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5 Useful Apps for Family Travel

Traveling with your family can be a wonderful experience. It’s a chance to spend quality time together, create new memories, and experience new cultures. The process of getting organized can take a little time, but here are several useful apps for family travel. Whether it’s packing, or learning the lingo, check out these five useful tools.

1. Packpoint

Packing for a trip can be stressful, especially when you need to help your kids pack too! If you find packing your suitcase a real chore, the Packpoint app can help. With the help of this app you can get recommendations about what you should take, (and even how much to pack). You just type in your trip details, including the duration, activities and destination. Packpoint will give you a list of the items you’ll need taking into account your facilities, the weather, and what you’ll be doing.

2. All Trails

Off on a hiking trip with the family? Then you’ll want to use the All Trails application! This app helps you to discover curated trails, in thousands of different locations. It’s easy to filter your search, so you can find kid-friendly trails, the best trails for biking, or trails that will really give you a workout. Whatever kind of adventure you’re looking for, rest assured you’ll find it at All Trails. In fact, teaching your kids how to “unplug” from the world and enjoy nature has so many benefits.

If you’re off on a camping trip, hiking is a fantastic activity to keep your family active and spend quality time together.  If camping isn’t your thing, you might prefer a nice rental cabin in a scenic location.

3. TripIt

Planning a family traveling trip takes a lot of organization, but with the help of TripIt, the process is a little bit simpler. With TripIt you can store important documents, reservations, and create itineraries. As soon as you’ve got a reservation, you can send it to the app, and store it there. Use TripIt to store everything from your luggage storage to your car rental, flights and hotel bookings. The app offers you a personalized schedule, so you can always keep on top of things. With the app you can also get neighbourhood safety scores, and check airport terminal maps.

4. Duo Lingo Kids

Perhaps you’re visiting a new country and you want to give your children an introduction to the language or brush up on the lingo. If so, try downloading Duo Lingo Kids. The app features plenty of game-based lessons, to help children learn languages while having fun. There are vocabulary lessons, challenges, and language learning games. Why not use the app together and try learning a few phrases to impress the locals? Learning a foreign language together can be fun for your family and will certainly provide richer cultural experiences. (And help you navigate the details of traveling in a country new to you!)

5. Bamba Airport

Bamba Airport is a game based app for young children. Here your kids can help animated characters go on holiday, whether it’s finding their seats, helping with luggage, or stamping passports. For some kids, the experience of flying can be a little scary. With the help of this fun app, you’ll help your children become more familiar and comfortable with the process. Bamba Airport includes plenty of cool features including gorgeous artwork, a simple interface, and no ads!

Apps for Family Travel

Travel apps can be so helpful and fun. For an easy and memory-filled vacation, be sure to download these apps for family travel before you set off. They’re sure to simplify the planning and help prepare you and your children for a wonderful trip!

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