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Whitewater Rafting in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Unique Family Holiday

Are you excitedly planning for your next family trip destination? Do you want to do something new that your children will surely enjoy? Do you want to make it an extraordinary travel adventure? Then you should experience whitewater rafting in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Whitewater rafting is a fun and exciting adventure sport. It involves riding in an inflatable raft and paddling across the rapids of a river. And the Mae Taeng River in Chiang Mai is the perfect spot for this thrilling activity.

Not only will you experience gorgeous tropical weather, which is great for rafting, you can also marvel at the picturesque beauty of Thailand. The Mae Taeng river is surrounded by a lush rainforest, so you can stare in awe at the attractions of nature as you enjoy conquering the river rapids.

What to Expect and Safety Reminders

This activity might be considered as an extreme sport, but is generally safe for everyone in the family, even children as young as five years old. Whitewater rapids are classified based on the scale of difficulty to navigate them, so you can easily choose which one suits your family based on individual ages and preferences.

If you have younger children in your group, you can go for the simpler Class I and II type. These classes only have small rough areas and will only require slight maneuvering. For older family members, you can go for a more heart-pumping time with the Class III and IV rapids. These classes include some waves, a few drops, and may require significant to sharp maneuvers.

There are many rafting companies in the area that can provide you with expert staff and high-quality equipment to ensure your safety during the rafting. Choose a company in which the guides are very well trained and seasoned, such as  8Adventures where they take safety very seriously. Their guides are also trained to international level by the International Rafting Federation. You may also ask about a company’s equipment quality assurance certificates as proof of their competence before signing up for your rafting trip.

How to Get There

The whitewater rafting site is around 90 minutes to 120 minutes travel from the center of Chiang Mai. You may book your transportation with the rafting company of your choice as, more often than not, these companies will provide you with an air-conditioned vehicle for your comfort. The travel itself is also entertaining, as you get to see more of Chiang Mai’s outskirts.

You can also hire a car or a taxi if you wish to go to the site on your own. The site is pretty popular, so most of the drivers know how to find the place.

What to Bring for Whitewater Rafting

You need to prepare and bring the following essentials for a more enjoyable trip:

  • Drinking water, to keep you hydrated during the trip.
  • Sunscreen, to protect your skin from harmful sun exposure.
  • Sunglasses are another must-have.
  • Expect to get wet, so bring extra sets of clothes and towels so you can change after your rafting activity.
  • Athletic shoes or strap-on sandals are the ideal footwear.
  • Passports, because some of the rafting companies include insurance in their packages and will need your passport details for filling up the insurance policy. You can store them in the lockers which they provide.
Whitewater Rafting and More

Whitewater rafting is one of the main attractions in Chiang Mai. If you love the adrenaline rush brought by extreme sports, you will definitely enjoy this activity. It is a great experience for family bonding as well.

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