a tough year for you. It’s been a tough year for all of us. And as COVID-19 shows few signs of slowing, to the point where even world leaders are affected, it may seem as though a return to tighter lockdown restrictions is inevitable. Many of us have had to endure head-spinning changes in circumstances. We’ve had to adapt to new ways of working, relocating from the office to the spare room. And that has proven at best a mixed blessing for many, with productivity sometimes difficult to come by.

Those of us who’ve run our own businesses have faced a devastating loss of income as we’ve had to invest in adapting what we do. Our customers have been slow to part with their disposable income. But aside from loss of business, loss of income and a change in working conditions, there are also some who have been affected by the virus itself. Tragically, many have lost friends, family and loved ones to it.

Maybe the worst part is that all the stress and strain of this year is compounded by the fact that we’re still stuck between four walls. Before a more stringent lockdown happens, it may be worth setting some time aside for a family vacation. 

Quite possibly, a family vacation is the perfect antidote to 2020. It can help put some distance between you and your troubles. And it can strengthen your family bonds that may have been frayed by cabin fever, no matter how much you love your home and your family. But how to choose a vacation that meets our criteria in these troubled times? Let’s consider what you should look for…

Something outdoorsy

Spending time in the great outdoors is the perfect way to mitigate the effect that 2020 has had on many of us. Spending time in the open air is a great antidote to the feelings of claustrophobia and cabin fever that many of us have experienced after spending the better part of a year cloistered away in the home. So check out to find great camping spots near you. Access to nature is a proven mood booster, and relatively safe COVID-wise. While transmission can occur outdoors, it’s much less common. And when you’re out in the natural world or a camping site, it’s much easier to socially distance than when you’re in a busy urban cityscape.  

Something cost-effective

Another great thing about camping is that it’s easy to do when your personal finances are limited. The cost of renting a tent, piling in the car and staking out a spot in a campsite are miniscule compared to forking out for a fancy hotel.

Still, that’s by no means the only way to travel on a budget. Local bed and breakfasts offer much more attractive rates than most hotels, plus you know you’re helping out a small independent local business.  

Something active

We’re all feeling a little down in the dumps right now. Fortunately, spending time together as a family engaged in active outdoor pursuits is a great way to boost moods, create memories and share laughter. Whether that’s something as simple as going on a long hiking or mountain biking tour, or treating the family to a skiing holiday up in the mountains. An active outdoor holiday combines the endorphin and serotonin rush of exercise with the mood boosting benefits of spending time in nature. What’s more, it gives us an opportunity to learn new skills, burn calories and make memories together as a family that we can cherish for years to come. 

Something that coaxes us to unplug

We all have a bit of a screen problem. The average person in the US spends over 5 hours a day on their phones. And in the current climate, where sensationalism drives clicks, our obsession with staying in the loop can exacerbate our anxieties and depression in these troubled times. Of course, that’s not to say that we shouldn’t stay abreast of the news. But like anything else worth having, we should ration our consumption of it and be mindful that not all sources are of similar quality. 

Choosing an active, outdoorsy holiday with the family encourages us to put our phones away, disconnect ourselves from the fast-moving carousel of information and engage with one another in ways that are increasingly uncommon in our busy lives.

Find a balance between outdoorsy, cost-effective, and active — and you could have a vacation that proves to be the perfect antidote to this troubling year. 

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