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5 Reasons Why a Sand-Free Towel Makes a Perfect Gift

This post was most recently updated on July 9th, 2019

I’ll bet you hadn’t thought of giving a sand-free towel as a gift…am I right? But I can think of five reasons why you should…

1. A Sand-Free Towel is Practical

Going to a beach is a wonderful experience until you realize all the sand is going to follow you home, stuck to your towel. No matter how much you shake it, the sand is still there. Try a sand-free towel and you’ll never go back to old-fashioned terry towels! When you’re ready to go, pick up your towel and be amazed at how all the sand just falls off. Want more reasons why it’s a practical gift? Keep reading…and use my discount code below to get 15% off, too!

2. A Sand-Free Towel is Beautiful

When I discovered the Tesalate brand of sand-free towels, I was “wowed” by the beautiful designs and patterns available. A lot of thought (and incredible artistic design) went into putting together a line of towels in beautiful colors, patterns, and moods — there’s sure to be one (or two or three) that you’ll just love! And that goes for whoever you’d like to buy a gift for, too. There are designs that appeal to both men and women alike.

Colors are vibrant and don’t fade with washing or sitting in the sun. (At least mine hasn’t yet!) Bonus: every towel has a signature black and white geometric pattern on the reverse side.

3. A Sand-Free Towel is Romantic

You don’t have to just lie on your sand-free towel. You can use it snuggle with your partner. You can also wear it! It easily wraps around your waist to create a “pareo” — or around your shoulders to protect them fron the sun. Or to highlight your cute summer outfit!

4. A Sand-Free Towel is Space-Saving

This is actually one of the features I like best. Because of the unique fabric used in these sand-free towels, they roll up into a compact space-saving bundle that is easy to pack in your beach bag, your carry-on luggage, or even your purse. Your purse? Yes! Well, unless you’re carrying a purse the size of a wallet! I take my Tesalate sand-free towel almost everywhere I go. On a Caribbean cruise? Check. To the beach? Check. In my car while I am running errands? Check. Why not? You never know when it’ll come in handy — to wipe up a water bottle spill or to sit on during my aerobics warm-up.

There’s a sewn-in loop of coordinating ribbon to make your towel easy to hang. And every towel comes with a drawstring bag to protect your towel and keep it clean.

5. A Sand-Free Towel is Absorbent

You might have thought that with a compact sand-free towel like this, you’d have to give up absorbancy. Not true. The “smart” microfiber used to make Tesalate towels is specially engineered to be more absorbent. It will actually retain a litre of water if you need it to!

And they dry fast! Maybe I should have added that feature to the paragraph about being practical. Because how awesome is it to have a towel that will absorb all the water and then dry quickly so you don’t have to carry a sopping wet towel home with you?

And maybe you thought this towel would be a small one, but you can see from the photos it is definitely a large towel. Every towel is a 160cm x 80cm / 63 x 31 inches, full-sized beach towel.

An Even Better Deal

So seriously, what are you waiting for? Isn’t this the best time to connect with Tesalate and order a sand-free towel for the perfect gift? Whether it’s his and her towels for a wedding gift… Or a towel for your best friend going on a cruise… Or a Valentine’s gift for your lover… You can’t go wrong with one of these sand-free towels. And did I mention shipping is always free? To anywhere in the world.

And here’s the icing on the cake. I’m sharing my unique discount code that will save you 15% on your order of sand-free towels. It’s POSTCARDS15. Enter it in the discount code box and save yourself some bucks! It’s a win-win. You buy a great gift for yourself or others and get a nice discount. I earn a little bit, too. Yay for both of us!

See you at the beach!

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15 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why a Sand-Free Towel Makes a Perfect Gift

  1. Vaisakhi Mishra

    These towels are so cool!! I got one last year when I was visiting Florida and loved it. They are super absorbent and can be used as mats too on beaches. Never thought of it as a gifting idea, but kind of get your point! 😀

  2. Anda

    Hmmm… I have to confess I had no idea there is such a thing as a “sand free towel.” What an ingenious idea! You are so right, a normal beach towel will always have some sand left in it, no matter how well you shake it. I should try this one.

  3. Rosemary

    I’ve never head of sand free towels, but I can relate to the frustration of having sand in towel when on the beach. This is one gift I’d like to receive. Will certainly be saving this article and sharing it with relatives for gift ideas 🙂

  4. Lisa

    I seriously did not know that sand-free towels exist! Mind = blown! They look AMAZING!! I especially love that they roll up into a compact little towel that I can just throw in my purse. And definitely super practical

  5. Mansoureh

    I didn’t know there is sand free towels in this world, it looks so cool and as you said light to carry around. I am going to buy one for myself and one for my husband as a gift 🙂

  6. Ami Bhat

    Hey …forget the gift part of it. I would love one for myself. They are quite handy given that they don’t occupy so much space and are as functional as required. Thanks for the idea.

  7. Eric || The Bucket List Project

    These Sand Free Towels are genius. Love that they pack up so tightly and still maintain their absorbency abilities while keeping the sand from collecting and getting all over the place. So my only question is if I use them to dry off my torso, will I have a shredded 6 pack like those models?

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