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40+ Stocking Stuffers for Men & Women Who Travel

It’s that time of year again! Christmas is just around the corner and you’re already trying to figure out what to get for friends and family. Maybe you’ve already purchased your special gifts for them. But now you’ve remembered you still need stocking stuffers — not just nuts and candy, but items of value that actually fit inside a stocking! That’s exactly why I’ve put together this list for you of 40+ stocking stuffers for men and women who love to travel. And most people do, right?! Whether your loved ones travel by air, sea, train, or auto, these stocking stuffers will be much appreciated.

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I have broken down this list of stocking stuffer ideas into three categories: gifts for both men & women, and then some additional ideas for just women or just men.

Stocking Stuffers for Men & Women

1. Luggage Tags — everyone needs one, so why not make it fun? For example, here’s a Harryluggage tags Potter tag, one that looks like a suitcase, or an art-inspired tag!

2. Passport/Vaccine card holder — this holder makes it so much easier to keep the two most important documents together

3. Cord case — a case that helps to organize miscellaneous cords and earbuds, is a must these days.

headphone splitter4. Headphone splitter — this clever device makes it easy to watch a movie together while wearing headphones

5. Power Bank — a charged power supply is a necessity when you’re on the go and power outlets are not convenient.

6. Airline Approved Fluids Bag — yes, you can use a ziploc bag, but these bags are more durablefluids bag and roomier. This one even comes with travel bottles for shampoo, etc.

7. Compression socks —socks that are both comfortable and help avoid swelling or leg pain will be greatly appreciated!

8. Small travel journal — who can’t use a little notebook to keep track of expenses, phone numbers, or to jot down notes about your experiences?

9. GPSmyCity membership — this handy membership opens the door to a year’s worth of walking tours in cities all over the world!

10. Vitamin C Drops — tasty citrus flavored “candies” that give you a boost of Vitamin C to keep you healthy.

11. Airborne — I always travel with these chewable Airborne tablets that also boost your immunity.

12. Breathable Face Masks — I know we’re sick of wearing masks, but they’re a necessity and it’s always better to wear one you can breathe through for a long day of travel.

13. Mini crossword puzzle book — whether it’s crosswords, sudoku or wordsearch books, they’ll help you pass the time while flying or riding.

14. Tissue holder — this holder is convenient and protects tissues in your purse or bag. Here’s an easy tutorial for making your own!

15. Travel snacks — can be mints, gum, Lifesavers, or other treats that are great for staving off hunger.

16. Refillable water bottle — water bottles are so important for keeping you hydrated!

17. Camera lens wipes — these convenient wipes help you get rid of smudges on your camera lens so your travel photos turn out great. They work great on glasses and phones too!

18. Mini camera tripod — try this tabletop tripod or this one that can attach to several different surfaces.

19. Chapstick — keep lips moist, especially in arid environments. Here’s my favorite.

20. Pens that don’t explode on a plane — ink pens can leak when exposed to higher elevations. Get these pens that work great without making a mess.

stocking stuffers for men & women

21. Travel Laundry Bag — this travel-themed laundry bag are super packable and lightweight for storing dirty laundry. Plus, it collapses  and even has a hook.

22. TSA approved locks — absolutely a must if you want to lock your luggage.

23. Earbuds — lots of earbud options out there and everyone needs a pair!

24. Airline gift cards — every little bit helps, so give a gift card that helps your loved ones finance a getaway!stocking stuffers for men & women

25. Suction-cup toothbrush holder — these holders are designed so you never have to set your toothbrush down on an unsanitary surface. Just stick to a mirror or cabinet!

26. Mini solar lantern or flashlight — easy-to-pack convenient lighting when you need it.

27. Auto air fresheners — because everyone loves a clean-smelling car and you can’t have too many air fresheners.

Stocking Stuffers for Womenladies shawl

28. Lightweight scarf that doubles as a shawl — these scarves add warmth where you need it most, but they are so lightweight and don’t take up much space.

compact mirror power bank29. Small compact mirror — a small mirror is indispensable for putting on makeup or checking your appearance before taking a selfie. And this compact mirror doubles as a rechargeable power bank!

