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5 Essentials for a Business Trip — Prepare Yourself

This post was most recently updated on December 15th, 2021

Whether you are a young digital nomad or an experienced business professional, there’s no denying traveling for work will be an essential part of your career. And even though it might seem like a great opportunity to see the world, business trips can also be quite stressful and demanding endeavors, as they usually entail long flights, endless working hours and truly hectic schedules. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. With just a bit of advance planning and organization, work trips can be just as comfortable and pleasurable as mini vacations. Here’s how you can prepare yourself with 5 essentials for a business trip…

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Packing light and smart

When going on a business trip, the last thing you want is to quite literally drag yourself down with heavy luggage. Worse yet is having to attend a meeting in casual clothes because your suitcase got misplaced or lost. That is why it’s always best to avoid checking a bag whenever you can, and only opt for small carry-on luggage. Packing light still allows you to easily fit all the shirts, trousers and other essentials you need for a week-long business trip. 

Another good idea is to wear your jacket or blazer on the plane, to avoid any wrinkles and damage. Wear your bulkiest pair of shoes to save on precious luggage space.

Allowing for plenty of time

Business travelers tend to have very busy schedules. One of the biggest mistakes they make is trying to minimize their travel time by booking a flight that arrives just in time for their scheduled meetings. However, you simply can’t know what the traffic is like at your destination, and you have no control over flight cancellations and delays. It’s a good idea to give yourself plenty of time by flying to your destination the evening before. By doing this, you will have enough time to refresh and finish your work when you arrive. You might even have some time left to explore the destination a little as well. 

Booking the right accommodation

Your accommodation should, of course, be conveniently located in order to reduce the time spent commuting during the day. However, it should also be a safe, quiet space that gives you peace of mind after a long day. Instead of booking a hotel or hostel with noisy tourists, consider renting the best studio apartment you can find. An apartment like this will give you enough intimacy and freedom to relax and unwind after finishing a difficult project. Plus the comfort and coziness will undoubtedly make you feel right at home.

And while you’re making your reservations for accommodations, don’t forget to rent a car ahead of time, so you’ll have the freedom to get around on your own schedule.

Making use of your miles

If you frequently travel for work, it would be a great idea to make use of airline loyalty programs. As soon as you reach a certain milestone or status, these programs can provide you with all  kinds of travel perks. Use them for anything from hotel and flight upgrades to empty seats next to you. You can even use priority lines at security checkpoints to make for a smoother airport experience. Access to airport lounges allows you to get some work done in peace while waiting for your flight, or even relax a bit before the trip. These perks could save you a lot of time and stress at the airport, making your business travels that much easier.

Utilizing your free time

During flights and commutes, you usually have quite a bit of idle time to spare. Instead of wasting this free time playing games or watching movies, why not put it to good use? Take a quick nap to arrive at your meeting fresh and rested, or finish your presentation and come fully prepared. Read a great business article or engage yourself in an empowering book. With social media, you can catch up with friends and family or make new connections when you arrive. Regardless of what you decide to do, using your free time wisely will help you enjoy your business trips more.

With these 5 essentials for a business trip, there’s no denying your next work trip will be much less stressful. It will also be more productive and a lot more enjoyable!

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5 essentials for a business trip

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