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5 Family Activities for Warmer Weather

If you’re wondering how to spend your free time now that spring is finally here, there are plenty of options. As the days grow longer and warmer, it’s a reminder that springtime is the perfect season for families to begin venturing outside again and spend quality time together. Having outside activities can be an ideal way to burn off your children’s pent-up energy. Here are five activities for warmer weather — fun ideas that will get you and your family outside and enjoying the spring season while creating special memories together.  

1. Have a family cookout

What better way to enjoy the sunshine than with a barbeque? On a sunny weekend day, take your family to a nearby park that has a grill, or, for an easier set-up, simply stay put in your own backyard – whatever works best for you.

What’s great about a DIY cookout is that you can do as much or as little planning as you desire. Do you want to go all out on the different burgers you’re planning to make? You can try out some new creative grilling ideas to take your cookout (and food) to the next level. 

Are you hoping to add a fun and competitive edge to the day? Set-up a friendly round of cornhole or other backyard games that will be fun for the entire family. It’s up to you and your loved ones to decide on how you want to spend the day, which can make the experience all the more special. 

2. Go for a hike

Exploring nearby trails with your family can be a great way to spend time together and get some fresh air and exercise. You can decide how difficult you want your hike to be. Whether you prefer to climb, or walk an easy trail, your family is sure to enjoy the time together in the great outdoors. With an outdoor recreation app, such as Alltrails, you can easily find a trail in your area and match it with your difficulty level.

Hikes aren’t only great for exercise, but they can also be a learning experience for the whole family as well. Encourage your kids to look for wildlife. Or, challenge them to learn tree identification skills so that they can point out the various species on the trail. Taking hikes can help the entire family develop a better appreciation for nature and explore new places. Just be sure to wear the proper attire and always check for ticks afterward.

3. Start a garden

If you have space in your backyard or on a patio, your family can start a garden. It can be exciting to watch new plants sprout. It’s also a great way to teach new responsibilities to your kids. Plus, the whole family can share in the pride of eating food that you grew yourselves. 

Starting a garden is easy! Figure out the logistics, such as how large it will be and what you want to grow. Then plan accordingly, so that you and your family can spend the time necessary to care for it. Gardening with kids can be a fun way to have the family work on a project together — one of many activities for warmer weather that has great rewards.

4. Spend a night camping

Whether it’s camping in your backyard or far away from civilization, there’s something about sleeping underneath the stars that can be rejuvenating for everyone. And with the right equipment, this activity can be tailored to suit almost anyone’s comfort level. Spending a night in nature is a great excuse to get everyone in the family to unplug. Setting aside phones and other electronic devices allows you to have quality time with each other. Read this post on how to plan your next camping adventure, making it a budget-friendly and memorable experience.

5. Discover a wacky destination

Your normal spring break plans might have been altered due to the ongoing pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up all of the fun. The US has a large number of wacky destinations that you and your family can enjoy. For example, you can make a day of visiting a 20-foot tall chair in Massachusetts or the World’s Largest Pistachio in New Mexico. If you’re wondering what wacky destinations there are near you, use this website to find something in your state and make it a day trip to check it out.

Nicer weather and sunshine are a perfect excuse to find outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy. These five activities for warmer weather are just a starting point for all that there is to do. Here’s to a happy and healthy spring!

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