30. Hand cream — deliciously creamy moisture for your travel friends’ hands, in a travel-friendly size.

31. Nail polish remover pads — how else will you remove your nail polish when it’s not convenient to bring a bottle of nail polish remover?

32. Travel decals — here are some fun travel-themed decals to add to luggage or a water bottle.

stocking stuffers for men & women


33. Small jewelry case — this tiny case is the perfect size for traveljewelry case and still large enough to hold earrings, rings, or necklaces.

34. Manicure set — in a travel size manicure set (that also fits in a stocking!), you’ll find all the tools needed for trimming and caring for nails.


Stocking Stuffers for Men

35. Toothpick holder — this convenient case is so easy to carry in a pocket or hook to a backpack.

36. Nail clippers — man-sized clippers for nail-trimming needs.

wrist pocket37. Wristband with pocket for keys — a portable pocket for keys, credit cards and more to use while jogging or hiking, etc.

38. Travel wallet — choose a slim and efficient wallet that is easy to carry and has RFID blocking.

39. Zip-ties — you can’t go wrong with a few zip-ties to help you attach, repair, or hang items.

40. Duct tape — again, duct tape is rather indispensable for repairs or emergencies! How aboutcaribiner hooks some bright rainbow colored duct tape, just to be unique?!

41. Mini caribiners — these clever little hooks help a traveler keep track of things like keys, flashlights, and sunglasses or to connect zippers on your luggage.

And these stocking stuffers are affordable, too!

You will find that most of these stocking stuffers for men & women are also very affordable (most are less than $20 and many are less than $10). And it’s perfectly okay if you are tempted to buy a few items for yourself!

If any of the travellers in your life are backpackers or campers, you’ll find more stocking stuffer ideas in this article: 4 Camping Basics for Newbies.

Happy shopping, and most importantlyhave a wonderful Christmas!

stocking stuffers for men & women

stocking stuffers for men & women





10 thoughts on “40+ Stocking Stuffers for Men & Women Who Travel

  1. Linda (LD Holland)

    I love to fill a stocking with lots of fun and useful things. This post was a good one to get some new ideas for this years stuffing! I know that there will be some new masks in there. But a safe wrist band sounds like a great thing to look for.

  2. Umiko

    I like reading through these stocking stuffer ideas. I see some that I want to get myself, like the compression socks and lightweight scarf. The portable pocket sounds interesting, too.

  3. Melissa

    This is such a great guide for stocking stuffers! So many useful items that I wish I had! I always welcome travel decals and a portable pocket wristband would be a dream! I often times find myself without pockets and wish for something like this. I love the small compact mirror that works as a charger too.

  4. rakshanagaraj

    Wow — so many ideas to fill stockings. I have never celebrated Christmas at home and have never gifted or got a gift as part of Christmas. Even if not for Christmas, I think these are amazing for just gifting. I really love the idea of a hand band where one can hide money during travels. I may get a few of them for me as well.

  5. pamela

    One of the much needed articles for sure. I was looking for some options for stocking stuffers and finally read it. Thanks for such good pocket-friendly options.

  6. SherianneKay

    I have been making my Christmas list so the timing of this is perfect for me. I added compression socks and a collapsible water bottle. I really like the idea of a GPS my city subscription too. Great ideas

  7. Clarice

    These are great ideas! I am having a hard time deciding on what to give but I like the idea of giving some vitamin c drops and a vaccine card holder as it seems timely and useful.

  8. Agnes

    Great ideas for Christmas gifts for people who love traveling. Lots of exciting and useful gadgets that I didn’t know before. And what’s important is they have affordable prices! I love the Wristband with a pocket for keys most. I will consider it as a gift for my partner.

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